Experience Purdue Agriculture: Marissa Lorenz/Small Community on Big Campus

October 5, 2019

So coming from a really small high school to somewhere as big as Purdue um it was definitely a change but the great part about Purdue agriculture is that it’s a very small community in itself. Luckily i already knew a lot of kids coming to Purdue Agriculture because we had shown livestock together or been involved in FFA together um but i did get to meet a lot of new people as well and getting involved in different things right away you know your first semester is going to be the best way to meet people and really create your own small community. And it’s a lot of those people that I made connections with my very first semester to that i still am roommates with or that I’m really close friends with so it’s definitely nothing to be scared of because it’s definitely what you make of
it as far as it becoming your own small community.

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