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EU set to allow cultivation of GM crop

September 9, 2019

Despite record opposition among EU member
states, European ministers failed to agree on Tuesday to ban a genetically-modified maize
to be grown on EU soil. With 19 votes against, 4 abstentions and only
5 in favour, the disagreement will now leave in the hands of the European Commission whether
to allow or not the insect-resistant maize for cultivation. The law is very clear on comitology that if there is no negative qualified majority against
the proposal then the Commission not may but shall adopt the proposal which is why I have
insisted with ministers today since there was no such negative qualified majority against
to revive the cultivation proposal. Known as Pioneer 1507 and jointly developed
by two giant American chemical companies, opposers to the maize fear that GM crops pose
a risk for human health and animals. The vote has already caused huge opposition
from consumers and NGOs. But the EU executive insists that extensive
research has proven the crops are safe. The Commission has to take scientific based
decisions and if Commissioner Dimas when he had one positive EFSA opinion proposed this
cultivation proposal, how can the Commission not continue with this procedure when it has
6 positive EFSA opinions. Of course, EFSA never said no, EFSA said yes provided you
include this condition. In the EU, only two GM crops are approved
for commercial cultivation but they are widely grown in the US and parts of Asia.

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