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Ep 28 – Lori Ballen on DATABASE CULTIVATION & BLOGGING! – Sneak Peak Now!

November 20, 2019

just for our listeners just give a couple tips that you have on on blogging and your database to go ahead and close this episode up I would say on your database pick something that you’re going to use right and make sure that you are reaching your customers in quality way canned crap how spring cleaning tips are not gonna reach your audience anymore it’s gotta be stuff that they believe is quality so you really have to start thinking about what’s gonna be valuable to my person and how can i connect with them on that level and as far as blogging I would say the best place to start is with questions your clients are asking you the next time you’re out with a buyer or seller and they ask you a question that’s your next blog post and when you write be super super in depth with it if you don’t want to write you can actually make me video and have it transcribed and that can become your blog post

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