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Elders agronomist starts his precision agriculture journey with Decipher

December 6, 2019

My name is Harry Brown and I work at Elders Maduro as a broadacre agronomist I work through the northern valley and into southwestern New South Wales one of the biggest challenges
customers face is probably variability in climate definitely been highlighted
in the last couple of seasons with lack of rainfall and last year a number of
Frost’s which definitely – its toll on crops so we’re managing and mitigating
those challenges in a number of ways crop nutrition has played a large role
making sure that we’re providing our crops with everything they need to be
healthy and can sort of combat those environmental factors but yeah I’m
probably earlier stages of my journey with precision AG and I like I’ve had to
play around with a number of different platforms and tools either probably just
like clunkiness with a lot of other platforms it wasn’t easy to use and just
yeah I couldn’t see a benefit for the time that was spent on those programs so
oh I come across deciphered was through elders yeah we paid a Brit we had a
meeting with him I went through decipher it sort of opened up to me straightaway
that it was a great program easy functionality and I thought I’ll
have a go at this so I began last season using it as my
main soil testing platform and yeah things have grown from there it just
seemed like a good fit and all in one on one platform it starts in the office on a desktop
computer deciphered online is really easy in the way that we can go and
create our zone maps so in the Mallee like pretty variable soil types we can
have four or five different soil types on one paddock being able to create
those zones and identifiers and take more of a targeted approach when doing
so and then using the decipher go up on my iPad to collect those samples it’s
been a great tool to have

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