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Dream Garden on the California Coast Brings Healing and Wholeness

December 3, 2019

(gentle music) (crashing waves) – I’ve always gravitated to the coast. I love being near the ocean. Just down the road is the
Pudding Creek Trestle, and it’s been refurbished as
part of the Coastal Trail. One of the wonderful things
about this piece of property, even though I’m a couple of miles inland, when the winds are right,
I can hear the ocean. (ocean waves) Twenty years ago, I discovered Fort Bragg, completely by accident. It’s a small town. Some wonderful, natural beauty to it. I started out as an architect years ago. It was actually quite a
stressful profession for me. Took all my possessions, I
put them on the sidewalk, sold them, and I moved,
and I actually had a friend who had a real estate agent in Fort Bragg, and this was the first piece
of property he showed me. And I fell in love immediately. I just knew that this was the place that was gonna be my next home. I was pretty sick actually at the time. I was diagnosed with HIV
before it even had a name. And so, the idea was
that I would be somewhere where I could take care of myself and not lead such a stressful life. I didn’t expect to be alive very much longer after I moved here. But I put my hands in the soil and I began to come back to life. I discovered the healing
power of nature for myself. And, I felt reborn. There are groups of redwoods
that surround this property, and that alone creates this
wonderful sense of majesty. (water trickling) (gentle music) I have just under eight
acres and I would say I’ve landscaped somewhere between three to three and a half of them. I have fields in front
and woods in the back and then, the middle is the garden. I knew so little about plants
really when I moved here, and, after a few years, I
decided that the best thing to do would be to work at a local nursery. And I went to work part-time for one of the great nurseries here in town, and learned about plants and I worked in exchange for plants. There was never any master plan. The garden evolved one plant at a time. I would find a plant that
I loved, bring it home, and then wander around with it and try and find the perfect place for it. (calming music) It’s been trial and error over the years. I’ve killed more than my share of plants. And it’s a deer-proof garden. The deer wander freely through. You know, I’ve had a few false starts that the deer will eat, have eaten a few plants over the years. I’ve learned a couple of
lessons what not to plant. But, basically, everything
that you see here is deer-resistant. One of the wonderful things
about living here on the coast is that things just love to grow. When I put the pond in, it felt a little artificial at first, but plants just seem to blow in, and they root themselves. I’ve probably only planted half of the things that you
see around the pond. The rest have just started on their own. After putting in the pond,
turtles found their way here. Frogs found their way here. It’s like a wildlife sanctuary, in a way. I was sitting on the deck one day and this red fox came up
and joined me on the deck and just sat there as if he
didn’t even know I was there. The garden has really evolved into a series of outdoor rooms. There is the Heather garden,
the Rhododendron garden, a greenhouse which is
not a greenhouse really that grows vegetables or anything. It’s more of a place
for people to hang out. Then there’s the raised beds area, which originally was vegetables. I turned it into a berry garden. This is my 20th year in the garden. I decided it was finally time
to bring in the Houzz element. I discovered Houzz several years ago. Incredible inspirational
photos that I’ve looked at and gotten some great ideas for things to incorporate here in the gardens. My guests have always enjoyed
wandering through the gardens, but there’s never been any place for them to really sit and relax. I created an idea book of things that I really wanted to have here. Found some great sectional sofas, couple of fire tables that I really liked. I fire up the fire pit
and I can prop my feet up and have a glass of wine and
stay warm in the evenings. The sofa I can relax on. My cat loves to sit on it with me. We wrap up in a blanket and
enjoy the evenings here and now, and I was never able to do that before. I love sharing this place with people. My health now is as
good as it’s ever been. I wake up every day with this
joy and excitement about life, and I can’t wait to get outside and do whatever it is that the garden is asking of me that day. I had no idea that this place would become what it has become. It has really taught me to slow down, to appreciate the moment, to appreciate what’s in front of me. And it has really taught
me to just be in the now. (refreshing music) (wind chimes)


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