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Dr Yong Zhao Cultivating diverse, creative and entrepreneurial talents (short)

December 6, 2019

a human history for a long time many
hundred we could we have survived by accidental entrepreneurs and creators
we did not have the code fit them ready for a long time when Henry Ford was
enough you couldn’t handle me too many Henry Ford’s and anyway and we got he need a
lot more workers look at in the industrial revolution same thing today
it’s posed by necessity and by desire we need all our children to learn to create
jobs to solve problems these are the people who pursue a dream these other
people who take satisfaction by coming up with solutions these are the people
who do not necessarily enjoy making a lot of money but if by accident have
money that’s fine not to make these are people who look at the problems as
opportunities look at the crisis as invitation to solutions there’s other
people look at a situation they want to solve not trying to wait for somebody

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