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Do you need foliar spray of Ca and B? Replace with sea salt ! [Multi-language subtitles]

November 4, 2019

Hi. this is Youngsang Cho. the president
of JADAM. A lot of people faces confusion while studying agriculture because of
nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, boron, cobalt,
manganese, molybdenum, germanium which is needed in farming. People often talk about balancing these elements to be successful farming. And today I’m going to talk about calcium and boron in this video. These are the vegetable that I grew from my farm which is the most high quality of all time and also even higher yield while not using chemical fertilizers. I do organic farm with 60 different kinds of vegetables every year and I never did foliar application with boron and calcium. It’s because it simply works without it and
even as a compost. Most of people often talks about balancing those components however once. You try to balance it element by each element. There’s no answer but only trouble you can choose the easy path. but those information leads people
to spend more money. Is it just me who is not focusing on balance of N, P, K, CA, B. We have about 60,000 members who are using JADAM methods. And many of them’s are doing same as me there is a claim. About importance of foliar application
of calcium and boring that calcium and boron is immobile elements in plant. However let me tell you one thing that is bullshit do you think people in the old time used to do foliar application. Is bullshit do you think people in the
old time used to do foliar application for chili farming not at all they harvest it till the frost fall without foliar application. Okay then here’s one thing if it is an immobile element. Then can this beautiful nature exists with
robust trees and all these plants. When there is a confusion while learning
agriculture can realize and learn from the nature by just looking at it. This is an example that I occasionally
use okay so there is blemish on someone’s face. And that person asked doctor why do I have blemish on my face. And the doctor comes with an answer
you have lack of boron and calcium so. What would you think if the doctor says
something like this. Many of us know the complexity of human body and this applies similar to plants as well. Complexity of human body and this
applies similar to plants as well. It is actually very childish to describe with
specific nutritional element is like or actually very childish to describe with
specific nutritional element is like or too much in nature. There is no supplement to minerals at all and it is still good enough itself. So what is the difference between nature farming and the modern farming because we sell all our fruits. Because we sell all our fruits and that leads to deficient of minerals in plants and that’s why you need to supplement boron and calcium. Which is actually true so let me
introduce ground breaking materials to supplement. The minerals that is needed for various other plants and that is and that is simply the sea salt which is common as household item or moreover sea water. As you can see there are about 83 minerals and if you look more closely. It’s rich in sulfur magnesium calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iodine and boron. What’s even more amazing is the
nutritional balance of the minerals in the sea water is very similar with
amniotic fluid in mother’s womb and fluid of plants even blood plasma of human is almost identical to this mineral . Many experts claimed plants and animals
originally evolved from the sea. Almost of the people who are involved in agriculture education except me says no to sea salt or seawater but I think about Korean Peninsula three sides are covered with ocean. The most expensive agricultural products are produced near the ocean worldwide up to three kilometers near the ocean is the point where sea water where sea water always falls from
the air sea water drops 24 hours and And it’s been falling for tens of millions
of years even if that farming is well done near the ocean. So using sea water is actually historically proven and the use of sea water is not only recommended by me. And also if you visit agriculture
administration of Korea. You can search for various papers there if you search for sea water there are dozens of related papers. You’ll be surprised by this contents it is very effective with no diseases. There are many advantages using it. What I want to say is just use a sea salt as a mineral that we’ll be needing in farming and trust me it works in this way. You can replace minerals you need for agriculture with sea salt in very cheap way however you shouldn’t use that too much either. So we’ve empirically explained the right
amount on the video so the fruit contains between 0.8 percent and 1
percent salinity similar to human and taking that into account and calculate
the total harvest by wait times 1% there comes. The weight of the total sea salt amount that you will gonna need to put into your field for a year. If you think the calculation is too difficult then you can think of 500 grams of sea salt is equivalent to 20 liters of sea water. This can be used periodically in regular
crop-field or all chart so to do this. I’m currently recommending to use drip
irrigation if the irrigation is difficult it is possible to take the salt and sprinkle at certain amount directly on the soil. And nowadays lot of farming techniques are into using foliar application and I have been referring foliar application as similar to applying a hungry man with a nutritional cream but not food. And I request to people please do not focus on foliar application it is best to use irrigation so that the roots can absorb it after all all these sounds may be nonsense to you. But so far I know some of the thing that are so different from what people know I’ve done this many times many
farmers follows the same method as me and I’m not saying this without any
scientific base I graduated bachelor in chemistry then I got a master’s degree
in horticulture after that I’m currently doing a PhD in Chonbuk National University. It is very difficult to balance all the various minerals artificially even the expert can not actually do it right. You have to get away from this difficulty by studying next video. I’m going to explain you how to balance all N, P, K, Ca and etc in a right way. And this is a book about JADAM organic farming that I wrote more than 40,000 people have read this book. and another book is about the herbs that can be used as a pesticide it will be very helpful for your learning. And these books are translated into English and many other languages like Spanish Mandarin and Japanese. This translated into many languages and sold worldwide in Amazon. You can easily find this book at amazon by searching organic farming and apart from this book. We also hold that your pesticide seminar at agent JADAM education center once or twice in the month. Many people come here to learn how
to solve the problem that occurs in agriculture. and unfortunately we don’t have any english lecture that is happening in korea yet. But we do have english lecture that is held outside of korea as well so that you can come and join us and at the end of the seminar. We also issue certificate for people who
have finished the course the farming season is almost complete. So i’m planning to upload all the formulas and recipes the agriculture that we aim for is ultra low-cost agriculture. it is an organic farming but very low cost high-yield agriculture. There is no future for farmers in korea government has agreed on FTA with 52 countries import taxes on agriculture products will be reduced. The economy is in a state of low growth the population is plunging the demand for agricultural products will not expand in future it will be difficult to get right price in the market I’ll teach you the method of natural pesticide that can go beyond and replace chemical pesticide. and I believe ultra-low cost agriculture is the only hope for farmers thank you
for watching. Narrated by Sungwoo Cho.


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    Waiting for next video … great work

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    Can i translate your videos to Brazilian portuguese and send it back to you? I have some people in Brazil that proved your point with sea water , and they don't know it. I would like to help you spread that info for Brazilian people!!

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    Hello, it is very interesting what you have been working on your farm, I congratulate you.

    thanks for sharing. Will they have the book in digital to be able to share and read? What is the cost and where can the deposit be made?

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    Great video! Can't wait for more! Buying the book this week 😁

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    Thank you for the english versions, i look forward to all ur videos.

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    What germanium ? Uranium then to !

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