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Cultivation Sensation ((LEVEL-UP))

October 19, 2019

You trippin’ Alright hahah Alright, we’re live now. We’re about to go to this Burmese picnic. Get that Hindi in. You want to go over there? Let’s just wait Huh? Just wait. Do your intro Alright, guys. As you can see. We’re at this Burmese picnic. We’re about to go in here and it’s going to be a super level-up. Hahah It is. Look at all these cars. So what languages do you think are here? Which countries? Burmese, probably Hindi. They’re taking a while. Yea. But we’re going to get it in. I just gotta watch the time and power so that I don’t run out. Yea, watch the power because you’re going to get into a lot of good conversations, man. How many languages are we going to get out here? How many languages are you going to get in I should say. How many are YOU going to get in. Psssss… I’m gonna get mopped up. Hahaha But that’s how you learn. We’re out on a farm! hahaha The farm level up The farm level-up! The ((JAPANESE)) -INAKKAPPE- ”Farmboy”level-up! hahaha Remember that? Inakkappe.. This is the Inakka level-up, man. That Kansai… That Kansai! The Kansai level-up. Aw, man.. Oh my god.. You can just go an hop in, you can be like…. It’s about to get serious. You gonna just hop in? Hey! Hello~~ How are you? Good! How are you? I’m fine. That’s my husband. Good, good. You hungry? I’m hungry for leveling-up.. hahahaha You can get in that conversation right there. Where at? Just hop on in. This one right here. Just hop on in and be like ”Yeah so uh..” The guy in the brown hat, he’s real Burmese. Really? Why did you say real Burmese? What about the other people? Help yourself. You came a little late, but help yourself. ((BURMESE)) How are you today? I’m not really hungry. Hmm? I’m not really hungry. I’ll eat for you. Go and hop right in. Join that circle. hahahaha You hear that Burmese? You hear how serious it is over here? Mary go over there and introduce him. Nah..hahahaha! Why did you say he was real Burmese? What about the other people. They aren’t real Burmese? They’re Chinese-Burmese. Oh! Like me. Oh, Ok ((BURMESE)) Is that so? Come on, Trey. You’re not gonna hop in? You gonna level up or what? I’m trying to get comfortable, man. You don’t have time for comfortable. What are they doing? Right here. They’re picking something off of the trees over there? Just kids,man This is Nelson. Nelson? He owns this place. ((BURMESE)) Nice to meet you. WOW!! ((BURMESE)) How are you today? How did you speak? Who did you learn that from? ((BURMESE)) I want to speak Burmese. ((BURMESE)) You want to speak Burmese? Talk with this guy hahahaha! This is Lili Tong ((BURMESE)) What’s your name? ((BURMESE)) Me? My name is Moses. Moses? ((BURMESE)) Yes. Moses. His English name. ((BURMESE)) Where are you from? ((BURMESE)) I’m American, but.. ((BURMESE)) Which state? Ohio. ((BURMESE)) Which city? Columbus. Oh, Columbus, Ohio ((BURMESE)) Yes. ((BURMESE)) Wan to take a photo? ((BURMESE)) OK ((BURMESE)) Who taught you Burmese? ((BURMESE)) Who? ((BURMESE)) I don’t have a teacher. ((BURMESE)) ** I don’t have a Burmese teacher** ((BURMESE)) Where did you learn? ((BURMESE)) I learned at home ((BURMESE)) At home? ((BURMESE)) Self-taught? ((BURMESE)) Yes ((BURMESE)) I learned Burmese by myself That’s very good. ((BURMESE)) I really like learning Burmese. ((BURMESE)) That’s good! ((BURMESE)) What’s your name? ((BURMESE)) I don’t know HAHAHAHAHAH!! He asked what your name was Eric You say ((BURMESE)) My name is Eric. I’m Wilson. How do you say nice to meet you? ((BURMESE)) ‘TWEE YADA WUN DA BA DEH’ Yes, that’s right. That’s too long. Means I’m happy to meet you. ((BURMESE)) Do you speak Chinese? ((BURMESE)) Which language? ((BURMESE)) Chinese. ((BURMESE)) Oh, Chinese. A little bit. ((BURMESE)) A little bit? ((BURMESE)) Really? Is that right? ((BURMESE)) Do you know how to ”write” Burmese? Hold on…I know this one.. ((BURMESE)) I understand. ((BURMESE)) Yes, I can also write Burmese. That’s impressive. I’ve never met guys like you who could speak Burmese. That’s pretty impressive. ((BURMESE)) Really? ((BURMESE)) That’s very impressive. ((BURMESE)) Thanks. ((BURMESE)) Good. ((BURMESE)) Where do you live? ((BURMESE)) I live in Cincinatti. Oh Cincinatti? ((BURMESE)) Yes. ((BURMESE)) Are there many Burmese people there? ((BURMESE)) Just a few. There’s a bout 20 people over there. Only 20? About 20-30 That’s it? ((BURMESE)) Yes. ((BURMESE)) Do you have any Burmese friends? Do you have Burmese friends? Ask me again. Do you have Burmese friends? No,I mean in Burmese. ((BURMESE)) Do you have Burmese friends? I know ”Mate sway” Yes, mate sway, but the most common is ”The ngay chin” When you first learn the language, if you’re reading it, it gives you a few, but may not be the most common. Yea, I learned Mate sway. Yes, that also means friend. So what was the other one? ”Thin ngau chin” This is the most common. ((BURMESE)) I don’t have any Burmese friends. ((BURMESE)) What’s your phone number? This is my friend Moses. I’m sorry what’s your name again? Machmood What is it? Machmood Machmood? Yes Jim Amon Mamonchon Oh, OK Can you repeat it? hahahaha I overheard you talking some Burmese ((BURMESE)) It’s very **DIFFICULT**. ”lwe means easy” That’s impressive, yea. Where did you learn? ((BURMESE)) I learn Burmese at home. ((BURMESE))I have a dictionary and books, so… ((BURMESE)) I learn from the dictionary and books Oh wow.. ((BURMESE)) Do you know how to write? ((BURMESE)) Yes. I can read and write Burmese. Good. That’s very impressive. You’re almost speaking like you’re writing. You know that’s the thing, we learn English like that, too. We speak like we write. We learn English from a book so when we speak, we speak as it’s written. You speak Hindi also? ((HINDI/URDU)) A bit. I’m also learning Hindi. ((HINDI/URDU)) Also? ((HINDI/URDU)) Yes, learning that too because to me Hindi is really beautiful. ((HINDI/URDU)) It’s beautiful? ((HINDI/URDU)) Moreover, I like talking with the Indian people. ((HINDI/URDU)) But I speak Urdu. ((HINDI/URDU)) Oh really? ((HINDI/URDU)) Yes. ((HINDI/URDU)) I can read Urdu, but can’t read Hindi. ((HINDI/URDU)) But I think Hindi and Urdu are similar. ((HINDI/URDU)) Yes. They’re similar when spoken, but different when written. ((HINDI/URDU)) I know. But I can also read both. Urdu and Hindi. ((HINDI/URDU)) Both of them? ((HINDI/URDU)) Yes, both of them ((HINDI/URDU)) Urdu, Arabic.. similar ((HINDI/URDU)) Similar Exactly Persian ((HINDI/URDU)) Persian/Farsi ((PERSIAN/FARSI)) Do you know Farsi? Not Farsi hahahaha! I was about to say! I had to switch to Farsi real quick. No Farsi. You know.. it’s very similar. right. Urdu, Arabic, Farsi derived from the same root. ((HINDI/URDU)) Yes, yes. ((URDU)) For example ”To try” ((FARSI)) ”To try” ((PERSIAN)) I want to try Farsi/Persian. But Hindi ”I want to speak in Farsi” ((HINDI/URDU)) They’re both similar. ((HINDI/URDU)) Yes, similar. That’s very impressive. I don’t understand any Hindi. He seems to speak Hindi more fluently than Burmese I’ve studied Burmese for about 4 months. ((BURMESE)) 4 months. Oh yea ”hla” is month. ((BURMESE)) You’ve studied Burmese for 4 months, but.. ((HINDI/URDU)) How long have you studied Hindi for? Hindi? ((HINDI/URDU)) Yes ((HINDI/URDU)) Probably 5 months. Wow,I’m impressed. 5 months. ((HINDI/URDU)) 5 months and he can speak Hindi. That’s very good. ((HINDI/URDU)) Very good. So what do you do? ((HINDI/URDU)) I’m a teacher. ((HINDI/URDU)) Teacher? ((HINDI/URDU)) Yes, teacher. Other languages. ((HINDI/URDU)) OK. ((HINDI/URDU)) For example, if you want to learn another ((HINDI/URDU)) You teach? ((HINDI/URDU)) Yes. ((HINDI/URDU)) OK. ((HINDI/URDU)) I would help you. Help is ”Koshesh” ”Koshesh”? So..((HINDI/URDU)) I can try? ((HINDI/URDU)) Madhar Help is actually Madhar. That’s what I thought. I said wait a minute, koshesh is try. ((HINDI/URDU)) What’s your name? Machmood ((HINDI/URDU)) My name is Moses. Yea, Musa is our prophet. Now, Chuha ”Mouse/rat” is my nickname Chuha is your nickname? What kind of a rat is that? ((HINDI/URDU)) You’re not a rat. ((HINDI/URDU)) Rat is no good. ((HINDI/URDU)) But I don’t like rats. It’s a long story why my name is Rat. Exactly, it’s a long story. It’s not a good name. So what do you actually do? ((HINDI/URDU)) Teacher. That’s what I do. ((HINDI/URDU)) When I’m at home, I meet with other students. That’s very good though. Very impressive. It’s just ((HINDI/URDU))training/exercise How did you get into Burmese. I mean it’s not a very common language ((HINDI/URDU)) I just like learning languages. But Burmese is not very common.You don’t meet very many Burmese. I mean, I can understand when you say Chinese, when you say Hindi.. these are all worldwide, people are everywhere. Indians are everywhere, Chinese are everywhere so these are common languages. Arabic is everywhere. Right. But Burma, there isn’t that many except for this group here. hahahaha ((HINDI/URDU)) He told me that he lives in Cincinatti, moreover… There’s only like 20 people there… Like 20-30 people Yea, that’s it. There isn’t very many. ((HINDI/URDU)) Interesting. You speak Hindi? Yea, he speaks pretty good. That’s impressive. How many languages can you speak? Aw, man now that’s the tricky question. I know like… All of them I’ll say like 50 50 languages? Where did you hear about this place? Huh? Every fourth of July, we have a Burmese gathering. Where did you hear about it? My wife. Oh, OK. Everybody just disappeared on us. I told you they leave early. That’s why you gotta get here on time. ((BURMESE)) Yes She said ”HOKEH” That means yes ((BURMESE)) Hello! Hello! Go and sit down. Huh? Sit down. Man, you’re trying to get me thrashed out here lol Come on. Sit down. Let’s get this partty started. Man, you’re crazy. Oh, put those books back in here. Dang, that’s like an hour of footage, man. Hey Hi. How are you doing? How are you? ((BURMESE)) How are you? ((BURMESE)) I’m good. ((BURMESE)) What’s your name? ((BURMESE)) My name is Moses. Moses? ((BURMESE)) Yes Oh,OK. See, he speaks Burmese. ((BURMESE)) I speak a little bit. ((BURMESE)) I want to learn Burmese. ((BURMESE)) Do you have a Burmese name? Oh, do I have? Burmese name? ((BURMESE)) No, I don’t have one. You want one? We’ll give it to you. ((BURMESE)) OK Where did you learn Burmese? ((BURMESE)) At home Who teach you? ((BURMESE)) I don’t have a teacher now. ((BURMESE)) I’m learning from books and dictionaries. I’m very impressed. Yea, we’re going to give you a Burmese name. OK, what is it? Which month were you born in? March Which day? Monday, Tuesday.. Thursday We’re going to give you a typical Burmese name. According to the day you were born. The Burmese do that. Like if you were born on a Monday for example. Oh, I see. So, he’s thinking. hahahahhaa OK, what did you come up with? ((BURMESE)) What nationality are you? ((BURMESE)) I’m Burmese ((BURMESE)) Which one? ((BURMESE)) BURMESE. ((BURMESE)) Do you speak Chinese? ((BURMESE)) No, I don’t ((BURMESE)) I speak Chinese Oh yea? ((BURMESE)) How do you say ”How are you” in Chinese? Huh? Oh ((MANDARIN)) ”Hello” ((CANTONESE)) ”How are you?” ((CANTONESE)) Do you speak Cantonese? I want to speak Cantonese. I speak both, Mandarin and Cantonese. Better than you, god.. hahahahahahahha ((CANTONESE)) I think Cantonese is my strongest language hahaha, he’s impressed. That’s Hong Kong language. Spoken in Hong Kong. ((CANTONESE)) Yes. Do you speak Cantonese? ((CANTONESE)) Yes ((CANTONESE)) Really? Yea.. oh, wow… ((CANTONESE)) Well, in that case we can use Cantonese to chit-chat ((CANTONESE)) I’m Toisan ((CANTONESE)) But I don’t know how to speak Toisanese, but I want to learn in the future. ((MANDARIN)) Do you speak Mandarin? ((MANDARIN)) Yes ((MANDARIN)) I can speak a little bit. ((MANDARIN)) You speak a little bit, eh. ((MANDARIN)) Where did you learn Mandarin? That’s where it usually ends. LOL!! ((MANDARIN)) Where do you learn Mandarin? ((MANDARIN)) At school? ((MANDARIN)) At school,right? Which school? ((MANDARIN)) At Walsh Walsh? He’s asking me where, but that’s all I’m understanding My Chinese is…. ((MANDARIN)) How long have you studied it for? How long? ((MANDARIN)) 2 months? Oh,OK ((MANDARIN)) You gotta keep going.If you continue, you will get better.You will learn a lot more. You gotta keep going. Keep going. ((MANDARIN)) What’s your name? ((MANDARIN)) My name is Zack. Zack? Moses, but my nickname is Mouse. Do you know what laoshu is? I know laoshi is teacher. Yep, laoshi is teacher. Do you know what laoshu is? I’m not sure. It’s mouse or Rat. Oh It’s OK, it’s good. Can you write it in Burmese for me? You bring something to write with? Yes, it’s in my bag ((BURMESE)) Do you speak Burmese? Huh? ((BURMESE)) Do you speak Burmese? ((BURMESE)) A little bit. I want to learn Burmese though. Where’s your paper? I don’t have paper. Did you see that bag of pens? There should be a bag of pens there. OK, that’s alright. ((CANTONESE)) I also want to know Toisanese. For example how do you say ”I want to eat something now” How do you say that? Cantonese? Toisan Toisan ((CANTONESE)) I want to eat something now. Hold one, I have to…haha I’m trying to ask him how to say ”I want to eat something” in Toisan dialect. Oh Now, you screw me up HAHAHAHAH!! If I go straight from Cantonese, it’s easy, but if you ask me to translate, it’s a bit difficult. ((CANTONESE)) Oh, really? ((CANTONESE)) I’m sorry. ((CANTONESE)) It’s OK. **BURMESE NAME** ”Mayau” It’s very Burmese. There’s a Burmese actor ”Myau” It means ”success” Oh ((BURMESE)) My name is Myau ((BURMESE)) Nice to meet you. hahahaha ((BURMESE)) Nice to meet you. ((BURMESE)) Where do you study? Huh? ((BURMESE)) Where do you study? Oh, where do I study? Yes ((BURMESE)) At home, but now… I’m a teacher ((BURMESE)) What’s your job? ((BURMESE)) Teacher ((BURMESE)) What do you teach? ((CANTONESE)) Languages, how do you say this? I’m a teacher and… ((CANTONESE)) What do you teach? ((CANTONESE)) Languages ((CANTONESE)) Yes Which languages? ((CANTONESE)) Many of them, for example, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean etc… ((CANTONESE)) For example, if you wanted to begin learning Japanese, I would help you. Oh ((CANTONESE)) This is my job. ((BURMESE)) What do you teach? You asked me what do I study, right? Teach I just asked him how to say that in Cantonese lol language ((BURMESE)) What subject do you teach? language What kind of language? Basically, it can be any language. For instance if you wanted to learn Japanese? I would construct a course. then I take you through the steps. Like step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4 etc… Can you speak Japanese? ((JAPANESE)) I can speak Japanese, too. ((JAPANESE)) I can speak Japanese. ((JAPANESE)) Thank you. ((JAPANESE)) You’re welcome. ((CANTONESE)) You go to the university for this or? ((CANTONESE)) The university? ((CANTONESE)) You need to go there to do this? ((CANTONESE)) No, at home ((CANTONESE)) At home? ((CANTONESE)) Yes, because I can use the computer, skype. This is my method for teaching He asked me if I teach at the university ((JAPANESE)) Quickly? That means hurry up. hahahaha ((JAPANESE)) Hurry, hurry up! That’s good. So you’re a linguist then? No, I wouldn’t say linguist, more of a Polyglot. Polyglot? A linguist is different.A linguist studies the sounds of the language. They don’t necessarily know how to speak. They just know the science of the language. That’s what a linguist is. They know about many different languages, but they may not know how to speak them. Do you use Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur or any of those? No, I don’t use Rosetta Stone. Pimsleur? No? Well, I’ve used Pimsleur before, but that’s not the main tool I use for learning. I use many different techniques to learn., so… This was fun. I like this. Do you know the Tongs? No, I don’t know them.His wife is Burmese and she knows the Tongs. Who’s your wife? Mary Pang Mary Pang is your wife? Yep. How long have you been married for? Long time? 10 years been together for about 17 years. I’m married too! Can you speak Burmese, too? No ((BURMESE)) Don’t know.. hahahaha What kind of language you can speak? English Only English? He’s trying, he’s trying. You can teach him. I’m trying to.. ((BURMESE)) I’m leaving. ((BURMESE)) OK ((BURMESE)) Nice to meet you. Nice meeting you. ((CANTONESE)) Goodbye. ((CANTONESE)) See you next time. hahahaha Alright ((BURMESE))Leaving Let me introduce you to my son. I met him already. Oh that’s your son? Yea, that’s my son. Only one single particular son. hahaha ((BURMESE)) Nice to meet you, OK ((BURMESE)) Nice to meet you Have fun. That’s like an hour an uh..Look how much.. Oh, I started it over. Oh, OK Because I wasn’t sure if it was going to stop or not. OK ((BURMESE)) We’re leaving! OK! Thanks for having us! Man, that was awesome, dude! Alright, I’ll talk to you later! Talk to you, too. ((BURMESE)) Nice to meet you! ((BURMESE)) Nice to meet you! Excellent, man. You’re doing good. Man, that was awesome! You know not to bring me to these type of gatherings! hahahaha What is that? Vegetables Oh, vegetables They were out there cultivating for you. She just spoke Chinese! I just heard Chinese. She said vegetables Yea Yea, vegetables! Oh cool!! Cool hahahaha Vegetables! ((MANDARIN)) Vegetables are good for your health! ((MANDARIN)) Eatin a lot of it is good for you, right? He can even speak Chinese. Moses, you have to teach me some Chinese. I’ll teach you some Burmese ((BURMESE)) OK hahahahaa You got my skype number. Yea That’s cool, man Yea, we can do it Hey ((MANDARIN)) Where are you from? ((MANDARIN)) Am I what? ((MANDARIN)) Where are you from? Mainland China? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) Where? ((MANDARIN)) The same as her father ((MANDARIN)) Oh like her father? Yea ((MANDARIN)) Really? ((MANDARIN)) We’re from Burma. Oh, OK Burma Yea, that’s Burma. Let me sit down hahaha We’re too young now. hahaha, too young. ((MANDARIN)) What’s your name? She was saying that was like Mary’s father. Your dad would do that. Your dad would like that, OK? OK. Yea. Most of the time, I will do it early in the morning. OK So, since you’re here, take it and give it to your dad, OK? He knows that I go to the Cleveland clinic early in the mornings at 6:30, so sometimes it’s… ((MANDARIN)) Farmer ((MANDARIN)) Right You free on the weekends? Pretty much. Yea, I’m free on the weekends, too. Yea, I’m always on skype so.. Sunday mornings Sunday mornings? Oh wait, shoot.. I mean Sunday afternoons. Sunday afternoon. You free? Just send me a message whenever you’re available. Let me know. The weekends are pretty much the best times for me. Yea, me too. Sunday afternoons I’m free. Sunday afternoons. Yea, if you want to talk. You can teach me some Chinese. He said Chinese. How can you know the Chinese? How did you learn it? ((MANDARIN)) Speak Chinese Huh? ((MANDARIN)) Speak in Chinese ((MANDARIN)) How did you learn Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Actually, I’ve studied for a very long time, like 10 years. ((MANDARIN)) Where did you learn it? ((MANDARIN)) I taught myself. ((MANDARIN)) Self-taught!? You see, he learned by himself. hahahahahahahha Ok, then you tell him how you learned by yourself. Tell him how I learned, right when I’m free, I’m going to meet with him so that we can talk about this topic. You can tutor him on skype. That’s a great idea. That would be great. It’s great meeting you, Moses. I appreciate you coming. ((BURMESE)) Nice to meet you ((MANDARIN)) You taught yourself? ((MANDARIN)) That’s right. ((MANDARIN)) How did you learn? ((MANDARIN)) Well, when I started learning Chinese, I bought.. See, so fluent Huh? ((MANDARIN)) What? ((MANDARIN)) Your speech is so fluent ((MANDARIN)) Fluent? ((MANDARIN)) Fluent, right! lol Could remember how to say it She said fluently Yea, fluent, very fluently. ((MANDARIN)) When I started learning Chinese, I bought many textbooks. Listen ((MANDARIN)) Moreover.. That’s my mom and that’s my dad That’s your mom?! Yea, that’s my dad.. Oh, that’s your dad. This is their house. Oooooh. You got your mom, man! She speaks Chinese. hahahhahaha Yea Yea, I want him to learn Chinese. I’ve been so busy, so I haven’t been able to learn. He hasn’t been that busy, only excuses, ok? hahahahhahha ((MANDARIN)) Excuses, excuses! ((MANDARIN)) Yea,that’s it, excuses! ((MANDARIN)) So how did you do it? Read books? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, I read books and.. ((MANDARIN)) How did you learn to speak smoothly? ((MANDARIN)) Well, this aspect the most important thing is to speak with Chinese face to face. Oh face to face.. So when you go to Cincinatti, you can speak with the Chinese people face to face. I play Tennis with some Chinese people. ((MANDARIN)) Tennis? Is that right? Yes ((MANDARIN)) Tennis. See, he plays Tennis with Chinese people, but he says that they don’t teach him Chinese. I said, did you ever request it? No! hahahahahhaha He said no, so how could people know that you want to learn Chinese? Right? Yea, you gotta talk. He drives me nuts hahaa he drives you nuts ((MANDARIN)) You drive your parents nuts ahahahahhahaha You know what he said? You make us go crazy hahahahahahhaa He can use Chinese so easily. He can talk Chinese really good. You can switch with him LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLOLOLOLHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! She said switch! I’m about to hit her with this Confucian real quick Hey ((MANDARIN)) You know that confucious says ”Three people walking, one of them must be my teacher” ((MANDARIN)) I don’t know. ((MANDARIN)) You don’t know. ((MANDARIN)) Confucious ((MANDARIN)) Yea, I know.. ((MANDARIN)) Confucious is.. a scholar. Yea, he’s a real scholar. Do you know what a scholar is? A very smart person. Confucious. Confucious is just the English world. Chinese it’s ”Kong fu xian” ((MANDARIN)) So, what do you do? Your job? ((MANDARIN)) Now I’m working. I’m a teacher. Language teacher. ((MANDARIN)) Yu yan ((MANDARIN)) What is yu yan? ((MANDARIN)) Language is…For example, Burmese, Japanese, Korean, English.. ((MANDARIN)) Do you understand these? ((MANDARIN)) Right, like if he… hahahhahahahha He doesn’t want to leave! hahahhaa You can speak Japanese too? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, I can. Wow, he’s multilingual! ((MANDARIN)) I know Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese… ((MANDARIN)) You’re so smart. ((MANDARIN)) Thanks. Haha, see ”Hao cong ming” means how smart. He can speak so many languages. ((MANDARIN)) Also, my wife is from Taiwan so.. ((MANDARIN)) Oh, so you can speak Chinese with her ((MANDARIN)) Well, I can speak with her… ((MANDARIN)) She’s from Taiwan? ((MANDARIN)) Right. But, lately we speak more English than anything else. Sometimes we speak Chinese. ((MANDARIN)) You still remember so much Chinese though. Not bad! He can speak so nice. Wilson, I want you to be like this ahahahahahahahah! Look at him lolol #1, his blood is Chinese. In the future Chinese will be important to learn since it’s everywhere. You lived in Taiwan? No no. His wife My wife is from Taiwan. OK but I was telling her that we speak mainly English. We don’t speak Chinese everyday. ((MANDARIN)) We have twins and she always speaks Chinese with them and I just speak English with them. ((MANDARIN)) Oh, it’s good to do it this way. He has twins. Daughters? Mhm Good. ((MANDARIN)) Only two kids? ((MANDARIN)) Yep, two. ((MANDARIN)) Girls? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, girls. ((MANDARIN)) You want more? ((MANDARIN)) Still want what? Do you want more family? Oh lol. ((MANDARIN)) Well, this is enough. ((MANDARIN)) Enough? Two is enough, eh ((MANDARIN)) Yea, my wife doesn’t want anymore lol Can you speak Chinese? No.. You better learn from him..hahaha hahah Wow,you’re really smart. You can speak so many languages. ((MANDARIN)) This is my… Hobby ((MANDARIN)) Right. Hobby ((MANDARIN)) Yep, ”aihao” is hobby Great. See, he can say ”Hobby” which is ”ai hao” See ((BURMESE)) ”Hobby” ((BURMESE)) That’s my hobby I told him,Burmese isn’t spoken by everyone in Burma. The main languages are English and Chinese. He better learn Chinese, am I right? He’ll learn. Maybe Sunday afternoon. You can teach me Chinese and I can teach you Burmese. hahahahha If you want to learn Burmese ((BURMESE)) By phone? Skype. He has skype. Oh, skype. I appreciate this, teacher. ((MANDARIN)) It doesn’t matter ((MANDARIN)) Thanks teacher. ((MANDARIN)) You’re welcome. It doesn’t matter, he’s going to teach you. ((BURMESE)) It doesn’t matter? ((MANDARIN)) OK, teacher. Not bad. ((MANDARIN)) I taught him, but he didn’t want to learn. ((MANDARIN)) You didn’t teach him when he was younger? ((MANDARIN)) Yea, I did but later on I got too busy. Oh ((MANDARIN)) I was working Oh ((MANDARIN)) You see, I had to work and just didn’t have the time. ((MANDARIN)) I see. Most of the Burmese, I learned by myself,too. By watching the movies. Oh, OK I didn’t learn from my mom. But you already speak Burmese well. Yeah. I told him enough with Burmese, he needs to start learning Chinese. Am I right? ((MANDARIN)) How old are you this year? ((MANDARIN)) He’s 33 years old. ((MANDARIN)) Oh 33 years old? Pretty much the same as me. Almost the same age then. ((MANDARIN)) You’re the same as me Almost. I’m 32. Oh ((MANDARIN)) Alright, alright! ((MANDARIN)) OK ((MANDARIN)) It was his luck today meeting you. Right? ((MANDARIN)) Yea. ((MANDARIN)) This is our fate. We have ourselves a connection. It was fate. ((MANDARIN)) Oh you mean, we have a strong connection? ((MANDARIN)) What? It’s like connection Connection? Actually, it’s translated as ”You yan” You yan ((MANDARIN)) ”Meeting by fate” Some people talk to each other. We have a future, we’ll talk with each other. ((MANDARIN)) For example.. I don’t remember.. ((MANDARIN)) I understand what you mean. For example ”Having a chance of meeting again”? ((MANDARIN)) Right. ((MANDARIN)) OK,we won’t keep you then. ((BURMESE)) I want to see you again. ((BURMESE)) OK. ((MANDARIN)) Take care. Man, my Chinese isn’t that good. She was just exaggerating. I’m actually a bit rusty. It may not sound like it to you, but I’m a bit rusty. I don’t really use Chinese, man. Like, I can speak with my wife, but.. Come over here and find out where they’re from. Yea I don’t know. Oh wow..That’s interesting. Is that a noodle pot. Is that a noodle bowl right there? Yep. They’re from Burma. OOh Look. That’s Burmese.. But that may not mean.. that’s Burmese.. Yea, but.. I bet you they’re from Burma, look. Look, this is all Burmese and they were looking at it. You’re not going to go punch them in the face, then look This is all Burmese. Wth, are they doing in a Burmese isle? I’m sure they’re from Burma. And see that’s what Mary was talking about, the white bag he’s carrying. That was the guy she was talking about. Oooh Hey, do you.. Have you tried these before? Are these good? ((BURMESE)) Are you Burmese? Is this good? Yea. ((BURMESE)) Is this good? ((BURMESE)) This is good ((BURMESE)) I want to speak Burmese. ((BURMESE)) Oh you speak Burmese? ((BURMESE)) I speak a little bit. ((BURMESE)) A little bit is good. ((BURMESE)) Now I’m learning Burmese so I want to speak with Burmese people. Good! ((BURMESE)) I speak a little Burmese. I’m ”Karen” Oh Karen? ((BURMESE)) Oh really? Huh? ((BURMESE)) Really? You’re Karen? Yea In Karen ”DEGE BA” is ”NOGU” ((KAREN LANGUAGE)) Ghay ”Good” ((BURMESE)) Very good! ((BURMESE)) What’s your name? Khan Tao Khan Tao? Yea ((BURMESE)) My name is Moses. Moses? Khan Tao ((BURMESE)) Nice to meet you! ((BURMESE)) Nice to meet you! My wife is ”Phee eh” Phee eh? Yea Oooh Phee eh ((BURMESE)) Alrighty hahahahahahaha ((BURMESE)) Thanks You mix this together with the paste. You put it together? Yes, together. You put this here then.. ((BURMESE)) Eat? ((BURMESE)) Eat Cool ((BURMESE)) Very good. Go ask him if he’s ever had this before Who? Ask him? Yea Hey, have you ever had this before? How does it taste? I don’t know English, sorry. I’m sorry Jackfruit It’s Jackfruit? Yea, jackfruite. Oh, it’s jackfruit? Uh huh. ((MANDARIN)) Are you Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Oh, Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) You speak Chinese? Oh, Chinese! ((CANTONESE)) Oh he speaks it! ((MANDARIN)) Yes, I can. I would like to know how this is. ((MANDARIN)) This? ((MANDARIN)) Is it sweet? ((MANDARIN)) Is this sweet? Huh? ((MANDARIN)) Is this sweet? I’m not Chinese LOL hahaha It’s OK ((MANDARIN)) Is it sweet or not? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, it’s sweet. ((MANDARIN)) It’s sweet? Yea ((MANDARIN)) Very sweet! ((MANDARIN)) Very sweet, eh Yea Wow ((MANDARIN)) Where are you from? ((MANDARIN)) I’m Chinese. ((MANDARIN)) Mainland China? Yea ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China? ((MANDARIN)) You lived in Mainland China for a long time? ((MANDARIN)) Me? Nah, I haven’t been there. ((MANDARIN)) Then, how can you speak Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Because, I started learning Chinese like 10 years ago.. ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you. ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you. ((MANDARIN)) Which province are you from? In China? Beijing?Shanghai? Guangdong Oh Guangdong? Yea. ((CANTONESE)) Well, in that case,you speak Cantonese? ((CANTONESE)) Yes, I speak Cantonese. ((CANTONESE)) Oh wow, you speak Cantonese ((CANTONESE)) Yes, I speak Cantonese. ((CANTONESE)) You speak Cantonese? ((CANTONESE)) Yes ((CANTONESE)) Woow, so strong. ((CANTONESE)) I study Cantonese now. ((CANTONESE)) I’m from Guangdong. Have you come before? ((CANTONESE)) Actually, I want to go to Hong Kong in the future. ((CANTONESE)) You know, Hong Kong and Guangdong are very close ((CANTONESE)) Very close ((MANDARIN)) Very close? Yea, yea.. ((CANTONESE)) Yes, yes..I know. Thank you! Good. ((CANTONESE)) Thank you. ((MANDARIN)) Thank you! I was trying to ask him if it was sweet. Let’s go get this Vietnamese in. She’s not Chinese. We gotta get that woman. She speaks Vietnamese and Cantonese. How do you know? I’m working! You just asked her? I’m working! LOLOLOL!! Watch your shoulder, man. When you’re putting in work. I know you be into the languages, but put your shoulder into it. I got a little piece in the middle, in the way. I’m about to get it in. Let’s go get it in. This is automatic. She already knows what it is. Hey, what’s the best fruit to get here? Huh? The best fruit. The best fruit or food? Fruit. I always buy fresh ones and cook. fresh ones? like I buy the fresh ones. Oooh. and cook at home. Oh Yea.I have small backyard and I.. ((MANDARIN)) Are you Chinese? I’m not Chinese. ((VIETNAMESE)) You’re Vietnamese? ((VIETNAMESE)) Of course! ((VIETNAMESE)) Of course, eh You go around the world… ((VIETNAMESE)) I want to speak Vietnamese with you now. You speak uh.. ?? ((VIETNAMESE)) I speak the Northern. Oh, the North? ((VIETNAMESE)) South? My parents are from the North. ((VIETNAMESE)) My parents are from the North. Refugees in the South. So again with communists? hahahaha ((VIETNAMESE)) I’m studying Vietnamese… ((VIETNAMESE)) Where? ((VIETNAMESE)) At home. ((VIETNAMESE)) Through self-study ((VIETNAMESE)) How? ((VIETNAMESE)) I don’t have any friends. No, how can you learn ((VIETNAMESE)) Because I have a lot of books. Oooh.. ((VIETNAMESE)) Genius ((VIETNAMESE)) Genius? hahahahahahahha High I.Q. hahahaha ((VIETNAMESE)) I don’t think so. Do you have a machine to translate all of the languages in the world? Is that correct? Like I saw a commercial on T.V., they have a small machine that can translate all languages in the world for you. Is that correct? ((VIETNAMESE)) I don’t have that.. ((VIETNAMESE)) So, just alone with books? ((VIETNAMESE)) Yes. That’s why I say you’re ((VIETNAMESE)) a Genius. ((VIETNAMESE)) I don’t think so. Yea! ((VIETNAMESE)) You really are a genius. ((VIETNAMESE)) Are you Vietnamese, too? ((VIETNAMESE)) Of course I’m Vietnamese. HAHAHAHHAHA! ((VIETNAMESE)) Nice to meet you! ((VIETNAMESE)) Nice to meet you, too. ((CANTONESE)) You speak Cantonese, too? ((CANTONESE)) A little bit. My friends left and… ((CANTONESE)) Oh really? Huh? ((CANTONESE)) Really? ((VIETNAMESE)) Really? ((CANTONESE)) Yes. All of my friends left so I don’t really speak it anymore. I can speak,but slowly. Vietnamese or Cantonese? Cantonese ((CANTONESE)) Cantonese is my favourite language. ((CANTONESE)) Your favourite? ((CANTONESE)) You are very strong. hahaha ((CANTONESE)) Not yet.. flavored chips? Yea. What is that? Restaurant ones? Uh huh Oh my god. Man, that is really.. ((VIETNAMESE)) OK, goodbye. What was I going to say.. ((MANDARIN)) Too many languages.. ((VIETNAMESE)) Thank you for the practice. ((VIETNAMESE)) Oh, it’s nothing. ((VIETNAMESE)) I speak with the Northern accent. Your accent is Northern ((VIETNAMESE)) Of course. ((CANTONESE)) I want to buy this too ((MANDARIN)) This is for the mosquitos, right? I don’t know, I just bought one. hahahahahaha ((MANDARIN)) It’s over there ((MANDARIN)) Over there? Yea How come they don’t speak Chinese, but you speak Chinese? Who? You? ((MANDARIN)) Why do I speak Chinese? She doesn’t believe me that you can speak Chinese. hahaha Who said that? She did ((CANTONESE)) I speak both Cantonese and Mandarin Cantonese See, she doesn’t believe me. Test you.. ahahahahaha ((MANDARIN)) Which part of China are you from? My Chinese is not good like you. ((MANDARIN)) Where are you from? I’m Vietnamese. Oh ((VIETNAMESE)) Hi! ((MANDARIN)) You can speak Mandarin with this guy here. ((VIETNAMESE)) I want to speak Vietnamese with you. Oh He can speak Vietnamese, too. ((VIETNAMESE)) I’m studying Vietnamese now. Oh. How many years? You learn from the internet or? ((VIETNAMESE)) Books. Oh ((VIETNAMESE)) 6 months. I learned Vietnamese for 6 months. ((VIETNAMESE)) I have a lot of books and I always speak Vietnamese with Vietnamese people. Ooooh, good! ((VIETNAMESE)) Vietnam is very beautiful. My friend told me that Vietnam is very beautiful. How many languages can you speak? ((VIETNAMES)) I can’t say Well, I know you know 3 languages already. ((VIETNAMESE)) I can’t say ((VIETNAM)) You speak a little or a lot? Oh you’re… She’s Vietnamese, too. Oh, OK. OK, take care. You too! Have fun in the garden. Oh, I will hahaha ((VIETNAMESE)) Are you doing good today? ((VIETNAMESE)) Yes, I’m good. Thank you. ((VIETNAMESE)) You good? Yes ((VIETNAMESE)) Speak Mandarin with him? Mandarin Oh ((MANDARIN)) You speak Mandarin? ((MANDARIN)) Yes. She speaks like 8 languages ((MANDARIN)) 8? Oh really? ((MANDARIN)) Yes ((MANDARIN)) Which languages? ((MANDARIN)) ((MANDARIN)) Don’t listen to him, he’s talking nonsense. ((MANDARIN)) What? How many languages can you speak? ((MANDARIN)) You just used Mandarin ((MANDARIN)) How many languages can you speak? ((MANDARIN)) Oh, how many..50 ((MANDARIN)) 50!!??! ((MANDARIN)) That’s awesome. ((MANDARIN)) But all of the languages that I’m learning… ((MANDARIN)) Do you know how to speak French? ((MANDARIN)) French? Yea. ((MANDARIN)) Spanish? ((MANDARIN)) Yep. Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic… ((MANDARIN)) Yep, Malaysian.. ((INDONESIAN/MALAYSIAN)) Do you know how to speak Malay, too? No hahahha, oh ok. Malaysian? Yea, I thought she spoke it. I like you. You’re just standing there laughing while he’s talking. He’s funny. No he’s not funny. He’s smart. Because, it’s just so amazing… Too many languages… how could you mix languages up like that and still remember? and have only studied for 6 months? ((MANDARIN)) Crazy ((MANDARIN)) Crazy Genius… ((MANDARIN)) I’ve already went crazy a long time ago.. ((MANDARIN)) Crazy.. Vietnamese? No, Mexican. ((VIETNAMESE)) I don’t understand this ((VIETNAMESE)) You don’t understand. It’s OK ((MANDARIN)) What is ”menti”? It’s OK, forget it. No, No, No… Spanish A little… ((SPANISH)) You’re learning Spanish? A little. ((SPANISH)) A little.. ((MANDARIN)) Do you speak Fenzhou hua? ((MANDARIN)) No.. ((MANDARIN)) Hainan hua? ((CANTONESE)) I don’t know how to speak that.. ((CANTONESE)) You speak Cantonese ((CANTONESE)) I speak Cantonese, Mandarin and some other languages. ((MANDARIN)) Hainan hua? ((CANTONESE)) No, I don’t speak that. ((TAIWANESE)) Taiwanese? ((TAIWANESE)) Do you speak Taiwanese? Chaozhouhua? ((MANDARIN)) Taiwanese ((MANDARIN)) Oh, you speak Taiwanese? ((MANDARIN)) A little bit. My wife is from Taiwan. ((MANDARIN) Oh, you’re wife is from Taiwan. ((MANDARIN)) But the languages that I learn have nothing to do with her.. ((MANDARIN)) You studied by yourself? ((MANDARIN)) Yea ((MANDARIN)) You’re very interested in languages. Yep ((CANTONESE)) But this has nothing…. ((MANDARIN)) has nothing to do with my wife though.. ((CANTONESE)) I’m always learning these languages by myself. ((CANTONESE)) I want to go to Hong Kong in the future. ((CANTONESE)) What about Hakka? ((CANTONESE)) I can’t speak Hakka. ((CANTONESE)) You can’t speak Hakka? ((CANTONESE)) No ((CANTONESE)) There’s too many languages… ((CANTONESE)) Right now I just want to learn Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese.. ((CANTONESE)) Vietnamese? ((CANTONESE)) Yes hey ((CANTONESE)) Bruce Lee is my idol ((CANTONESE)) Bruce Lee is your idol? ((CANTONESE)) This is my reason for learning Cantonese. ((MANDARIN)) Reason ((MANDARIN)) Very good. Good. So you speak? Same as him? ((CANTONESE)) He doesn’t. He knows a bit of Burmese. ((MANDARIN)) Burmese? Oh~ ((CANTONESE)) His wife is from Burma. ((CANTONESE)) Yes, yes yes.. ((CANTONESE)) Really? Really ((BURMESE)) Really? ((BURMSE)) Really? ((VIETNAMESE)) Nice to meet you. ((VIETNAMESE)) Nice to meet you. OK ((VIETNAMESE)) Thanks. ((VIETNAMESE)) Thanks a lot. He just said that it was nice seeing each other. Oh~ ((VIETNAMESE)) Goodbye ((VIETNAMESE)) Goodbye ((VIETNAMESE)) See you again. ((VIETNAMESE)) See you again She still doesn’t believe you Nah,nah You don’t believe me, why? No remember, she was like she doesn’t believe you speak Mandarin. Oh hahahahha ((MANDARIN)) If I lie to you, then I’m a small dog. ((MANDARIN)) It’s awesome that he speaks like 50 languages ((MANDARIN)) She knows like 9! ((CANTONESE)) Well, you speak, Mandarin, Cantonese,English, Vietnamese, French, Spanish… ((FRENCH)) You speak French too? Yea ((FRENCH)) a little bit. ((FRENCH)) I study it too ((FRENCH)) I don’t know a lot? ((FRENCH)) You don’t know that much? A little bit? ((FRENCH)) A littl bit. Well, it’s… ((FRENCH)) It’s still good I think. Very good. Yea She speaks almost as many languages as you! She speaks like 5 languages. So good. Look, she speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese ((VIETNAMESE)) South? ((VIETNAMESE)) South. South? I’m South. That’s what he was asking me. That’s a lot. 5 languages is a lot. It’s more than that. More?! How many more? She won’t tell us. She speaks 8 languages. You tell us. English,Mandarin, Cantonese.. It’s more like..dialects ((MANDARIN)) Dialects Yea No she doesn’t know that one. She speaks Hakka. Oh, she speaks Hakka. ((MANDARIN)) Don’t listen to them, they’re joking around. ((MANDARIN)) No… hahahhaa ((MANDARIN)) No way.. ((MANDARIN)) Seriously.. ((MANDARIN)) You’re already better than I am.. ((CANTONESE)) You’re better than me. ((CANTONESE)) No…lol hahahahaha OK ((MANDARIN)) Alrighty… ((CANTONESE)) I’m leaving. Bye bye Bye bye hahahahahahahaha! She was falling in love Mnmmmm..BOY!! Crazy!! She was falling in love! Was she falling in love? hahahahah somebody trying to get married out here in Cleveland. Trying to go to the Church tonight. She’s trying to go over there to that Szechuan gourmet and get married. Somebody requesting to become a concubine out here… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nah,I’m just messin’ around. ”Can I be your concubine,damn” It’s so sloppy… Oh my goodness, that was stupid.. lol That was ridiculous, dude. Wow~ Hey, excuse me. Do you guys have pepperchack cheese here? Huh? You sell pepper-jack cheese here? Pepper what? It’s like a spicy cheese cheese? Oh now we don’t carry cheese. Maister foods, they carry cheese. Oh, OK. We don’t carry cheese. Oh you don’t? No. Where are you from? Korea ((KOREAN)) Are you Korean? ((KOREAN)) Yea! ((KOREAN)) Is that so? ((KOREAN)) Yea Oh ((KOREAN)) Are you well today? Huh? ((KOREAN)) Are you well today? ((KOREAN)) Yea, yea. Where did you learn? ((KOREAN)) I learn Korean and some other languages at home. Oh That’s good. ((KOREAN)) Because in my opinion, it is very fun learning many languages. That’s good. Yea. ((KOREAN)) Where in Korea are you from? ((KOREAN)) Seoul. Seoul? ((KOREAN)) Yea ((KOREAN)) How long have you been in America for? 9 years ((KOREAN)) 9 years? ((KOREAN)) It’s been 9 years.. ((KOREAN)) 9 years? ((KOREAN)) Yea Cool ((KOREAN)) Cool! You’re doing good. ((KOREAN)) How long have you been learning for? ((KOREAN)) Perhaps 5 years ((KOREAN)) You’ve been learning Korean for 5 years? ((KOREAN)) However, I still can’t speak fluently. ((KOREAN)) haha, it’s not even like that. ((KOREAN)) I can’t say that I can speak well, but I know a bit. Have you ever been to Korea? ((KOREAN)) Not yet, but I’ve been to both Taiwan and Japan. ((KOREAN)) My wife is from Taiwan. ((KOREAN)) Do you understand? Chinese? ((KOREAN)) Chinese? No, I don’t understand Chinese. ((KOREAN)) Just Korean. Nothing outside of Korean? Nope… hahahahaha A bit of Japanese. ((KOREAN)) It’s a bit similar. ((Korean)) What’s your name? Chong soon ((KOREAN)) My name is Moses or Mouse ((KOREAN)) Mouse? Oh my god, that’s so cute. ((KOREAN)) Mouse? Chwi is the mouse.. ((KOREAN)) Precisely. Oh ((KOREAN))Nice to meet you. hahahha. Mouse? ((KOREAN)) Just a nickname though. Wow. You’re Good. ((KOREAN)) It’s interesting. ((KOREAN)) Very interesting. ((KOREAN)) Are there many Koreans here ((KOREAN)) Yes, Seoul. This place is boring. ((KOREAN)) Boring? Yes Korea is very interesting. I was just there. You were just there? ((KOREAN)) He just came back from there ((KOREAN)) Oh, he just returned? Yea ((KOREAN)) Where were you? ((KOREAN)) He doesn’t speak Korean. Where have you been? I was in Seoul. Seoul is.. How long did you stay for? 1 week Oh just 1 week?! I know.. I was in Japan then I had to leave the country and come back. I have friends in Korea though. Do you think Japan and Korea are the same? No. Totally different Totally different You know many people are visiting my country because it’s fun, interesting, cheap. It was 10 minutes from the airport. Incheon. Incheon? Yea. 10 minutes away from the airport. Big airport. Yes, big airport. When I caught the taxi,we drove past a building and it had a bunch guards with guns. I don’t know what that building was. It was like the war.. Yea It was nice. I’m going to go back. He’s going to teach me Korean. ((KOREAN)) My korean isn’t that good. So, for the business? Yes. I’ve been here for 9 years. 9 years? yea, but nothing has changed. But in my country many things have changed. OK ((KOREAN)) Alrighty. Nice to meet you. The cheese is over there ((KOREAN)) Over there? Yea Maister. ((KOREAN))Thanks ((KOREA)) Yes ((KOREAN)) Come again We’ll see. hahahhaa Wait, hold on. You want to walk around? Have a nice day. I’m probably going to get a pound. Of what? Plums? Yea Just one? Yea. You like plums? $2 Thank you. Hey, how long have you been doing the produce here for? Me? 6 years. Oh I used to drive a cab in New York for 12 years. So I’m used to dealing with people everyday, you know what I mean? especially working in New Yor city, you know. Do you like in New York city better than here? Well, when I was by myself yea, but when you have kids, here is better. It’s cool over there, but rough for the kids. Here is better, you know. Where are you from? Egypt Egypt? ((ARABIC)) Do you speak Arabic, too? Yes ((ARABIC)) Oh yea? ((ARABIC)) Yes, I speak Arabic. Where did you learn? ((ARABIC)) Now I study Arabic in my home. Where? ((ARABIC)) In my home Oh yea? ((ARABIC)) Yes ((EGYPTIAN ARABIC)) Yes ((EGYPTIAN ARABIC)) Yes? You speak Arabic good. ((ARABIC)) Just a little bit ((ARABIC)) A little bit? But it’s good. ((ARABIC)) I want to be able to speak Arabic fluently, so I like practicing in this way. Yea. You like to practice Arabic Yea ((ARABIC))With the Arabs ((ARABIC)) With the Arabs? Yea. He’s good. Yea? I’m sure you don’t know what he’s talking about, but I can 100% hhahahaha ((ARABIC)) Nice to meet you. ((ARABIC)) Nice to meet you. You want one? hahahaha Here.You want one? He’s giving you a gift. Say thank you. This is for you. Say thank you. hahahahahahah Alright, brother. Alright. Take care, my friend. ((ARABIC)) Goodbye. ((ARABIC)) Goodbye. Give me two. Just two? Yea. $4.44 That’s good. Sir, you’re ordering something or just looking? Just looking. Albania? Romania. Oh….Hey! ((ROMANIAN)) Good day! ((ROMANIA)) Good day! ((ROMANIAN)) You speak Romanian? ((ROMANIAN)) Yes, I speak Romanian. Oh ((ROMANIAN)) Do you have Romanian friends? ((ROMANIAN)) No, I don’t. I don’t have many friends that can speak Romanian. ((ROMANIAN)) But then, how do you know Romanian? ((ROMANIAN)) Because **I have** many ((SPANISH)) books? Books ((ROMANIAN)) Carti ”Books” Oh yea, Carti! ((ROMANIAN)) Moreover, I like to study… ((ROMANIAN)) Languages? ((ROMANIAN)) Romanian is very beautiful. Oh, I’m impressed! ((ROMANIAN)) I think hahahahaha I’m impressed! ((ROMANIAN)) Unfortunately, not very good. ((ROMANIAN)) Umm…Very good ((ROMANIAN)) Very good? I think it’s good. ((ROMANIAN)) Thank you. Have you been to Romania? ((ROMANIAN)) No, but I want to visit. ((ROMANIAN)) Because my friend told me…. Oh, you’re OK Your wife? No no ((ROMANIAN)) Friend ((ROMANIAN)) My friend told me that Romania is very beautiful therefore, I want to visit Romania. hahahahhahahha I’m really impressed, yea. Yea, just 2 months I’ve studied Romanian. Just two months?!!? ((ROMANIAN)) Yes 2 months. and you speak like that in Romanian? hahahahaha he said just two months. That’s something that I’m overly impressed with. Look, look, I’ll show you. This is how I learn Romanian. Where’s my phone. So then you have a special talent for languages? ((ROMANIAN)) Perhaps ((ROMANIAN)) No. I’m sure of it. I’m sure you have a talent for languages. See, I have.. What other languages do you know? Russian, Chinese… wow Korean.. I have this. Oh, hahaha Wow, I’m really impressed. He’s learning languages, you know through this. Wow ((ROMANIAN)) ”Are you sure?” ((ROMANIAN)) ”I’m very sure!” hahahahahaha Wow, that’s something. ((ROMANIAN)) I’m not Romanian. I’m Italian. ((ROMANIAN)) You speak Romanian very well! hahahahaha Where are you originally from? America? America ((ROMANIAN)) Yes ((ROMANIAN)) Yea? ((ROMANIAN)) But I live in Columbus, Ohio. ((ROMANIAN)) Did you live there or are you still living there? ((ROMANIAN)) Yes ((ROMANIAN))Now? ((ROMANIAN)) Yes, now. So, you’re just visiting? Yea, visiting. ((ROMANIAN)) My friend. I don’t speak all of these languages. hahahahahhaa I’m impressed, this doesn’t happen very often. He studies a lot! Huh? He studies a lot. All day. So what is your profession? ((ROMANIAN)) Teacher ((ROMANIAN)) For **languages** Which is your main languages? Chinese, Japanese.. Oh, wow That’s a good job. I have this, too. Look. Yea That’s a radio station? Yep Wow I have to do this. I didn’t kno about this. Look, they have that one and this one. This is SBS radio. I have to get that. Do you have an iphone? I have.. You can search. Search for SBS radio. SBS Radio If you search SBS radio, you will see many languages. You see all of these languages. They have Hindi, Russian, Greek… wow…. They have French, Burmese.. You see that? Mhmm.. OK And it’s free. Oh, that’s good. Yea, I have to do that. Yea, it’s free. Wow, I can tell you. I’m very impressed. I was so shocked..I was surprised..When I.. when you heard us speaking or? because he asked if you were Albanian. Yea, he asked if I was Albanian. And I said Albania? Then I said no, Romania.. Then I said, wait hold on, ROMANIA!! I have to practice some Romanian. So you don’t have any Romanian friends that speak? No, I don’t have any friends. ((ROMANIAN)) Now I don’t have any friends, so it’s a bit difficult. ((ROMANIAN)) To practice ((ROMANIAN)) Practice? You want one? Go ahead, you can have one. I mean, I can use the computer to find the natives Yea but this is my first time speaking Romanian with Romanians. Wow, that’s something. Actually, ((ROMANIAN)) Actually? Yea, she’s bi-lingual so we’re taking care of that. We want her to know both languages. ((ROMANIAN)) What’s your name? Anenna Anenna? ((ROMANIAN)) My name is Moses Say Hi, Moses ((ROMANIAN)) How are you, Moses? ((ROMANIAN)) Very well. Hold on, there was something I wanted to say.Oh my god, how do you say that? Nice to meet you? Yea The formal way and informal way Yea, two ways makes things more complicated, You know we have the singular and plural.. like Spanish… just makes things more complicated. ((ROMANIAN)) It was a pleasure talking with you Likewise, likewise. How do you say likewise? ((ROMANIAN)) Likewise Ok, I got it. Bon is French Do you speak French, too? Yes, I can speak some. ((FRENCH)) I speak it too Yea ((FRENCH)) Do you speak French? ((FRENCH)) I studied French in Romania ((FRENCH)) Really? ((RENCH)) Yes ((FRENCH)) Very good ((FRENCH)) I love studying languages. Oh ((FRENCH)) I think it’s very useful studying many languages. Huh? Can you talk without speaking? hahahahahhaha! That’s impossible You can’t talk without speaking. How old is she? She’s 5.5 5.5 I have twins what age? They’re 18 months Ooooh So they’re still…. Early stages.. Yep OK, I don’t want to hold you guys up. Nice talking with you. Nice talking with you. I got to practice Romanian for the first time. I’m telling you, you’re doing great! ((ROMANIAN)) Thank you. ((ROMANIAN)) It’s a pleasure. You doing really well. It’s a matter of practice. Yea, you gotta practice. So, I’m not sure how many Romanians are in Columbus, but, there’s a fairly large Romanian community here. We moved here recently, so… Oh, OK I don’t know too many Romanians yet, but I guess we’ll figure it out. Ok There was a word that I wanted to say. Is it the same in Romanian? In Romanian you say ”De acord” That’s close to ”De acuerdo” in Spanish Yes With all of the latin languages, you will find that it’s easier to learn them at the same time Yea I mean,you know when I hear people talking in Spanish and they don’t speak too fast, I can get an idea of what they’re talking about. Oh, OK Because I know some French, with the Romanian, then you can get a good idea. And Italian Yea, italian is fairly close. Portuguese How many languages do you study? Haha, I was waiting on that. Yea, of course you said Chinese, Japanese, Romanian, French.. Man, a lot based on what he has there… all of them lol all of them It’s fun Yea You try German, too? ((GERMAN)) Do you speak German? ((GERMAN)) I speak a bit of German. Nur ein wenig? What’s that It’s like ”A little bit” Ein bisschen? Yea, you can say ”nur ein bisscehen” or ”Nur ein wenig” Oh, so you also have the answers Nur ein wenig is just a little bit. But I think you will hear more people say ”Ein bisschen” Yea, that’s what I hear OK, we’ll let you guys go. Nice talking to you. Bye bye.. This way Sounds good. Hey what does this say? Is this Polish? Hungarian. It means Hungarian Sausage. And that means garlic. Oh~ So, you’re from Hungary? Yea ((HUNGARIAN)) Good day! ((HUNGARIAN)) Good day! You hear this? I hear him. I hear him. That’s all I know. That’s so nice. Hey look..I have some Hungarian stuff right here, listen. So, who taught you the Hungarian? I learn languages, but I just learned a couple of words. Nice. I think I still have some Hungarian stuff here. Do Hungarians speak any other languages, normally or just mostly? You see, the Hungarian language pretty much stands alone. It’s not related to any other languages? You know, like Russian, Slovaks, Ukrainian, they’re very close to each other. If someone speaks Serbian, there’s a very good chance they understand Russian, you know? What is ”Shkolt”? Is that another Hungarian word? ”Shkolt”? ((HUNGARIAN)) Ishkola? What is that? Ishoka is ”School” It means cool? No, ”school” Like you have to go to school for classes Oh, but there’s another word ”Schot” ”Schot” That’s Scotish. Oh. That’s the language. That’s Scottish language. Hey, listen to this. Yea, that’s ((HUNGARIAN)) ”Good Day” That is just regular conversation. Yea See, the problem is with Hungarian,is our grammar is very hard. Very hard? To learn. And if you mess up just a little bit, the whole meaning of the sentence changes. Oh, yea that’s a problem. You know. So the grammar is pretty tough. The other thing is..I had a teacher back in High School. He was like a language genius. he spoke so many languages. He added a new language just about every year. In the year I graduated from High School, he was going to Tibet. Because he learned this old Hindu language. and it’s not written or spoken anymore. But in Tibet, there was one monk who could give him a test on it. Oh wow! In the summertime, he used to work for the United Nations. He went to Africa and he was translating between African tribes. In two weeks, he picked up their language. The two tribes didn’t understand each other, but he was translating amongst them. hahaha, that’s serious. wow he had like a very crazy sense for language. And one day we were talking, we asked him which language is the hardest to learn. and he said, as far as the writing, definitely the Chinese.Because sometimes one character can be two sentences. but he said as far as speaking, grammar, Hungarian is by far the hardest one. wow Really? I keep hearing people say that Finnish is difficult in terms of grammar. I don’t know. and see the other thing is, if you want to compare it to English? The English language chooses a little less than 3,000 words in the everyday language. If you know these 3,000 words, you can make yourself be understood. Hungarian is over 7,000 in the everyday language. Do you speak Hungarian? I just started here. I gotta start on something though. Oh yea? You gotta beat him into it. OK. Too bad I couldn’t have a conversation in Hungarian. That would be awesome. It takes a long time. I was 24 when I came here, back in Hungary, I knew many guys who went to college over there. They graduated and took on a job in Hungary. and they were living there for a couple of years and they were still breaking up the language.Butchering it. Butchering it? lolol Maybe they weren’t putting enough effort in. No..they put in quite a bit. It’s not an easy language to learn. And if that’s not your first language? commonly referred to as mothertongue, they pick you out like this. Ah, the accent. Yea, the pronunciation, you know? Yea. It’s nice talking to you. Nice meeting you. This one’s spicy and that one’s mild if you want to take it with you. Thank you so much. The spicy one is kind of spicy so I don’t know… That’s good. You’ll like that one. Thank you. How do you say thank you? ((HUNGARIAN)) ”Kosunum” Thank you. and ”Tsivasheh” means you’re welcome. ((HUNGARIAN)) Thank you. hahahahhaa What do you speak? You speak something. English. Alright, thanks. See you guys. ((SPANISH)) We like to study other languages. ((SPANISH)) Oh yes.. ((SPANISH)) I think it’s a good thing to do. ((SPANISH)) Yes, it’s good. How many languages do you speak? Huh? ((SPANISH)) How many languages do you speak? What country are you from, honey? ((SPANISH)) Are you Arab? No ((SPANISH)) Where? Here ((ARABIC)) I’m American. I know you’re American, but you speak a little bit of Arabic and Spanish. Are you Spanish? ((EGYPTIAN ARABIC)) Yes ((ARABIC)) No I’m African American African American? ((EGYPTIAN ARABIC)) Yes. Awesome. Are you Arab? ((SPANISH))American. I’m American, but.. But where did your parents come from? Here? Yea But how did you learn Arabic, you speak really good. Better than my children. ((ARABIC)) Because I have a lot of books. Uh huh ((ARABIC)) And I like speaking Arabic with the Arabs. Awesome. ((ARABIC)) But just a little bit. Yea. ((ARABIC)) I want to speak Arabic fluently, so..I think that…lolol Can you order me two chicken breast in Arabic? I can’t do that in Arabic. HAHAHAHHA You’re silly. ((SPANISH)) Yes, I’m American. What’s your question? ((SPANISH)) How many languages can you speak? Oh ((SPANISH)) Maybe 50. 50 languages, but, I don’t speak all of them fluently. ((SPANISH)) There are some that I can only speak a little bit of.. ((SPANISH)) But Chinese, Japanese..I can speak fluently. wow.. ((SPANISH)) Because the first language I learned a long time ago is Chinese ((SPANISH)) Chinese? ((SPANISH)) Moreover, my wife is from Taiwan. Oh ((SPANISH)) He speaks 50 languages lolol For real? Yes ((SPANISH)) Seriously. How do you deal with all of that in your brain? hahahahahaha ((SPANISH)) Well, I have a bunch of books and I also use the computer in order to meet with people who speak it. ((SPANISH)) What else, what else….That’s pretty much it. Nice ((SPANISH)) But as you can hear,the Spanish that I’m learning is Castillian. ((SPANISH)) Castillian Yea ”Th, Th” ((SPANISH)) Because the books that I have are from Spain. ((SPANISH)) Spain ((SPANISH)) I love speaking with Mexicans especially, though. Yea, they speak Spanish. ((SPANISH)) Yes. There’s a lot of Mexicans around here. ((SPANISH)) Oh yea, but I’m from Columbus. Oh you’re from Columbus? ((SPANISH)) Yes, I live in Columbus. Are there many Mexicans there? ((SPANISH)) A bunch Oh ((SPANISH)) Of course.. ((SPANISH)) I think it’s important to do, especially if you want to understand more about other cultures. ((SPANISH)) Yes, yes. That’s nice. ((SPANISH)) My name is Moses Moses? My name is Jolia Jolia? Gloria Goria? ((SPANISH)) And you? Emedio Emedio? ((SPANISH)) Nice to meet you. ((SPANISH)) You don’t soeak English? ((SPANISH)) A little bit. ((SPANISH)) A little bit? Are you still studying more languages? ((SPANISH)) Of course Oh, my god… Of course… You can go around the world ((SPANISH)) You understand just a little or a lot? ((SPANISH)) A lot. Well, there are some that I only know a bit of, but there’re some that I can speak a lot of. I ask god sometimes,that I wish I could speak all of the languages in the world. hahahahhaaha ((SPANISH)) It’s not late to start. No? ((SPANISH)) You still have time to do it. Oh,OK Age doesn’t matter. OK Yea ((SPANISH)) I know someone who is older than 50 years and is still learning languages. Yea, I was like that. Learning languages. There are 7 original languages that brought all of the other languages into existance. Oh you heard about that? ((SPANISH)) I heard something about it. Because the languages are confusing. They confusing? Yes. Like, I take Spanish, alright? Like I’m from Honduras and take someone.. ((SPANISH)) You can speak in Spanish Huh? ((SPANISH)) Speak Spanish ((SPANISH)) Spanish?, OK. I’m Spanish. I’m from Honduras. The Mexicans and Puerto Ricans can speak the dialects? ((SPANISH)) Of course ((SPANISH)) Right ((SPANISH)) There are dialects in Europe? ((SPANISH)) It’s also like this in other places. Like in Africa, it’s pretty much the same. Yes, yes.. ((SPANISH)) China? The same… Is Chinese the hardest language to learn? Umm..((SPANISH)) It depends on which aspect it is..For example if you want to talk about writing ((SPANISH)) Chinese is more difficult than the other languages. ((SPANISH)) It’s more difficult? ((SPANISH)) Yes, more difficult. ((SPANISH)) But speaking? Perhaps….it’s not Chinese. It’s another language. ((SPANISH)) As far as this matter, I don’t know. ((SPANISH)) Because there are a bunch of languages that… ((SPANISH)) Yes, so many languages? More than…. It’s a good thing what you’re doing. ((SPANISH)) Yes, a good thing. It’s good for the brain. ((SPANISH)) Therefore, ”HANDS TO THE PUMP!” ((Let’s get to work)) ((SPANISH)) Exactly. ((SPANISH)) Well, then we’re going to leave now. Oh, I’m waiting for my food. Oh, OK You want to practice? hahahahha I don’t remember any of the Spanish I learned. ((SPANISH)) You want to practice your Spanish with her? I don’t remember.. You speak Spanish? No, I forgot.. You can go to nightclubs. Spanish nightclubs. There’re Spanish people there. Ah There’s a place for dancing ((SPANISH)) Spanish? ((SPANISH)) Spanish. Ah You listen to the Spanish music? ((SPANISH)) Not much ((SPANISH)) Not much? ((SPANISH)) Even for other languages, I don’t listen to the music. ((SPANISH)) Because it’s different? ((SPANISH)) Not **because** it’s different, it’s just.. ((SPANISH)) What’s most enjoyable for me is speaking…meeting the people. ((SPANISH)) Very good. They’re teach Arabic, Spanish and English around here. Like three languages. ((SPANISH)) Three languages? Yes ((SPANISH)) I see.. ((SPANISH)) Excellent.. Yea It’s nice that you speak other languages because you can meet a lot of people. Yea ((SPANISH)) That’s right. What about the accent? You get the accent? ((SPANISH)) My accent? Yes, the accent. ((SPANISH)) How is my accent? For Spanish it’s ok. ((SPANISH)) For other languages? ((SPANISH)) I don’t know.. ((SPANISH)) You mean how is my accent in the other languages? ((SPANISH)) Exactly. Oh Well ((SPANISH)) When I speak in Chinese,the people always tell me that my accent is like the Chinese. Oh yea? ((SPANISH)) Chinese accent. Oh ((SPANISH)) You learn with the Chinese people? ((SPANISH)) Do I speak with the Chinese? ((SPANISH)) Do you learn with them? The Chinese people? (SPANISH)) No, just by myself. Oh, OK ((SPANISH)) I have a lot of books..the computer…using the computer, etc.. Oh ((SPANISH)) But it’s very important to talk with the people. ((SPANISH)) Yes ((SPANISH)) It’s an important thing.. ((SPANISH)) Yes.. ((SPANISH)) Otherwise… ((SPANISH)) The barrier is broken.. ((SPANISH)) Yes, that’s right. ((SPANISH)) When you know the language,there’s no barriers. ((SPANISH)) None! No barriers… No barriers


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    lol and link up on skype ill help u with ur hindi urdu punjabi and u can help me with japanese!!!

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    The spicy one is kinda spicy, i don't know


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    U should have told her yes u can talk without speaking that's called sign language

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    My brother.i love ur. Channel.very important to my learning the Chinese language.i thank you from my heart.

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    Brother i will join your class.if you would help me please assist me

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    rewatching this one. one of my favourites, you even get romanian in there! that family was so lovely

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    Laoshu salivating before getting to the picnic and it’s not from the food but from the forthcoming linguistic stretch. 😆 Dope.

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    dude come on i have school tomorrow let me sleep

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    Why isn't the camera pointing at the people you're speaking with?

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    RIP Wilson 🙁

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