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Cultivation of Connection Tai Chi

November 6, 2019

Please note that in all movements there must be
connection between us and this amazing baton. We can and should test this connection, right now i’ll take away and it fall. If there is no connection between the partners, thet means one of the partners treat the other, non sincerely or “Formal” – [with no respect or interest, to move in unison] and that means he doesn’t LOVE! Not me, nor the baton. I really don’t like when I’m not loved and I will immediately strike. As soon as she is “Formal” towards me, she will get hit. And vice versa, if she seek connection then “Interaction” appears. It’s even becomes difficult to hit her, because she is involved all the time. And why should it hit her, when she LOVES and seek connection? She likes the baton… So in fact if she doesn’t love me, that’s OK. But if she doesn’t want to LOVE the baton! This will become a serious matter. Look how the baton is elegant and amazing. [How can you not LOVE it?] If she tries to defend herself, it will be difficult for her, because she’ll be scared and everything will be sudden for her. But she seek connection, there will be no fear. Because where is connection, there is no fear, only simplicity. We start to connect with all parts of our body and we can move, in any direction! The main idea is “Сultivation of Сonnectivity” And we immediately punish, if there’s lack of love. The baton, the sword they do not like,
when they are not LOVED! Especially the sword, who practiced with the sword knows this. The one who doesn’t LOVE the sword, the sword will also strongly dislike that person! Therefore it is very important… If the partner is being “Formal” towards the baton, the baton will smack him. And this is actually the problem of all humanity. Nobody likes to be unloved… batons, humans, birds, dogs and cats… All beings become very upset because of that. See if you are moving consciously and calm, then you can stop at any time and test your connection. Here we can start practicing some Qigong And you can see that the baton is holding on to us due to our connection, if I remove this connection it will drop down. It is just consciousness, there is no force here. The amount of force that you need here is
“Equals to Nothing” That is why when we connect with our hands, we will always have connectivity right here. Which at first in Tai Chi appears as „glue“ and at the second stage it becomes a “magnet”. And no matter how hard the partner tries to disconnect, we stay connected through this magnetic force. The connection appear instantaneous elbows, hands, shoulders. And through that connection, force is born… I have huge resources here and the only thing I need to do is to inhale and exhale! And it doesn’t not matter who will push. And then I can be relaxed, I can optimize my force and move more effectively without effort. With experience we can tell, how much force we need to use. So, Dear Friends LOVE your batons and swords! And they will LOVE you back!

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