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Cultivating Voices: Working Together to Transform Agriculture

September 12, 2019

[Music] fresh fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet and while the produce industry does a tremendous job bringing us a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year the industry still faces persistent labor and food safety challenges in every country in the world somebody has taken advantage of some other vulnerable party but we want to make sure that we’re not part of the wrong side of that equation the employees have had many generations of mistrust and even abuse by their previous employers you can’t really have a piece of produce that is food safe but was harvested or shipped under non social responsible management all the hands who touch our fresh fruits and vegetables at value and make this industry grow and thrive food is very very very safe that product is going to end up on somebody’s table and we have a very stringent food safety program the more people that are trained to see issues that could develop into problems it minimizes risk efi brings everyone to the table to create solutions for the challenges we face across the Americas EFI is working to transform agriculture by changing the culture on farms producing a safer more equitable food system building skills with farm workers and creating healthy collaboration between farm workers and management – Emma’s nurse costume muchísimo frame will official Vasya a este reuniones platicas con los trabajadores con el mismo equipo jose mola grado establecer todo todo lani cidades Kay Kay Menon CMO necesita dou y más fácil a Simone esto nuestro trabajo y ways a CES Petrelli Dom are suitable Alan presser the on Samos mas efi ensures consumers that the produce they enjoy is responsibly grown and farm worker assured you

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