Cultivating the Echinocactus

October 3, 2019

The Echinocactus grusonii is a cactus native to the arid regions of Mexico the rounded shape and numerous thorns have meant
that this plant is called ‘Mother-in-law’s Pillow. This plant is easy to grow. It does not require excessive watering; you
should provide water only during the period from March to September If plants are kept in the apartment for the
whole year you should spray them in moderation but if they are placed outdoors during the summer you should water occasionally but with a
good amount of water, so as to wet the entire substrate contained in the pot However, watering is necessary only once every 7-10
days, when the substrate is completely dry We try to place the plant in a very bright place, possibly one exposed
to direct sunlight throughout the year, and avoid draughts and air currents In the wild, these plants can even stand short periods with very low
temperatures, as long as they do not receive water during the frost and may therefore also be grown outside, but only if you can provide a very
dry place, where the plant does not receive rainfall during the cold season or otherwise you can grow it indoors Every 2-3 years you should repot the grusonii, using a good loam for succulent plants, consisting
of little universal soil, mixed with pumice stone and sand, so as to ensure excellent drainage the new container should be only a little larger than that in which the plant was
growing before, since these plants seem to prefer containers that are restrictive in size Periodically check that the plant is not being attacked by scale insects, which are
parasites that lurk in the soil or among the thorns of the cactus If you see just a few of them you can remove them by using a cotton swab
moistened with alcohol, but if the infestation is larger, spray the whole plant with mineral oil

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