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Cultivating & Managing a farm – Part2 I Natural farming I Naryana Reddy

November 6, 2019

It has been 6 to 7 days since it has rained the soil is still moist Smell it once you will know how soil should smell It is a fungus called actinomycetes the soil is healthy if it is there You will know its presence only when it rains It is H2O3 monsoon rain water is H2O3 the fungus is activated only by H2O3 It is always activated in my farm It is always activated in my farm Visitor: They say there should be lightning for that… Lightning is not for that Over 1 acre land there is 34500 tons of Nitrogen present Over an acre till sky the N2 is 34500 tons N2 cannot enter the plants The heat of lightning is 2800 degree centigrades that heat N2 will change into NH3 Only in the form of NH3 plant can absorb it then gradually it combines with oxygen in the soil NO2 or NO3 will come out Once it becomes NO3 It cannot enter the plant It is not about absorption, NO2 kills the microorganisms NO2 kills the microorganisms If soil is like this look at the moisture after one week of rain it was 2 cms rain the reason is the way soil is covered the way soil is spongy that’s why first you should build bunds so that rain water does not escape you should plant trees in border so that your soil is not blown away by wind then top soil is protected at least the remaining soil is safe then to enrich the soil you can add poultry manure it is not goo but it is cheap and highly nutritious then, I strongly oppose it to put urea, but you can pour 2 bags of it because the soil has to be repaired you have spoiled it all these years little more urea will cause no harm so you can pour 2 bags of urea two plants called Dhaincha and Sunn Hemp they are available in department universities and stores you have to plant Dhaincha first it needs moisture After fifty days when the buds come till the come, it is vegetative growth it stores its food from bud to seed production it releases food once the seeds come nothing is left so as soon as the buds come using a rotor till them and mix it in the soil if you keep the soil moist for 10 days like this for 10 days or you have to water the soil You should leave it to decompose take the other seed, sunn hemp, sow it repeat the same process dhaincha manure is enough after repeating the same process you soil will become not very rich but moderately rich the soil carbon will become 1% it should be 3% the soil in my farm has 5.5% carbon 16 times more than my neighbours it took me 24 years to reach that if you need it quickly you should sacrifice 5-6 months and add green manure visitor: they say you can plant millets and cut them and mix it in soil do it for the second time but for the first time you should plant dhaincha not only millets you put all that we eat like fenugreek and cumin, it may or may not give fenugreek some coriander plants 60% cereals 30% pulses remaining spices if you grow all that its even better the ratio in which we eat the same ratio you should plant food grains, pulses and spices, it is even better Visitor: In tumkur side we get a lot of coconut coir if we use that for mulching is the soil affected there is no negative effect it retains high moisture it has 30% of potash in 5-6 years, due to microbes, water, earthworms or termites it gets decomposed certainly no negative effect termite is a better friend than earthworms it is as small as a cumin seed 2/3rd of its stomach is filled with 400 crores of parasites If they survive, termite will die If termite lives, parasites cannot live the poor thing eats dry leaves like this dry substances or it eats cowdung Nutrient ratio in such food is 1000:1 in 1000kg leaf only 1kg nutrient is present no organism can live consuming such food the termite chews it into pieces the 400 crore parasites inside they do not have urinating organ the nitrogen has to go out through sweat termite absorbs that waste and mixes it with the food it has eaten the it becomes more nutritious parasites also live and termites also live Visitor: there is no competition among trees, even though it is dense that’s why have grown so much they are not fruit tress visitor: you say that if you plant all over they wont come what happens is all over field they get such nutrition it is difficult to get in this trench till two feet soil is nothing but manure look at this my soil is that rich due to all this decomposing matter that too few days ago I filled it with some 400 bags of leaves, filled in bedsheets rotored leaves you can see them now not bags, 400 bedsheets full of leaves it was full till here we had turned the sprinkler on then we removed the sticks and used rotor 90% of it is submerged 5% of it is still floating it will decompose soon why should I give manure to them? what is the need to increase humus? but the problem with sprinkler is it will only sprinkle in one direction if its too windy it will only sprinkle in one direction if its too windy the other side suffers and evaporation when such a volume is sprinkled water vaporises and if your water is hard it will scorch the leaves that’s why drip is better than sprinklers water in 9 o clock of Bengaluru weather if the crops are not dry, then its moist at 2 clock in the afternoon it is bound to dry, however moist the soil is so in Bengaluru weather, at 9 o clock if the crops are not dry moisture level is good If want to know it more accurately plant sunflower plants every 100 feet if it does not become dry at 8 o clock moisture level is good or else croton, a decorative plant it is also sensitive towards moisture if it does not dry, there is enough water Visitor: these guava fruits they are so much in number should we pluck them? should one prune it? I do nothing at all we feed small fruits to cows we sell the big fruits I do not go behind money, it comes behind me many people do not like my principles they wonder why I do agriculture I do agriculture to be happy. That fern was lying on the road I brought it and planted it now one plant gets me a 1000 Rs For every Ganesha chathurthi and Christmas, each leaf fetches 6 to 8 Rs It is not at all pampered The humus in my soil is enough for it Visitor: What about humic acid? should we use it? In agriculture, any external addition is bad There was a great man called Rudolph Steiner in Germany He is also a naturalist like Fukuoka A PhD graduate, left his government job as he could not stand it He has given some 8 famous lectures In one of them he says “A farm should be a self-contained body” Nothing shall come from outside If at all anything has to come A new variety of plant or seed, once” You can sow a seed that you do not have you can graft a plant that you do not have If you keep spilling money for everything for humic acid, growth promoter for decomposer what not, money is a game nowadays. Money makes you do such things So any external addition is not needed Farmers should learn to do it themselves But we farmers… Its so hilarious the recommendations of our agri-universities 50 kgs of Nitrogen per acre 30 kg Phosphorous 30 kg Potash is recommended It might get consumed, I do not rule out but If there is one lightning storm 1000 of tons of Ammonia gets into soil by dissolving in water As I said before there is 34500 tons of Nitrogen per acre N2 It becomes Ammonia all that falls on leaf, soil and water can you keep a count on it? How long did the lightning strike? How can these foolish people recommend us to apply 50 kilos of Nitrogen? To kill the soil! To kill the soil and exploit the farmers money And then comes phosphorous We have enough of it to last for the next 20 years The remains of our dead animals in their bones you can get it from leaves and crops too obtained from microorganisms But unfortunately it needs a microbe Phosphorous solubilizing microbe We have killed it by poisoning the soil They give a biofertilizer for that, that is even more hilarious Give PSM and then add DAP! and kill the microbe! Government funds are looted Farmers are profited with backaches Loss for the soil If you had left it to itself Or if you had not used fertilizers you would get ample amounts of phosphorous Potash Tobacco plant It has 33% of potash in it 2 kgs of ‘kaddi pudi’ ( a byproduct from stalks of tobacco’ If you soak it in 10 litres of water you can use it for 2 months, by spraying 2ml per litre we don’t need MOP


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