Cultivating Citizenship (High School) – Deep Learning

October 4, 2019

Service Day is when the grade tens and elevens go to an elder home and they help them out with daily chores around the house and Service Day is a great way for these grades to gain responsibility and for them to be more mature and help out our community. It enriches our community and the kids come back exhausted but happy boisterous and just loving life and feeling a connection to the older people in our community and therefore actually respecting their own grandparents more and realizing I should really spend some more time with my grandparents. They are so grateful they’re always in a good mood they’re always happy to see you and to see their emotion and to see some people just want to talk to you some people don’t even want help outside they just want company, and that is – it hurts on one aspect but at the other time it makes me feel like I can do something and I’m able to just be there as a person, as a friend for them, even for those five hours. I started as a high school student at St. Pius X High School and remember my days of attending Service Day in the late seventies and I will tell you that to this day, that experience of being of service to people in the community is something has stayed with me over the years it’s something that I’ve tried to bring to Chaplaincy in our school communities that it’s what we do and who we are as people that matters in our lives. The amount of positivity that emanates from our school the amount of great citizens we have here it only helps lead our younger students to realize I want to be like that too. At the end of Service Day, when the people say thank you you know that they’re saying thank you for being there and being able to talk to them and not just for the help It’s amazing to see what we can do for these people’s lives.

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