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Cultivating Awareness in Times of Sickness

November 15, 2019

but you must know that as long as you
have a body you can experience pain from it you can experience pain from it when we meditate and you experience a bit of discomfort we attribute the discomfort
with meditation we never attribute the discomfort to the
body yeah we never but if you really think about it when you meditate it’s
not always uncomfortable yeah so it’s conditional and the body is part of that
condition the body don’t always give us pain or so yeah the body can give us
pleasure as well through our life we spend quite a bit of our time pursuing
pleasure pursuing pleasure nothing that wrong for your to pursue pleasure but in
our pursuit for that sometimes we we may forget that the body don’t just give us
pleasure sometimes it doesn’t give us pain doesn’t give us pleasure when that
happens usually we feel boredom the absence of pain and pleasure
we are oblivious of it but we respond with boredom do you ever get bored when
you are in pain no do you ever get bored you have your experiencing
pleasure Like you go for a meal then halfway through aiyah so bored
what happen is the food not nice no it’s very nice
then why you bored Yeah lah that’s why I’m bored mah it’s so tasty I’m so bored yeah or
you go for a movie and then how much you’re like [yawning]
then your friends are like ay, why, so boring ah? no it’s very exciting, that’s why I’m bored we’re never bored with this
it’s good if you have teeth then you can potentially have toothache if you have a
head you can potentially have headache so if you don’t have to have toothache you take out
your teeth if you don’t have headache take out your head but the principle itself is not
wrong you know yeah that this body this body itself can give you these three broad
kinds of feelings sensation painful pleasant neither painful nor pleasant
sensation this is the nature of this body but we questioned we questioned it when
we have pain we get bored when we don’t have pain or pleasure now but we never question when we are having pleasure when things are going well we never question how come ah a student in another class
he asked me Shifu in the past two years I’ve been having one physical ailment
after another can you explain to me why is it so this is this due to Karma
so I said this is like the 2008 Lehman Brothers crisis you know all the uncle auntie who dabble with you know all the bonds and shares and stocks they tell the
press oh we don’t know what happen ah how come it’s like like ah no one explain to
me so I mean it’s quite sad ah but then I
asked people when they were having a good time that they were earning a lot
of money yeah when the brokers informed them that they have earned 10% here they
have another few hundred thousand there you didn’t tell the broker aye why you give give
me $100,000 huh why should I be but they never say that huh so I told
that student in a same way i asked him so before this two years how was your
health and then he thought about it and he answered very truthfully he said as a
matter of fact since young until two years ago his health appear has been
very good so I said, i asked him so all this yes did you not question how come
you have good health this is the way that when we have good health we don’t question it
when we have bad health oh how come we fall sic
so good to fall sick once in a while reminder of our this is the nature you

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