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Cultivating artistic discipline by sketching daily Artistic Goals – Art Vlog #3

November 7, 2019

this video is about how I intend on
cultivating artistic discipline by sketching daily it is my artistic goal. I
am an artist who procrastinates a lot my first attempt at vlogging on YouTube was
centered on the habit of procrastination and my struggle to overcome it I have an
overwhelming amount of great ideas which fortunately can never be fulfilled
completely at the time I publish my first vlog I thought I would made the next
episode within one or at most two weeks but that didn’t happen. 2 years later and I am here to publish a follow up to my first vlog in my quest to reinvent
myself as an artist I am convinced that sketching every day is an important
ritual that I must practice to achieve artistic discipline for example each
time I take a long sabbatical I noticed I have to paint or draw for a few hours
before my hands remember I would use the tool haven spend 10 years on the
internet trying to market my art and brand myself something I have failed at
accomplishing reinventing myself is something I have started considering
after all insanity has been described by someone as continually doing the same
thing and expecting a different outcome I’ve been doing some sober reflection
and at this stage even without releasing a great amount of finished work I have amassed vast quantity of knowledge on online marketing it is really time to
apply those knowledge 10 years on the internet and it;s just now I’m doing what
I ought to have done from day one although I’m a little ill-equipped I intend on optimizing the current infrastructure I have at my disposal
with this limited time that I have I have also realized that the only way I
will secure this intention is if I recognize the passion for art that I had
when I was at the early stages of discovering how to make art by
practicing daily this also means I intentionally attempt things that are
hard for me to draw and document the process thanks for watching the video
please do not subscribe I’m an expert at reverse psychology

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