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Cultivate Career Capital

November 4, 2019

cultivate career capital once you’ve
narrowed down to a few careers you’d like to explore more deeply it’s time to
start cultivating career capital and building the experiences knowledge and
connections you need to succeed we’ve broken this career element down into
three categories that you can be working on simultaneously develop professional
brand developing your professional brand is key to differentiating yourself from
other candidates by being intentional about how you represent yourself in
person online and through your career materials making a positive professional
impression will help you succeed in applications and in your future career
research industries and target company researching industries helps you learn
the insider knowledge you need to conduct your internship or job search or
apply to graduate school it will also help you determine what skills you need
to gain at UConn or through experiential learning to be a strong candidate
building a list of targeted companies or graduate programs will help you narrow
down where you plan to apply and strategically build your network in your
field build connections and gain relevant experience building your
professional network through informational interviews and networking
events is a great way to learn about your chosen career path and establish
strategic connections in your field according to the bureau of labor
statistics seventy percent of jobs are found through networking by building
your professional network you can expand the number of opportunities within your
reach to be a competitive candidate for jobs and graduate programs it is
important to structure your college experience both inside and outside of
the classroom to help you develop the transferable and relevant skills
necessary to succeed in your chosen field one of the best ways to develop
these skills and experiences is through experiential learning opportunities such
as internships co-ops volunteering research positions and leadership roles
keep in mind that after you’ve finished a new experiential learning opportunity
it is always a good time to reflect on your plan and update your goals
to help you develop action steps for developing your professional brand
researching industries and target companies and building connections and
relevant experience you can complete the action steps builder to receive the
customized checklist of your personal goals and suggestions for how to fulfill
them at UConn you can then work on your personalized career plan independently
or reserve a time to meet with a career consultant on walk-ins for guidance on
completing your action steps

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