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Control Systems Engineering Course Introductory Video

December 15, 2019

Hello someone who don’t know me I am Dr. Tahir Yaqub. I have PhD in robotics from the University of New South Wales I will be your instructor in this course on control system engineering Control system engineering is one of the subjects in many engineering disciplines such as electrical engineering mechatronics mechanical engineering and communication engineering This course is designed for students of these disciplines or for someone who want to pursue their carry any one of these fields So before we talk about what I am going to cover in this course I would like to say a few words about the prerequisites the Previously mentioned in this course are not just for the sake of mentioning this is very important that you must have some idea of these topics because no system engineering is a broad field it takes Concept from mathematics in other branches of science So there are four or five core concept which you must understand at least You know this topic before you can roll in mypos Although I will be explaining each and every thing when I proceed with this force But it’s good idea to have some time on this problem because all of this coffee we deserve at least one hour of training Other than this course, so therefore this is one of the thing the second thing I would like to highlight Is that there what you can expect in this code? What is the daily method? So most of the course delivery would be based on the presentation I have Subject presentations which I will be showing you on the screen not like talking head but on the screen so it is a quick way to explain and Give you the more information in the shortest time so I will be explaining those concepts and then I will be step by step if need to drive something or to solve a problem and The second method I reduce is the whiteboard I take some whiteboard lecture because why poor lecture is a little bit of engaging and the third method I use is the Khan Academy style method where I solve some problem on the screen like Other concepts where I have to quickly show you something so I can use that method so these are Delivering this force. So let’s see. What are the and So now let us talk about What are the course prerequisites and what is the outline of the course? So these are the five topics, which I think that you should know a little bit about before taking this course differential equations and their solutions then partial fractions partial fraction is a topic which we all Normally cover in our high school. So I am confident that you already know partial fractions Otherwise, it’s a very easy topic. You can quickly grasp this within maybe two or three hours knowledge of the Laplace transform Laplace transform is an essential part of the control system theory and Without the understanding of Laplace transform, you might not be able to understand concepts in control systems So if you never heard about Laplace transform, I would highly recommend that take few lectures on this And then you enroll in our course I will be explaining most of the time when I do some Laplace transform during this course and Mostly we use tables. You don’t have to learn each and every trick of going from time-domain to let s domain and vice-versa, but Because mostly we are using tables, but still you need some knowledge of Laplace transform The next is the solution of algebraic equations We all know this if you have reached this course website, then you must already know Algebraic equations how to all them because this is an essential part of our high school curriculum then a kickoffs law of circuit analysis very simple You can probably learn this within 15 minutes all of us mostly lanta Khosla during our high school in physics So these are the five very essential Topics which I think that you should have some understanding I will try my best to explain this during the course But you must have some understanding before no, these are the course contents We will be modeling some electrical mechanical systems spring dampers resistors capacitors because all control systems essentially boils down to these basic components So we will start from there Then we will discuss open loop and closed loop systems including the feedback control systems Block diagrams are an essential part of the classical control theory and I will devote one lecture About block diagrams and how to reduce the block diagrams some of these terms might look very complex to you and it obviously because if you have no control background But it’s a good practice to show the course outline in the first lecture. So that students potential students should know what they can expect in this course otherwise Sometime and the name of the course course is misleading and you are expecting something. Yes So therefore I am highlighting all these in this introductory lecture Then we will do the time response the most important topic of the control system theory time response of the first order system and time response of the second order system and The reason we are not discussing the higher order system is because most of the cases are either first-order or second-order and even the higher order control systems can be transformed to second order system or a first order system Then we will discuss the stability of the control system any control system should be able to Coke for the disturbances and stay stable So this is what the stability concept is, and then we will use the most important root locus method And then the Routh Hurwitz criteria to check the stability of the systems Then we will move from time domain to frequency domain and we’ll do frequency domain analysis Then we will discuss some body plus Nyquist criteria gain and phase margin of control systems Nikolas charts state space method is the modern Way of doing the control system analysis because this is easily implementable on computers so we will discuss state space how to move from differential equation to state space method and vice versa and how to make state equations how to select state variables and all these type of things Then we will be doing signal flow graphs and then the compensation techniques controller design how to design a controller so these are some of the application areas of control system space Rovers where you send robots to any planet in space and then control those robots from ground station or Space Station’s missile guidance system robotic systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles Like drones personal drones are becoming very popular. Now the an unmanned ground vehicles normally used for military purpose Some other applications as well Industry will control is the major application where you will be controlling might be some wall control some pressure humidity Temperature control walls. So this is a major application and most of the control engineers Will get job in this area. Hopefully then manufacturing process the CNC machines computerized numerical machines are used for the machining of mechanical parts So you might be repairing these machines or you might be doing some maintenance for these machines Then aerospace industry is another application area What kind of activities you do? So these are some of the things you might be doing For example, if some big equipment like a lifting equipment Are some CNC machine where you want to position that equipment in a very precise position, so then you use control systems Similarly if you are working in a telecommunication industry or in astronomy You might be pointing your telescopes antennas to a specific direction designing control for that Similarly robotics are becoming very popular. You might have heard about supermarket robots and Cleaning robots and a lot of other applications are coming to the market so this is another big application area and productivity industrial setup as I mentioned earlier, this is one of the major jobs you will be doing and Then the precision machining and manufacturing Then ability to compensate for the disturbances. So what happens is that in industry? No process is perfect. So all the time equipment deteriorate your Insulation deteriorates and then you have some disturbance in your control system your control system is not working properly And you as a control engineer might be? Asked to step in and to resolve the problem. So these are some of the activities So this was a brief introduction about this Make sure that you watch some of those videos so you can get an idea and a taste of this pose That before you enroll in this course, so thanks for watching. Thanks for your time and I will

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