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January 4, 2020

Thank you for your interest in the COMET-Farm
tool. COMET-Farm is a conservation planning tool developed by the USDA’s Natural Resources
Conservation Service and Colorado State University. The tool was developed to help agricultural
producers who voluntarily want to be part of the global climate change solution. COMET-Farm
allows users to assess the greenhouse gas balance of farming, ranching practices, and
energy use on their land, by locating farm fields and parcels, either by drawing polygons
on a map, or by defining a point location in a field. Users may add as many fields as
they would like. Users may also examine the mapped soil characteristics present in their
fields. In order to establish a proper baseline, users begin by describing the historic land
use and management for their fields. They then have the option of describing, in detail,
the crops grown over the past decade, describing planting and harvest dates, tillage, fertilization,
organic matter and manure additions, irrigation, and residue management. To assess conservation
scenarios, users may copy their current management into the future scenario, and then introduce
conservation opportunities, such as no-till, cover crops, and more precise nitrogen management,
to see how the greenhouse gas balance of the enterprise would change. Users may add information
on fuel and electricity use in order to assess emissions from activities like planting and
harvest, grain drying, and transporting grain from the field to the marketplace. In order
to more fully assess a whole farm operation, COMET-Farm also allows users to enter and
evaluate current and projected livestock management practices. COMET-Farm combines the carbon
sequestration potential of your fields with fuel and trace gas emissions to calculate
the overall greenhouse gas balance of your entire farm operation. Users may also produce
graphs of the conservation potential of their practices. Thank you again for your interest
in COMET-Farm. For more information, or to use the tool, go to

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  • Reply Genaro Frigeri August 30, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    Fantastic. a very interesting program that all producer must aplícate. thanks a lot

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