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Clean Wheat Clean Shop & Office Upgrades? – Welker Farms Inc

November 7, 2019

Welcome back guys Always got something going on today We are cleaning some green Mike is back you guys probably member Mike. He was in the video a while back Actually went that long ago, like two months ago, maybe a month and a half ago cleaned a bunch of winter wheat for us Now we gotta get our spring we cleaned and he’s in the area beautiful weather so We’re gonna go ahead and told pull from the bin and up in the bin from the building Leg arm just right here This is the dilemma we have his machine Can’t quite reach over this barricade. We have here hold this wheat pile back. So we got to get this out of here So that’s what this is for It’s gonna pull these shuttles back. But yeah So Greene’s gonna go everywhere These almost be boards probably break But when we get this out, then we’re gonna use the loader to scoop up the wheat and put it into this This pub back over here as a search tank How many can we pull before this whole thing goes? These shuttles are just used as a barricade for waiting. We had an i-beam run across the floor there. That’s a big pile Oh eight about 37,000 bushels Yeah, oh there goes that one He breached the dam This is why we want to put a big grain bin so we don’t have to have this problem Idle the $12 OSB board Here comes a loader he’s gonna try to fit through there. I don’t think it’s gonna fit but I’ll get some of us out of the way here I think of much more Like I said earlier, this will be the surge tank made this this Great for a pup trailer right there and then he’ll pull his rig up sit back here underneath he’ll pull from that While we load the trucks from his rig and will occasionally just fill that up As he needs it, we’re gonna do about four thousand bushels. So a good two days we’re cleaning Well, there he goes That’s a nice big scoop right there Each one of those buckets holds Roughly a hundred and one hundred forty bushels full bucket This pop can hold about 600 if you max it out Well, I’m back in the shop those guys are still cleaning grain out there I’ll go out there and take a look in a second But what we’ve been doing leg arms, and I have been very adamant on getting this shop cleaned up It’s you guys are seeing it right now. Most farms Your shop isn’t in the homes of millions of people ours is so we kind of want to look nice It’s like washing your car to drive downtown. Yeah, you don’t want to muddy Well, this is so easy to get to be a mess in here. We bought a bunch of cabinets We’re gonna make it look really nice leg arms wants to do some cool touches to it so that way we’ll have a nice office so that way when people do come see us or I walk around with a camera like I’m doing right now you Know it looks presentable for you guys because we want to be presentable for you guys Is that better looking? Hey you guys think of that Jumper cables a couple trouble lights over here. We’re getting away from those because they’re a pain. That’s why they call them trouble lights We’re going more to LED lights and at all the extension cords That’s nice, all right, he’s got the 71 for he had nowhere to quonset she’s putting these on those new bins We just moved I’m taking the beater And auger so long The first time products and be put in need since remove them A nice little leak right there and right there least. This is a big opening we gotta fix this plate here All right, well we’re just going to shut down for the night this guy is gorgeous right now We got the auger moved over first load in the bin leg arms is topping off the pump trailer right here So while we’ve been clean grain this is action other project We want to be doing has I’ve been cleaning up the outside right inside the shop and there’s not this wall This office in here. We never quite finished. We never finished trimming around the windows these cabinets. We just kind of made Shelves the desk. There’s nothing covering and there’s no doors It’s just not not very well finished and we just decided to make the call that fix this room up so we got new kitchen cabinets are going in here a brick with new paint in the room and These really cool things make this office a lot more presentable. So What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead and just take everything out of here I mean everything I’m not looking forward to doing this but Go ahead start shoveling all this stuff out Put it on the ground somewhere so that we can paint the walls get it ready to bring the cabinets in and put everything back Yet Back at the bin site in the last final truck of spring wheat seeded in the bins. Yeah I just pulled up and I don’t see anything unusual Like leaning or twisting or buckling? Oh, that’s good guess the question is well, they sink I Don’t know. I think these ones are probably to be fine. I’ll give my dad a hand here That’s it it is full it see Little daylight around the edges. I think it’s gonna leak out a little bit but we had to get it in there It’s got to go somewhere. She’s so full hit put about a half bushel on the ground Not a big deal leg arms gonna use younger though and this bin here To climb the auger cuz we got no ladders on these bins So he’s gonna use this auger to put the lid on top of these because we never got him close This oughta be interesting Yeah, definitely safe really Do you think you could ride on that thing? Do you think you could sit on there while I Drive it forward back it up over that one? Okay Like Yeah, okay is this is gonna be really interesting Thank You P run the old girl back All right, that is unhooked Hey, there was a little bit left in the pub so he just went ahead and dumped it on the concrete right here using the Cummins to pull it around Us above undone the air brakes. So we’re gonna use the front end loader. We’re gonna scrape this off push it in the bucket They dump it back in the building looks like leg arms got the truck And he’s dumping in the building right now. Let’s go take a look at that That’s in there He’s dumping it. This is all the screenings So this will blend in with the rest of the week when we hauled him we market it All right, there we go Steve’s loader will shove that in there and scrape up that pile on the concrete put down there too And then we’ll be done and No more handling grain until we markets up cuz that’s right. Now there’s nothing sold, so Nothing’s gonna be moving. Oh man. Look at this progress There’s no fluff in this area this Office is built off part of the sidewalk the concrete driveway So there’s no plug we want to seek originally bring out the drainage run along a white PVC pipe along this wall Through a hole right over here and it just poured out onto the concrete and ran out there and all We got as you see lots tools here concrete saw our demo saw a hammer drill chisels hammers lunges everything Just broke through the original event bringing into the clunk or the under the concrete under the floor There’s plenty of areas that water go to very little water The concrete is a stick My post digger broke this things dug a lot of holes over the years, but yeah, it’s broke I know how to fix it Yeah, look at that Who needs wood handles anyways, yeah Got some drainage tile and just play it. That’s where the drains gonna go and Then fill this all in a rock because we’re gonna pour concrete to level off the old footing to the shop rink That’s the old Shawn footing worse. They make a level across mice begin under here this way no mice would get in here Yeah It’s a sweet shadow. Alright here we are back. Oh, let’s park this big put a line these bugs. I’ll make it look nice All right, let’s start There we go, perfect, okay Nice little warm-up. It’s actually not bad. All right now it’s probably about 40 43 degrees somewhere now there is so not too cold for her. I want to get it in line at these guys. So we’ll do youngest to oldest Leave enough room for this take a bit there. That’s kind of tight and Let’s line up the front I always used to go by the cab seats. That’s how I line everything up so That looks good right there That’s a good sight right there we’ll leave it like that all winter and Then hopefully someday they can be like that only in a building office update painted crime crime painting They went ahead they just got the cabin and on the bottom and the view of the state’s gonna be Drain spot right through the ground got the water here frigerators going in the corner and He’s got plans to be the countertop to show that the second and of course all the desk will be back there with computer Nice big couch over here a place for us all to hang out. We like to hang out. Yeah, it’s coming together really good I was keep rolling I’ll set up by an expensive countertop My arms have the great idea of is using Snap-together fluorine because it’s way cheaper. So we just finished putting in this right here and it came out pretty well He bought two boxes not really known how much we’d need. And we thought we were gonna short but it looks like We’re gonna have enough to finish Well guys there’s a little bit left doing this office here actually a lot left we’re gonna have Besides the trim stained the cabinets. We got to get a nice sectional or leather couch to go on the back here We got a TV that’s sitting up here a spare TV. So that’s fighting them on the wall It’ll be pretty nice hanging out here this just be a good place to get out with a dirty shop and and Chill and drink coffee because we like coffee right but I do have an announcement to make I’m gonna be going on vacation for a couple weeks Starting this next week actually, so they’ll probably one more video including this one maybe a couple hours in between but Don’t expect some regular weekly uploads to the extent that I’ve been doing just because I’m gonna be gone with that said don’t worry I’ll be back and they’ll be more videos coming I’ve got a lot of head a nice that’s who you won’t believe the amount of video and I still have on my computer That has not made it into YouTube videos yet. So also guys the new red paint that I keep talking about It just hasn’t happened yet. It hasn’t been delivered. It’s just gonna happen but there’s just been some delays and whatnot So I’m sure when I get back They’ll probably be an announcement on that and you guys will get to find out what that is cuz I sure a lot of you Probably like okay, you told us like, oh like there’s the red pink. Um, and we haven’t seen it yet So yeah expect that it is gonna come it just hasn’t come yet. It’s offseason We’re winter right now if you don’t really need it, so it’s not like it has to be here right now But I do want to get it here so I can show you guys that would be pretty cool otherwise Yeah, some of ass that Welker farms is gonna make it to farm assume that are 19. I Cannot say yes or no on that I think the chances are yes, I would venture to guess there was enough positive feedback enough of you guys. Really enjoy the map I think it will probably make it too far missing there 19 I don’t do it It had to be someone else doing it, but I got it’s gonna happen and it’ll probably have some major improvements updates graphics, you know Glitches bugs all that should probably be ironed out for pretty nice maps So stay tuned for that and also guys if you enjoyed this video I do enjoy making these sometimes it’s very time-consuming the last candy video. I started at 8 p.m And I finished at almost 6 a.m. In the morning. I literally pulled an all-nighter making that video to get help for Thanksgiving. So Sometimes stuff takes a while. So if you enjoy this stuff Subscribe to my channel that helps me out Like the video and also there’s a little bill next to subscribe button below the video click that bell that notifies you when I upload stuff to that just helps get My content to you so it doesn’t get brushed under the rug a lot. Yeah, definitely subscribe also guys There’s a lot other really great farm channels out there if you guys enjoy my channel, make sure to check out some the other ones They’ve got some good content and expect some some pretty big things happening this next year I see I see this channel ongoing in a lot of ways It’s really hard for me to predict the exact extent of what’s gonna happen but I just think there’s me some pretty cool opportunities for myself for leg arms for my dad for our farm and for you guys as a channel to Watch so stay tuned for that It’s gonna be fun. This 2018 has been a good year. I think 2019 is gonna be even better. So let’s Let’s kick that off. Ok, guys. God bless. Have a good one. Subscribe. Take care. I’ll talk to y’all later You


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