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Charlie’s Farm (2015) – Full Movie

October 18, 2019

– (QUIETLY) Sam. Sam. Sam. Look at me. Look at me. Keep it down or we’re next. – Shh, shh, shh, shh.
– (WHIMPERS) It’s OK, it’s OK.
It’s OK. It’s OK. – Shh. Shh.
– (CRIES) Quiet. Please. Sam. Shh. Shh. We’ll be fine. (WHISPERS) OK, listen to me. – (SOBS)
– I’m gonna go find a weapon. No, no! We just need to wait
and hide and he’ll go away! Sam, shh. Shh. Give me your hand. I’ll
hold your hand the entire time. OK? The entire time. Don’t do it. Please. I need to do this.
We’ve gotta protect ourselves. We’ve gotta get
the fuck out of here. You’ve gotta let me do this. I’m just gonna have a look.
Yeah? (WHIMPERS) Please don’t. – I think I found a way out.
Oh, no ♪Oh, no
Oh, no ♪Oh, no, no, no ♪He’s got his vices ♪Follow the voices ♪Run like the blind man ♪Yeah, he’s the grey man ♪He’s got his vices ♪There’s some
you’ll never believe ♪Follow the voices
He won’t let anyone leave ♪Run like the blind man ♪You won’t get out
once you’re in ♪Yeah, he’s the grey man ♪And his salvation is sin… ♪ (GENTLE COUNTRY MUSIC) MAN: Let’s go on a road trip
somewhere and get out of this shithole. Sounds good to me. But I ain’t going nowhere
with just you two. I can call Melanie
and see what she’s up to. I know she doesn’t have to work. Where are you guys
gonna take us this time? – Let’s go to the beach.
– Nah. We do that all the time.
I say we go inland. We could go horse riding
and all that country shit. Yeah, that sounds like fun! And Mel would totally be
down with that. Yeah, go on, mate. Let’s piss
off somewhere new for a change. Alright, done. Nat, call Mel.
See if she wants to come, then. But we’re not sleeping
in the same tent as donkey dick over here. Oh, come on, mate.
Your mum loved it. Alright, lovebirds,
I’m gonna call Mel. You guys figure out
where we’re going. Hey, dude. I got an idea
about where we can go. Oh, yeah? Whereabouts? You know how you’ve
always wanted to stay in a haunted house somewhere? Yeah. What about it? Well, out near Mitchell there’s
a place called Charlie’s Farm. They say the family
that lived there in the ’80s was murdered by the locals. Keep talking. Apparently this place
is on, like, 100,000 acres in the middle of nowhere. I reckon we get
some camping gear together and head out for a look-see. So you wanna go and camp
on this Charlie’s Farm? Yeah. It’ll be fun. Alright, I’m keen. But not a word of this
to the girls, OK? We’ll just have to tell them
when we get there. I’m cool with that. Hey, Nat. Natasha. Hold on. Where are we going? Tell her we’re going out west –
uh, horse riding and fishing. Did you hear all that? I think Donkey used to have
a ranch out there. It’s a farm, Nat.
You’re in Australia now. Who cares? It’s all the same. – So, is she coming?
– Yeah, she’s coming. – Boom.
– Let me ask him. Jason, when are we going? Uh…let’s leave here
by 6:00 tomorrow morning. Just come here
at 6:00 in the morning and we’ll all leave together. Sounds good to me, old mate. Should give us plenty of time
for the eight-hour drive. – Just come to my house.
– Bring some warm clothes. And don’t forget,
bring warm clothes, ’cause it’s gonna be
really cold. – I’ll keep her warm.
– Yeah, sure you will. – (LAUGHS)
– In your own tent. Hey, that’s the plan. Alright, I’m heading off
to get my camping gear. Alright, mate. Piss off. – See you at 6:00.
– Yep. See ya, mate. ♪But, baby, it’s alright ♪Baby, it’s alright ♪I’m still by your side ♪Baby, it’s alright
Yeah ♪Baby, it’s alright… ♪ Hey, boys. – Hey, let me get that for you.
– Thanks. – Hey.
– Hi. Hey, Mick, I have to ask –
why do they call you Donkey? Are you for real? – Honey, is she for real?
– Why? What’s up? Why do they call him Donkey? – (GIGGLES)
– Oh. -Oh!
– (LAUGHS) He can nearly put that thing
in his own mouth. Mate, if I could, I would. You’re so sick. Yeah, that is a little bit sick. Come on. Wow. Boom, boom, boom! Just hurry up
and give me a hand, you idiot. Alright. MELANIE: So,
who am I sleeping with? Mel, you’re such a slut. I meant, whose tent am I in? Mel, you’re sleeping with Mick. Sweet! Another question –
why are we going out west? Oh, well,
there’s this cool place… That actually has horse riding,
fishing and camping, but there’s not gonna be
any mobile phone coverage, so no Facebook. Just beautiful,
fresh country air to breathe in. What do you mean, no Facebook?
I have fans, you know. I know. I am one. Mel, I’m sure your fans
can hold off for a few days. Dude, what are you doing?
I told you not to say anything. I wasn’t going to, man. I was gonna make up
a big story for them. That’s exactly why
I cut you off. Just think, OK? Alright! Let’s do this. ♪Time’s moving on behind me ♪All that matters
is the time that I have spent ♪When you know
it’s time to make your move ♪You will find it
in the best of all of the years ♪Find it in your hopes, find
it in the best of all the years ♪Find it in the love ♪Find it in the best of
all your tears ♪Finding you’re alone ♪Fighting through
the last of all your fears ♪When the love
comes creeping in ♪Find it in the best
of all the years… ♪ MELANIE: Hey, Jase, how much
further before we get there? I don’t know. Maybe two hours. You said
it was gonna be eight hours. Babe, you’ve been stopping
every hour for sightseeing. I’d say we make a stop soon,
mate, and set up camp. We can head into Mitchell
tomorrow. – You guys cool with that?
– Yeah, I’m cool. Well, we’re camping,
so anywhere’s cool to me. I’m starving. Actually, me too, bro. Let’s get a stretch
and a bite to eat, then I can drive for a while. Sounds good. Alright,
let’s pull up at the local. We can get a feed, then. ♪Find it in the best
of all the years… ♪ NATASHA: Are you sure it’s left?
JASON: Yeah. MICK: Are you sure?
JASON: It’s left. It’s left! MICK: Are you sure?
JASON: Fuck! – What did that sign say?
– It said this way. – It’s left.
– It didn’t say this way. It did. We’re going to Dulacca.
We’re not going to Humpty Doo. NATASHA: We’ve been driving
for five hours. I’m starving. MICK: You’re shouting the beers
if you’re wrong. JASON: If I’m wrong, it’s beers. If you’re wrong,
you’re buying the hookers. How you going? How are YOU going? Hey, love. How you going? Oh, my God. (CHUCKLES) Hey, you ever heard of a place
called Charlie’s Farm? And don’t you notice? Like,
he talks to everyone in the bar. He’s Donkey. How you going, mate? Hey, you guys ever heard of
a place called Charlie’s Farm? Don’t those guys look…
look a little creepy? They do. Oh, yeah,
thanks for getting us a beer. I came without one. Sorry. Mint and mango lychee smoothie
for you? Just a beer, you idiot. Thanks, mate. So…Blue, is it? That’s right. Can I ask you a question? Shoot. – How long you lived out here?
– Born and bred. MAN: Yeah, Blue’s outback
through and through. Scared of the big city,
aren’t you, Bluey? Piss off, Jacko. Yeah, went there once. Too many people there for me. Uh…you’d know about
Charlie’s Farm, then? Did you guys like your meals? You lot aren’t thinking
of going out there, are you? Yeah, for sure. What can you
tell me about the place? Nothing!
Stay away from there, son. You and all your friends
better just hop back in your car and piss off
back where you came from. What’s Charlie’s Farm? Girlie, you don’t want to know
about Charlie’s Farm. Best thing you can do
is go home. Jason, what’s Charlie’s Farm? JASON: I have no idea. Is it true people still
go missing out that way? More than you know.
Have been for years. It’s just a bullshit story. – Who wants another round?
– Not for this four. You’re gonna take your friends
home, aren’t you, son? – I’d like another beer.
– No, you don’t, mate. Let’s go. OK? You’ve had enough. Girls, let’s go. Off you go. – Fuckin’ wankers.
– JASON: Mate, relax. – Come on, mate.
– Bullshit. MELANIE: I’m so sorry. – Oh, fuck me.
– What just happened in there? Can someone tell me
what the hell’s going on? You mentioned a farm
and everyone went all weird. – MELANIE: I’m lost.
– NATASHA: Yeah, me too. What is Charlie’s Farm and
why do you guys wanna go there? Please stop stressing, OK? Let’s find somewhere to sleep
and we’ll talk about it then. MICK: Let’s go
up the road a bit before Blue comes out
and shoots me or something. Bloody grumpy old prick. JACKO: Oi! He’s not grumpy. He was there. He knows more
than he’d like to know. Look, guys, there’s better places to visit
than Charlie’s Farm. Let it go. So he was actually there
when it all happened? Yes. Weren’t you listening? Holy shit. This is wild! Who’s he?
What are you guys talking about? Look, love, I’d have a long chat
to your boyfriend over here. He wants to take you
to a very dark and evil place. Dark and evil place!
Good on you, mate. Don’t listen to him, Nat.
Let’s just get out of here. Mate, I’m warning you now –
don’t go out there. It’s a bad place. It’s a bad place, is it, mate? Hey, why don’t you
run along back inside and have another beer? I know – why don’t you and Blue go and shoot some roos
or something? NATASHA: Mick, stop it. Or better still,
you can go fuck yourself! – MELANIE: Mick!
– Get in the car. Let’s go. You’re a fuckin’ smart-arse,
mate. You know what? When you hit Mitchell,
turn left. Head toward St George. Charlie’s Farm’s along there. Hey, break it up! Get in the car. Get in the car! Mate, thank you, alright?
See you later. My friend’s just a bit…
Jesus! MICK: Can you hear
the banjos playing? NATASHA: Shut up!
You’re such an ass, Michael. – Go. Please. Please, go!
– (MICK CONTINUES SHOUTING) NATASHA: Just get the fuck out! JACKO: Don’t forget – St George! NATASHA: Alright, guys.
I want to know the truth. What happened back there? JASON: Fine. There’s a place out here
somewhere called Charlie’s Farm and we thought
it’d be a good idea to camp there
for a couple of nights. – Sounds OK to me.
– Are you kidding me? Did you see the look
on those people’s faces? When you said “Charlie’s Farm”,
they got, like, all weird. Honey, they weren’t
acting weird. Come on. Well, they weren’t laughing. Go on, mate. Fill them in. Yeah, fill me in. OK. I’ll tell you what I was told
by people when I was younger. Back in the mid ’80s, there was a family
that lived out here somewhere. Their names were John
and Meredith Wilson. And rumour has it,
John Wilson was an American. One of your Yankee mates. But all I know is
they had a son, called Charlie, and that this John
was one fucked-up fella, killing backpackers
who worked on his farm and eating parts of them. (PLAYS LOUD, DISCORDANT MELODY) (MAN LAUGHS) (SINGS DRUNKENLY)
♪Let it roll… WOMAN: ♪Ooh-ohh! (LAUGHS) ♪Let it roll, let it roll
along by my… ♪Ooooh! ♪Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da
Roll me along WOMAN: ♪Ooh-hoo-hoo! MAN: ♪That’s what my blues
done told me ♪Back of my kitchen door WOMAN: ♪Ooh-hoo-hoo! (SOBS) Please. Please help me. Please. – (RAUCOUS SINGING CONTINUES)
– Please. ♪Doo-doo-da-da
dow-dow-dow-dow ♪Dow-dow-dow-dow… ♪ (SINGING CONTINUES) (MOANS) (SOBS) Please. Please. – (SCREAMS, WAILS)
– Will you shut the fuck up?! Just kill the fucking whore. (PLAYS CHORD) WOMAN: (SCREAMS) Please! We are trying
to entertain in here. Where are my friends? Well…you got me there. Let me see them.
Please, John. Let us go. Your friends are all dead. – What…
– It wasn’t my fault. – What do you mean?!
– Well, shut up. – I will tell you.
– No! (SOBS) Alright. Alright. (CHUCKLES)
Your friend Trevor. I hope he wasn’t your boyfriend. NO! I mean, what a fuckin’ pussy. (CHUCKLES) He screamed like a fuckin’ girl. Now, it was when he was…when
he was asking for his mommy… (LAUGHS) ..that’s when Meredith
started getting upset. You have no clue how crazy
my wife is when she gets angry. I mean,
she is fuckin’ psychotic. Anyway, um, Meredith…
is really angry at you now. – Oh, yeah.
– Why? What… Why? Well, how would you feel if your husband was being
seduced by a young slut for the last four days? Look, look, we both know
how you feel about me. Don’t tell Meredith
but, in fact, I think… ..I think
we really have something here. But…if she found out
that you were falling for me, she would fuckin’ kill you. You know,
you lie here all fuckin’ naked, begging me for it. I mean, that’s not very fair
to Meredith, now, really. What are you talking about?! You raped me! (LAUGHS) Wait a minute. Rape?! Rape? Are you kidding me? I mean, you are lying back there and you are moaning
and groaning. You’re the loudest fuck
I have ever had. – (CHUCKLES)
– You’re all fucking crazy. OK, look. You’re not the tightest, but you are definitely the best
I have had so far. I mean… know, most girls,
they cry and they clamp up. But you… just lay back and… ..opened wide and said,
“Give it to me, John.” (SCREAMS) MEREDITH: Charlie! Come and take the scraps
out to the pigs. Charlie. Hey! Charlie! You heard your mom. Retard! Come on. Come on. Get up. Damn… Get out there and do
what your mother told you to do. Word of advice –
don’t ever breed. Did you see that? I mean, we give that kid
a roof over his head, three square meals a day. You think he’d do a couple
of things around the house. What are you gonna do to me? What? Wait a minute. I thought we were gonna have
a nice D&M about young Charlie and you’re so selfish, you… John, what are you
going to do to me?! (SIGHS) OK. OK, OK. Take it easy. Look, the first thing we should
do is talk about dinner. Dinner? You’re letting me go? – Well…
– (MEREDITH LAUGHS) Uh…look, Meredith’s
been in there all day, busting her ass, preparing
the retard’s favourite… ..backpacker spare ribs. No! – (LAUGHS)
– (SCREAMS) Oh, my God.
You’re so full of shit. OK, so the spare rib thing’s
mine. But I haven’t even got close
to the good stuff yet. MELANIE: It’s just one of those
campfire horror stories. Just trying to scare us, right? No. It’s a true story. Why do you think
the old bloke at the pub got so pissed off when you just
mentioned the farm? Keep going.
I wanna hear the rest. A few hours after destroying
this backpacker, the Wilson clan heard yelling
coming from their front yard. Hmm. Boy! Get out here
and feed the pigs! MEREDITH: Oh,
you go and feed the pigs. (LAUGHS) – (SNORTS)
– (BOTH LAUGH) (CAR APPROACHES) – Who the fuck is that?
– (DOG BARKS) Could it be the cops? – (CAR HORNS BEEP)
– No. – Well, who could it be, then?
– How the fuck do I know? – (CAR HORNS BEEP)
– (MEN SHOUT ANGRILY) Grab the retard.
If there’s trouble, go bush. (MEN CONTINUE SHOUTING) Here we go.
What, is the pub closed? John, we want you
to put an end to the madness you and your wife
have got going on out here. Blue, why don’t you take these
barflies and go back into town? You’ve been killing people
out here. We know you have. Oh, fuck you. We’re a couple of farmers. We’re just trying
to earn a living. Now get the fuck
off my property! – I won’t tell you again.
– BLUE: Or what, John? I think you and Meredith
need to go to the cops and hand yourself in. – Hand ourselves in for what?
– For killing innocent people! All the workers you’ve had
on the farm – where are they? They went mad and we shot ’em. Who the fuck
is telling you this shit? I heard you ate them,
you sick, twisted fucks. – What?! Now we’re cannibals?
– Yummy! Well, where are they, John – all these people that have
vanished over the years? They’re a bunch
of hippie stoners. When they leave here,
I don’t know where they go, and frankly I don’t give a fuck. Cut the crap, John. WOMAN: Where’s that retarded son
of yours? JOHN: Don’t say that. Don’t piss her off.
I’ll never hear the end of it. You talk about my Charlie
like that again and I’ll cut your fuckin’ head
off and feed it to the dingoes! BLUE: Is that right, bitch? Well, you’re gonna find that
a bit hard with this problem. What problem? I don’t have a problem. You’re fucked. You’re fucked. You’re fucked.
You’re all fucked! You don’t even know what
you’re fucking dealing with! (GUNSHOT) (DOG BARKS) (GASPS, SCREAMS) Charlie! Charlie! Drop the fuckin’ bucket!
Drop it! Drop it! Come! Quick! Come on! Hurry! That’s all I heard, guys. Apparently, they took
all the bodies somewhere on Charlie’s Farm
and buried them. Some people say
they put the bodies out for the razorbacks to eat. Now, that Jacko fella
said Blue was there, so he would have to know what actually happened
to the mother and the kid. I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t
they just call the police? – MELANIE: Mmm.
– MICK: I don’t know. They must have
had their reasons, though. I mean, even the other corpses
they found in the house all disappeared, which pretty well left it like
an urban legend or something. OK. Hang on.
What’s a…what’s a razorback? It’s a pig. Yeah. Male wild pigs out here
are called boars, and razorbacks
if they’re real big. So, Charlie hasn’t been found
or seen again? MICK: Nope. Vanished. Well, that’s how the story goes. Some people believe
he was either caught and killed by the locals or just died in the outback. Some people believe
he’s still alive somewhere. Yeah, but…wouldn’t someone
have seen him if he was still alive? – I mean…
– JASON: Not necessarily. You know,
the land out here is massive. There’s so many caves
and hiding spots out here, you can actually live out here
for 50 years and not be seen. I don’t get it. Why would
you guys want to go there? I wanna explore, you know? Like, let’s see if we can
find the actual house and look around. Honey, we could find some
really cool shit out there. What do you think
we’re gonna find out there? – This is so stupid.
– I don’t know. Just something, OK? This is gonna be
an awesome adventure, OK? And we wouldn’t be
the only people doing this. There’d be heaps of people
who heard the stories who’d come for a look. No – only you two retards.
Honestly. Seriously. Look, I actually think
this could be fun. And if we don’t like it,
we can just pack up and leave. Alright?
MICK: Yep. If we don’t like it,
we can leave. Mmm. I’m gonna go to bed, OK?
I’ll see youse in the morning. – Goodnight.
– Night, mate. Night, Jase. Hey, remember,
if we don’t like it, we’ll just get out of there
straightaway, OK? I just have this bad feeling. I don’t know. I just… There’s something inside me. Look, if you guys wanna go,
I’ll go, but… ..just…I don’t have
a good feeling about this. (BIRDSONG) (DREAMLIKE) I love you, Donkey. – Wakey wakey, hands off snakey!
– Fuck, dude! – (LAUGHS)
– Piss off, will ya?! You nearly scared
the shit out of me. Oh, hell, no.
We have a farm to find. Get up! (GROANS) Nup. – (FARTS)
– Oh, man, that’s disgusting. – (COUGHS)
– What happened? You’ve either got a turtle
head-butting your undies or you’re just really
fucking messed up inside, ’cause that stinks. After the stunt you just pulled, I think I do have to
back one out, actually. – (FARTS)
– (GROANS) Ooh! Nearly struck mud
with that one! That’s disgusting. Too much information, guys. NATASHA: Are we really gonna go
to this Charlie’s Farm place? Yes, we are.
It’s gonna be awesome. What about all those stories
that Mick said last night? Are they true? MICK: From what I’ve heard,
yeah. Hey, so what if Charlie’s
still alive out there? I mean,
wouldn’t that be a bad thing? No-one’s seen Charlie
for over 30 years, Mel, so I highly doubt that he’s
gonna come and party with us. Besides, me and Donkey
will kick his arse. Yeah, but what about
that guy from the bar? He said that all those people
went missing. He’s probably talking
about the backpacker murders in South Australia. Guys, we’ve got nothing
to worry about, OK? Let’s just get the gear sorted
and let’s move, ’cause I wanna
find this place today, OK? We’ll leave right
after I go to the crapper. (GROANS) He’s disgusting. Yeah –
I think I just lost interest. Yeah. Where are we? We’re heading towards
St George. What’s St George? Hey, Donkey,
that bloke from the pub said, “Head toward St George.” Then what did he say? – Nah, that’s all he said, mate.
– Shit. Nat, call Tony. – This is so stupid.
– He’ll know where to go. Tony? Hi! It’s Natasha. – Who’s she calling?
– Tony Stewart. – (LAUGHS) Yeah, good on you.
– Serious. Tony Stewart. – Who’s that?
– Tony ‘The Hit Man’ Stewart. Tony ‘The Hit Man’ Stewart, the ex-heavyweight
boxing champ. That’s the one. Fuck, that dude’s hardcore!
How do you know him? – Oh, Tony!
– You know him too? – Yeah.
– So? For fuck’s sake! He said it’s really dangerous
and we shouldn’t be going there. How do we get there? He’s asking how we get there. He said let’s not go. Give me the phone.
Give me the…give me the phone. – You’re such an asshole.
– Tony, you there? It’s Jason. Yeah, sorry, mate. Reception’s
shithouse. You there? Hang on, mate. Let me pull over. – You there, mate?
– Yeah. So, Charlie’s Farm, huh?
Somebody’s feeling brave. I’ve never been out there,
but it’s got a bad reputation. So I’ve heard. You been talking to
some of the locals, huh? Yeah. What can you
tell me about it? Well, I know it’s a big place. Something like a million acres. I’m sure the farmhouse is probably pretty far in
from the road, though. Apparently
a couple of backpackers disappeared out there
not too long ago. That’s fuckin’ awesome. Yeah, well,
don’t get too excited. Anytime anyone disappears, people automatically blame
Charlie’s Farm. The cops don’t even bother
going out there anymore. How long
are you going out there for? Oh, one, maybe two days,
then we’re gonna head back. OK, well, do me a favour. While you’re out there,
watch your backs, and when you get back
to Mitchell, give me a call
so I know you’re OK. Yeah, no worries. So, how do you actually
get there? You know who the most popular
guy in the nudist colony is? Who? The one who can carry two
cups of coffee and 12 doughnuts. – I don’t get it.
– I don’t get it either. Yeah. OK, mate. Cheers. Thank you. You’re still an asshole. Well? What did he say? He said be careful,
be good to your mother, wear a rubber
and go this way. DONKEY: I gotta take a piss.
MELANIE: Ugh! JASON: This has gotta be it.
– Lovely. (GRUNTS) That’s a big lock. DONKEY: I know, right? I said ‘lock’, Donkey – ‘lock’. (CHUCKLES) Hey, dude! Come check this out!
– What is it? Look at this. This is it – it actually
says ‘Wilson’ on it! That was their last name. See, I told you
this is the real deal – and there’s proof, motherfucker! Whoo! That’s the one. – Fuck yeah.
– That’s awesome. Come give us a hand
with the gate, man. Shit. – Whoa.
– I’ll get on this side. Shit. – Oh, crap! That’s just perfect!
MELANIE: What? Well, the gate’s locked
and we can’t get through. So let’s go find another gate. Nat, this IS their gate.
This is where they live. Shit! (SIGHS) Alright. We walk. We walk
and we leave the car here. Did he…did he just say ‘walk’? – We’re not walking.
– No. Yes, we are. I mean, if we keep
driving any further we might actually go too far
and miss the actual house. I mean, this seems to
be their driveway, honey. We need to take this.
And for safety reasons as well. – Please.
DONKEY: Yeah, I agree, mate. Oh, as much as I hate walking,
I think he’s right. Plus, if we follow the driveway, we can at least
find our way back. (GROANS) – Please.
– OK. But how long
is this walk gonna be? DONKEY: I don’t know –
maybe a kilometre or so. I don’t reckon it’d be
too far from the road. – What do you reckon, boss?
– Yes. Let’s just get what we need
and do this. Please? Come on. Righto, out you get. So, we’re really doing this? We’re really…walking? Yeah. It’ll do you some good. What do you mean by that? Are
you…are you saying I’m fat? – Yes, Mel, that’s exactly
what he’s saying. No, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying the exercise
will do you some good. You’re a prick. You know, I’m saying
it’ll do us ALL some good! Nup. You’re a prick. NATASHA: You’re an idiot. (FLIES BUZZ) MELANIE: Why are we walking
through this grass? Ugh! You guys have pants on. DONKEY: You’ve got pants on. For now. (LAUGHS MOCKINGLY) Oh, my God! NATASHA: you are such
a dirty, dirty dog. (JASON CHUCKLES) You guys, how much farther
do you think it’s gonna be? DONKEY: Not much further. JASON: We only just
started walking, Nat. MELANIE: I do need to go.
– What, a whole 800 metres? I’m not gonna last that long.
Oh, my God. – You’ll be right.
– I need to go. Put a cork in it. Wait till we get to,
like, more grass. OK, guys,
we’ve been walking for ages. Are you sure we’re on the way
to the actual farm? I don’t know.
Look, let’s just keep walking. A little longer, and we might
find somewhere to camp soon, OK? Baby, she’s right. We’ve been
walking, like, two hours. – What time is it, mate?
– It’s 4:30. Let’s just camp here. No. Come on, let’s go. – No.
– OK. OK, let’s go. Come on. – Come on.
– No, let’s… It has to be
around here somewhere. – Come on.
– Yeah. – Hey, look at this thing.
– What? Yeah. It’s beautiful. You guys, maybe the locals…
like, they burnt it down. You know?
And it doesn’t exist anymore. It’s not here. Well, if that was the case, they could have taken
the gates with them. (CHUCKLES) That’s for sure.
Here, give us your bags. MELANIE: Actually,
that would suck. – Why would that suck?
– No, if it was all burnt down. I can tell you that it’s
not burnt down, guys. – Why is that?
– Because I’m looking at it. DONKEY: Holy snappin’
duck shit, Batman! There it is! That’s where we’re
sleeping tonight, guys. Oh. – Are you kidding me?
– It’ll be sweet. No, I’m not kidding you.
Let’s go! Come on! Whoo! – At least it’ll be warmer.
– You won’t be cold. (CHUCKLES) JASON: Yes. NATASHA: Well?
JASON: Well, what? (MELANIE CHUCKLES) I think she means,
who’s going in first? Jason is. He’s the horror lover. Nah. Let’s just
all go in together. Come on, guys.
It doesn’t look that bad. This is stupid. Let’s just go. Wow. MELANIE: Oh, my God.
(LAUGHS) look at this place. I know. – How wild is this?!
– (LAUGHS) Wild? More like creepy. (DOOR OPENS) DONKEY: All this stuff. (CHUCKLES) Oh, don’t want to be left out. (UNZIPS FLY) (GRUNTS) (SIGHS) “Noah & Becky.” (CHUCKLES) That’s romantic. NATASHA: “I survived
Charlie’s Farm”? JASON: Check this out.
– What is it? – What is it?
– Snakeskin. Oh. – Boo.
– (SCREAMS) Ohh! JASON: What happened?
DONKEY: Nothing. (CHUCKLES) – Arsehole!
– We’re all good! – God!
– Let me try. – You good?
– (GRUNTS) Fuck! Whoa. What’s that? MELANIE: Aww! Look at this!
Is this cute, or what? Maybe it was Charlie’s. Shut up, would you, smart-arse? – Mel, what are you doing?
– I’m gonna keep it. – No, that’s a really bad idea.
– Why? Nat, if she wants to keep it,
let her keep it. It’s fine. Hey, that could be a
collector’s item right there. In fact, there’s probably heaps of shit round here
we could sell. Mate, that’s not
as silly as it sounds. There is so much shit in here
that people would love. NATASHA: No. No way. You can keep the teddy bear
if you want – that’s fine. But everything else stays. (SIGHS) Don’t worry, Mick.
I’ll talk to her. Hmm. (WIND HOWLS) (SCREAMS, LAUGHS) Whoa! JASON: (SPOOKY VOICE) Chaaarlie! – (CHUCKLES) It was the wind.
– It was the wind. (ALL LAUGH) (MELANIE SIGHS HEAVILY) DONKEY: Look at this place. (SCREAMS) NATASHA: Alright, guys, if
we’re gonna stay here tonight, we’re all sleeping together. JASON: Why the hell
would we have to do that? MELANIE: Yeah, I agree. DONKEY: Nah! NATASHA:
“I survived Charlie’s Farm.” (MELANIE CHUCKLES) Hey, it’s hard to believe
we’re in the exact house where all those murders
took place. I mean, the father was shot
just out there. Who knows how many people
were killed in here? Meredith? Let’s check every room, guys. Oh! Meredith! Meredith? WOMAN: Oh! What is that smell? (FLIES BUZZ) (FLIES BUZZ) (GASPS) (MEREDITH PANTS HEAVILY) Come on. Come on. Come on. Charlie, there are very bad men
out there who want to hurt us. No matter what happens,
you must not come out. – Do you understand?
– (GRUNTS) – Charlie! Do you understand? – (GRUNTS)
– Right. Go. Come on. Ohh. Ohh. Ohh. (CHUCKLES) Come on, you pack of faggots! You killed my John! I’ll kill every one of you
and feed you to the pigs, you bunch of fucking wankers! (GRUNTS) (GROANS) Aargh! Aaaargh! Is there anyone else here alive? I’m not telling you shit! Aargh! Tell me where they are! (LAUGHS) Fuck off! (LAUGHS) Where are they?! Fuck off! Aargh! (PANTS HEAVILY) – (LAUGHS)
– Where’s the retard? Why don’t you… ..come here and say that… fucking gutless wanker?! (PANTS HEAVILY) (GRUNTS) Where…is…the retard? Charlie died 12 months ago. – (GRUNTS)
– Where is he?! Dead, you idiot!
He’s been gone a long time! (GRUNTS) Let’s just kill the bitch
and be done with it. Don’t believe a thing
this bitch says! Still, a kid that age… ..that retarded… not gonna
last long out here. (PANTS HEAVILY) Aaargh! Let’s get this
over and done with. MEREDITH: No! DONKEY: The farmers continued
to brutally bash Meredith. The whole time,
Charlie’s watching, not shedding a single tear. As they beat her to death,
she cries, screams…and laughs. I’ll sleep like shit now. JASON: Yeah,
that was a bit much, mate. You know what? This is surreal. – You two are sick, seriously.
– Oh, come on. OK, I agree
it’s weird and scary, but it’s definitely cool,
don’t you think? It would be a lot cooler if Big Guy over there
would shut his mouth. Look, I didn’t mean
to scare you. And look, don’t panic. Nothing will happen. You know what?
This reminds me of a joke. – You want to hear it?
– Yeah, go on. – Only if it’s funny.
– Well, it is. Well, I thought it was
when my mate emailed to me. Mate, just get on with the joke. Alright. So, Charles Manson… – Oh, come on!
– Nat, it’s just a joke. – Come on. I want to hear it.
– Me too. Don’t choke, Mel. (CHUCKLES) Alright,
so, Charles Manson, right, he’s walking through
the forest with this guy and this fella
turns to him and says, “Dude! This is one
scary forest!” And Charles turns to him
and says, “Shut up, man! “I’m the one who’s gotta
walk out of here on my own!” – (JASON LAUGHS)
– That is so stupid. (CHUCKLES) I don’t get it.
Who’s Charles Manson? You don’t know
who Charles Manson is? No. He’s, like, the biggest
serial killer in the world. I… Well, I still don’t get it. He’s walking him
into the bush to kill him, and then he has to walk back
out on his own in the dark. Oh! It’s still not funny. (NATASHA CHUCKLES) What?! Anyway, who’s up
for some exploration? MELANIE: Now?
– Right now. No way. I’ll do most things
with you, man, but there is no way I’ll go
round this farm at night. That is the smartest thing
you have said all day. “I still don’t get it!” No. You guys are all wimps! This is supposed to be
an adventure. – We’ll do it tomorrow.
– Alright. Rightio. Tomorrow we have to
thoroughly search this place, ’cause we could find some
really cool shit out here, OK? OK? Done. (SIGHS) Right. I’m going to bed. JASON: Yeah, good thinking. Me too. I’m worn out from
all the walking you made us do. Whatever. Is this place like the
Blair Witch house, or what? Oh, Donkey, shut up! Except I didn’t see any
little red handprints, though. (MELANIE CHUCKLES)
NATASHA: Donkey, stop! – Just go to bed!
– Alright, alright. JASON: Too far, brother. DONKEY: Nighty-night. (MAN BREATHES HEAVILY) (HEAVY BREATHING CONTINUES) – Morning, bro.
– Hey, mate. – You sleep good?
– Yeah, I did, actually. – Hey, what time is it?
MELANIE: It’s 12:15! – Really?
– Mm-hm. – Holy shit. We slept for ages!
– Yeah. It must have been
the long drive in. NATASHA: Shut up and
let me sleep some more! No way! Come on, up and at ’em!
Let’s go! Hey, do you know where
we can find some water? – The kitchen’s busted.
– Nope. – Look at you, you idiot.
– What? Although we did cross a small
creek on the way up here, so I’m assuming it runs
through the property somewhere. – Let’s find it today.
– Thanks, Dad. – Come on, up, up!
– (MELANIE CHUCKLES) No. I’m tired. Come on, Natasha. Just get up. No. Give me a hand
with some breakfast. Do it yourself. (LAUGHS) – Hey, check this out.
– What is it? There’s a couple of people
coming this way. What are they doing here? Hello there! Hello! I guess we’ll find out
in a minute. NATASHA: Are there really people
out there? JASON: Yeah,
looks like a couple of campers. Look at that bloke.
Looks like a ginger Wolverine. (LAUGHTER) – Hi!
– G’day. – How you going?
– Good. I’m Jason. This is Donkey. – Howdy. How you going?
– Hi. – I’m Alyssa. This is Gordon.
– How are you? – Hey, guys.
– Pleased to meet you. – Thought we’d be
the only ones out here. – Yeah, so did we. – Where are you guys from?
– Sydney. We travelled around Australia,
working and stuff. Met a bunch of backpackers
about four weeks ago, they told us about this place
so thought we’d check it out. Are they still here? Last we met,
they were headed this way but haven’t seen them since. Where are you guys from? We’re from the Sunshine Coast
but Jase’s missus here is a Yank but we don’t hold that
against her. (LAUGHS) ALYSSA: Hi.
Nice to meet you both. Come on in. Actually, if you guys
are hungry, we’re just about to
make some breakfast. – So come on in.
– Good idea. ALYSSA: Starving.
We have been walking for days! – Very American.
– It’s a bit cold, though. This is so Aussie right now. Did you cook it with oil, babe? We have nothing to cook it with. It’s not like we have
a microwave here. You’re Australian. Do you know
who Charles Manson is? You don’t know
who Charles Manson is? – No, I don’t.
– Alyssa knows. Who doesn’t? Everyone knows
who Charles Manson is. Just you, Mellie. – So why are you guys out here?
– These two weirdoes. I know what you mean. Gordon has
been dying to see this place. I thought it was some kind
of urban legend or something until we saw the house
in the distance. – Yeah, so did we.
– Whatever. Wait here.
I’ll show you something. OK. (FOREBODING MUSIC) Mel, what’s wrong? I’m losing my mind. – What did you lose?
– Her mind. She just told ya. What happened? No, well, when we went to bed,
I had the bear with me. And now it’s gone.
It’s not in my bag. Yeah, I saw the bear. – Jason, Donkey?
– What’s up? Come here for a minute. (SIGHS) Here we go.
Boss is calling. What’s wrong? Did one of you two steal
her teddy bear last night? Why would we do that? Don’t look at me.
I never touched it. Maybe he walked himself
back to the room. OK, something weird happened
last night when we were asleep. It was only for, like, a second,
I swear, but there was a figure standing
there in the doorway, just watching us. Right. Sounds to me like you had
a dream there, Mellie. One of you two get up? No, no, no. It wasn’t them.
This figure was huge. Maybe you just really did
have a nightmare. I mean, after all those scary
stories Mick told last night… Yeah, you’re probably right. OK, Humphrey will show up.
Let’s worry about this later. I wanna get moving. Yeah? Can we put our stuff in here
with your gear? – Yeah, sure.
– It was just so real. I know. It was here. I saw it. I saw it too.
It was laying next to you. JASON: Alright. Clean up later. Hey, hey, hey! I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we go
in three groups of two? OK, that’s a good idea.
You guys cool with that? – Yeah, no problems here.
– I don’t know. Guys, shouldn’t we all
stick together? Mel, we have a few hours
to look for things and then we’re out of here
tomorrow – this is it. Mel, it’ll be fine.
And you better take care of her. You know I will.
It’ll be fun, Mel. It’ll be like Crocodile Dundee!
(LAUGHS) – Where are your boots?
– Fuck. Forgot me boots. You guys go ahead.
I’ll catch up. Alright. Oh, hey,
here’s the game plan. Let’s meet back at the house
before dark. – And, Mel, remember
where you’re going. – DONKEY: Boots! – So you can find your way back.
– Not me, it’s him! DONKEY: Here, boots! – Can’t wait.
– Let’s go! DONKEY: What’s that, boots?
You’re back at the other camp? GORDON: So you reckon
the stories are true? JASON: Why? What have you heard? Not a whole lot. Just what
the backpackers told us. They reckon the place
is haunted. They’re into
all that ghostbusting shit. Mate, there is no way
the place is haunted. I mean, you’ve seen the house.
It’s all bullshit. Still, it’d be better
if we saw something. We did come eight hours
out of our way. You’re the one
that wanted to come. I’m not whingeing. I’m just saying it’d be better
if we saw something. He’s playing it down. He’s been talking about it
the whole way. Are you kidding me? He actually owns one of those
Halloween hockey masks. Excuse me. That is a limited edition
Jason Voorhees mask, thank you very much. You’re right.
He does love this stuff. Nothing wrong with that.
I have a steel Freddy glove. – Yeah? Whoa. Boys and their toys! – You’re just jealous.
– I’m so jealous of your toys. She’s jealous! (LAUGHS) Ohh! Donkey, you stink. That’s disgusting! What? I didn’t do anything. Something really smells
around here. Smells like it’s coming
from this old mine shaft. It’s probably oil drums and
stuff leaking down there. It doesn’t smell like oil. It smells like – I don’t know –
a dead emu or something. A dead emu? How do you even know
what a dead emu smells like? – I don’t know. It could be.
– Fair enough. (FLIES BUZZ) – Tell your mum
I saved your life! – (GIGGLES)
– Yeah, just. Let’s get going. Come on. Alright. You guys cool to meet
us back here in a few hours? – Yeah, we’ll be fine.
– Fuck, yes! I’m gonna go and find myself
a dead body. What? At least a finger. Right. I’ll see you guys later. – Good luck with that one.
– Yeah, right. Do you think
this is a good idea? Honey, we’ve got nothing
to worry about. Besides, this is gonna be
perfect for Mel and Donkey to get a bit of alone time. What do you think’s gonna
happen? She’s not that easy. Good point. – Could I ask you a question?
– Yes. When we get back, do you want to, like,
be an item, or something? (LAUGHS) Alright, so not exactly
the reaction I was looking for. Oh, sorry.
What exactly do you mean? You know, do you want to,
like, go out with me? – Together and…
– Ohh-ho-ho! Mick, do you want
to be my boyfriend? Well, yeah. Be alright, wouldn’t it? Well, for a big talker, you’re not very good at
asking girls out, are ya? I don’t do it all that often.
And besides, I kinda like ya. Kinda? You just wanna get laid. Maybe if you play your cards
right. (BOTH LAUGH) (GIGGLES) What do you reckon? – I don’t think so.
– Come on! Mick, forget about it.
That thing’s disgusting! I’m going for a swim.
Wanna join? I didn’t bring anything
to swim in. Get in here. (SCOFFS) Keep dreaming. Just swim in your knickers,
then. – Oh, my God!
– What? – You’re really going in?
– Hell, yeah. Come on! It’ll be fun. Come on! – Whoo-hoo!
– (LAUGHS) Oh, is it cold? It’s alright once you’re in. – What about crocs?
– There are no crocs. Get your arse in here. Come on. Come on! Oh, there’s your camera. Oh, yeah. Chuck it here.
It’s waterproof. – Is it?
– Yeah. (MELANIE GASPS, GIGGLES) Turn around. (SHRIEKS) – It’s not that bad.
– It’s freezing! It’s freezing! (BUZZING) Maybe it’s locked. No shit, Sherlock. Alright. Let’s go round. – Oh, check this baby out!
– Gordon, put it down. – Raaagh!
– I’m serious. – Gordon, that is dangerous.
– (BELLOWS) Finish him! I’m serious. Put it down. Alright, but we’re definitely
coming back for this bad boy. (DOOR SQUEAKS AND CREAKS) Wimp. Do you smell that? It smells like something’s
dead in here. Probably a dead animal. It’s disgusting. Or… (WHISPERS) ..maybe it’s
one of Charlie’s victims. Don’t be mean. That’s not funny. (BANGS) Drums for the camp fire. (BOTH LAUGH) (EERIE MUSIC) Check this shit out, will ya? Some of it must be,
like, 50 years old. Like they just disappeared and everything’s been left
the way it was. Yeah, it kind of
freaks me out, really. Why? There’s nothing
to be scared of. I don’t know. I just
don’t like places like this. You know that. I mean, look at that old bed. What about the old bed? I’m telling you right now,
no-one’s been in that in years. It looks pretty fresh to me. I mean, what if
someone’s staying here? I’m telling you right now, no-one has slept there
in a long time. From where I’m standing,
Gordon, it looks like someone or something
has been sleeping in it. I highly doubt that, Aly. But if it makes you
feel any better, I say we find the others,
tell them what we’ve found. You don’t have to tell me twice. Let’s go. (SCREAMS) (ROARS) (SCREAMS) (REPEATED BANGING) Haagh! (PANTS AND GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (SCRAPING) (ROARS) (BELLOWS) (KICKS DEBRIS) Ahh! (ROARS) – (THUMP!)
– Huh? – Oh…
This is why we’re here. I’m not going in there.
I’m scared. Well, at least give me
five minutes to check it out, and then we’ll leave, OK? I’m waiting outside. Just come in
and have a quick look. I have a bad feeling about this. I don’t know.
I’m staying outside. Suit yourself. I have to see. You’re stupid. TONY: I still can’t reach ’em. – NANCY: Well, there’s
no reception out there, Tony. – Yes, I know that. I just figured
they’d get out there and realise there’s nothing
to see and then head on back. I called Nat’s brother
last night, and he told me that her boyfriend is prone
to get himself into trouble. What do you mean by that? Apparently, he’s always
finding himself in the wrong place
at the wrong time. Well, even you do that
sometimes. Hmm. I, uh, think I’m gonna
take a ride out there and see if I can find ’em. They’re old enough
to take care of themselves. (SNIFFS) Want to go with me? Hell, no. I do not
want to go out there. If you want to go,
you go on your own. I don’t know. Something about them being out
there alone is bothering me. I think I’ll take
a ride out there, see if I can find them,
and bring them all back here. Tony, you said they were
staying for two nights! So, let it go. I can’t, Nance. I’ll see you in a few hours. – (LAUGHS)
– What? – Check this out.
– Come here. – It’s the Loch Ness Monster.
– God… – (LAUGHS)
– Come here. (SIGHS) You’re a shocker. – Oh, my God.
– (BIRDS SCREECH) He’s huge. I know, but he won’t hurt you. No…no… HE’S huge! Look over there. There’s a man. Fuck me! What are you lookin’ at,
you pervert? Piss off, will ya?! (CHUCKLES) Wait…wait…
Where are you going? I’m gonna get rid of him.
Just stay here. – Just wait there.
– Just be careful. Seriously, mate,
what’s your problem? Just go away. Ah. (LAUGHS) Yeah, I know, right? Scary, huh? – Ah!
– Mick, don’t get too close. It’s alright, Mel.
I think he’s a bit retarded. – Ha!
-(GRUNTS) (ROARS) (CRACK!) (SCREAMS) (LAUGHS) NATASHA: Jason? What are you doing? Your time is definitely up. (OMINOUS MUSIC) Jason, you’re being an idiot. This is something
Donkey would do. Jason? At least tell me you’re OK. I told you this was a bad idea! Jason, this is bullshit! Jason… You’re acting like an asshole! Jason?! – (DOOR SQUEAKS)
– TONY: Hello. Guys? Jason? Natasha? (CLATTERING) Jason! Jason, please! Where are you?! (WHISPERS) Tash, I’m over here. What are you doing?! Just get over here!
Get over here now! Right now! – What are you doing?!
– Come here! – This is not funny!
– Shh-shh-shh. There is someone out there. – This isn’t funny, Jason.
– I’m not joking, OK? I saw someone
or something before, OK? Shh! (PANTS) (WHISPERS) I’m serious, OK? And whoever it was
is fucking massive. (NATASHA PANTS) – Seriously. Shh. I just saw…
– Shut up. ..a fuckin’ man
out there, alright? – Will you shut up?! Shut up!
– No! – (SOFT GRUNT)
– There is a man out there. And he’s gonna
fuckin’ kill us, alright? I’m not joking. This guy’s huge. (HEAVY BREATHING) (WHIMPERS) (GRUNTS REPEATEDLY) – (YELLS)
– (MUFFLED GASPING) – Come on.
– No, I don’t want to go. – We have to go.
– I don’t want to go. (HEAVY BREATHING) JASON: Here! Here! (GRUNTS) NATASHA: I told you
this was a bad idea. – OK, can’t you stop…? Please!
– Why didn’t you listen to me?! Here! Get off me! (LOUD ROAR AND BANGING) (SOBS) Oh, my God… (HEAVY BREATHING) Is that you, Jason? Where’s Natasha? (HEAVY BREATHING) Where is she? What’s the matter with you? Oh… OK. Alright. Calm down. Let’s not do anything
stupid here. Or one of us is gonna get hurt. (GRUNTS REPEATEDLY) – (ROARS)
CONTINUES) Aah! (GROWLS) (PANTS) Aah… Aaagh! Aaaagh! Aaaaagh! (STRAINS) (GRUNTING) (ROARS) – We have to help him.
– (SOBS) No, please, no, no… (WHISPERS) I need you to stay
– Quiet, girlie. Quiet. Was it him? Look at me. Was it Charlie?! He’s down there!
Come on, hurry up! We gotta go! Where’s the police?! Why didn’t
you bring the fucking police?! There’s no police
coming out here. It’s just me. Hurry up! He’s gonna
fucking catch us! If you idiots
never came out here, we wouldn’t
even be in this mess! And if you had killed
30 years ago, none of
my friends would be dead. Get in the truck! (GRUNTS) Blue, what are you doing? (CHARLIE CHUCKLES) (GRUNTS) Come and get me, Charlie. (FIRES GUN) (GUN RATTLES) Fuck you, Charlie! (STRAINS) (BANGS ON DOOR) (BLOW STRIKES) (ROARS) Aaaagh! (NATASHA CRIES OUT) (GROWLS) (‘HIS SALVATION IS SIN’
BY A DIREST DESIRE PLAYS) ♪He was a travelling
house painter ♪Churchgoing perpetrator
or broken neighbour ♪Wisteria Cottage, Manhattan ♪Lies a long abandoned,
preselected slaughter house ♪Her boyish looks,
tomboy demeanour ♪She died a virgin,
he led them to her skull ♪Blood-splattered walls
and floorboards ♪Buried, rusted, bloodstained –
the cleaver and the saw ♪Oh, no ♪Oh, no ♪Synthetic ears, horrific fears ♪The monster’s handprints
hang framed upon a wall ♪Some things you learn
from being orphaned ♪Compartmentalised,
invisible persona ♪From New York to Montana ♪He’s had his hands
on every state ♪Cover the tracks
and take the children ♪To inflict the pain
and to receive the same ♪Oh, no! ♪Oh, no, no, no! ♪He’s got his vices ♪Follow these voices ♪Run like the blind man ♪Yeah, he’s the grey man ♪He’s got his vices ♪There’s some
you’ll never believe ♪Follow these voices ♪He won’t let anyone leave ♪Run like the blind man ♪You won’t get out
once you’re in ♪Yeah, he’s the grey man ♪And his salvation is sin


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    Am Convinced the Good Citizen CHarlie
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    in the -Population/Control Sector

    Come Here to See an Official Agent of Government
    at Work

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