[CC] Agriculture day #2 맨손으로 숯불에 고기굽기 UNO-Recoletos, Bacolod, Negros, Philippines

September 22, 2019

Usually Filipinos drink alcohol after eating These guys drink first. It’s still awkward because I met them just today. We will get a little closer after drinking for sure They are trying to do hard drink at the start I feel good after a drink on an empty stomach. They are grilling meat on the floor without griller. I saw a new level of meat grilling today. Without tongs, just flip it over with a stick Upside down with bare hands Hot, hot Alternate with the other hand The staff who flips the meat is used to it Meat grilled by bare hands. Extended Grill The heat is strong now. We eat by hand. haha He looks familiar. I met him before. She even taught students They tease her she’s old. The meat is cooked … No tools. It was grilled on charcoal just now. So it’s very delicious. I think it’s about to start. A lot of people gathering. The fire is getting stronger so the meat will cook well But I worry that It would be so hot for hand… This is a fruit called Santol, I heard a lot about that delicious fruit in the Philippines. She try to enter other way. It’s true that woman has power in the Philippines Looks like the event is starting soon. Students are coming She introduce someone as a school official. She knows all the students She own school canteen. The beginning of the event is always with prayer as most Catholic countries All participants of agri day are here now People suddenly sing happy birthday song They just sing without meaning anything lol This is the end of the event!! Party time!! She wants students to eat first What’s that!! People who just wander around without a line and choose what they want to eat I think the speaker announce about thanking the sponsors of this party. I think the Alumni also support here. It’s also very popular! Everyone’s too hungry to listen to the announcement That KBL soup looks delicious She’s a talented lechon hunter. BusyGuyJD is enjoying off her plate Rice already shows the bottom Success in getting soup without any effort hihi Let’s get some seats Not raw chicken, live chicken Are you here for revenge for your family? Taking a place roughly She is went somewhere Rainy It is so nice with rain today These foods are delicious. It must be delicious because I am very hungry She’s serving something again Oh, this is the pork barbecue with cooked with no tools I actually brought chopsticks But I ate it by hand to hang out with the new friends. And you have to cut something to eat with chopsticks Chunk of meat is easier to eat by hand I moved a little and sat down Graduates take the place where we are. Students gave us coke. Then I looked at the side table. What is that? What did I see? Am I seeing something wrong? One box of Philippine rum Tanduay (alc. 40% ~) How many bottle of Tanduay do they want to drink today? To be honest, I like hard liquor than beer because beer make feel full easily. I didn’t have much chance to meet people who drink Tanduay. Most Filipinos drink one or two bottles of beer. If they want to get a little drunk, they drink Red Horse beer (alc. 7%) Or drinking Filipino brandy Emperador (alc. 27%) with ice. I only have a chance to taste Tanduay like during tasting events. I will check how many bottles of alcohol they drink today I bought something for her friends today. I hope these guys like it Fortunately, I’m glad they like it Interested agriculture students Thank you for watching.

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