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Cattle Transport Truck and Fun Farm Animals Toys Video

January 3, 2020

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hi Guys! It’s Racetoytime! Today I’m going to show you some farm animals Okay, let’s get started! Let’s bring some cattle to the farm Here comes the transporter and we have another herd of cattle Now we’re going to feed some farm animals Here’s a goat Here’s a sheep Here’s a llama Rooster Hen Here’s a Hanoverian stallion Here’s a Tennessee Walker stallion A Pinto mare, And an Arab Stallion Okay, that’s it. Well, I have a question. What is your favorite farm animal. Leave some comments Do not forget to subscribe and click that bell icon to get notified every time we upload a video Thank you for watching! And also click on those links above to watch more fun videos here at Racetoytime channel. Stay tuned! Bye, bye!

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