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Career Options at the MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology

October 11, 2019

(rock music) – We see students coming
out into a job market that is rich with opportunities. – It really depends on
what their interests are. – You could be a crop advisor, agronomy sales and management. – Working on a farm or
selling the products. There’s a huge field with animals. – Work at a botanical garden and do more of the public
end of horticulture. – Working at a nursery, landscaping. – Director of field operations,
pesticide specialist. – Technology. I mean, drones spraying our orchards. They’re spraying the fields. – Agriculture in Michigan is so diverse. We grow carrots, onions, corn, soybeans, sweet cherries, a lot of
potatoes in this area. – Crop consulting, crop scouting. Herbicide and nutrient
pest recommendations. Really the sky is the limit. – It’s a fun and challenging
place to be right now to be in agriculture. The possibilities are just endless.

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