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California Garden Tour – February 2019 – Gardening Tips, Harvests & Things To Do

November 7, 2019

– [Narrator] Welcome to the California garden in the month of February. This month we reap the winter harvest and prepare the garden for
the upcoming spring season. We will begin with a garden tour, we will look at the
harvest we made this month, we will look at some things
for you to do in your garden, and finally, we’ll take a look at some cool gardening products. So let’s begin with the garden tour starting with the raised beds. We have our single Black
Cobra pepper plant. We moved the other pepper plant into the greenhouse as it was very cold. The rest of the bed just has a lot of compost that was added and has been prepared for
the next growing season. On the next bed we have a lot of beet plants that are growing. And as you can see here, they
are growing pretty well now. You can see some beets
being formed as well. And I think in about a month the beets should be ready for harvest. On the other side we
have the broccoli plants, this is the Green Magic broccoli plant. And the broccolis have grown really well and now they’re just
producing side shoots. right next to the broccoli plants we have some cabbage
plants that are growing and these cabbage plants should be ready for harvest very soon. And on the other bed we have some onion plants as you can see. Next to the onion plants
we have some potato plants. Now these are the potato plants that we were growing in trenches. As the potato plants grow, they will be covering up these
potato plants with some soil, and then they’ll be able to grow well and produce potatoes under the soil. And moving on to containers, we have our Swiss chard plants that are growing really well. And we have been harvesting
Swiss chard till now and it’s been a few months
since we’re harvesting some Swiss chard from these plants. And right next to that
we have a tomato plant. This is our first tomato for the season and it’s been very cold, so it’s not been growing that well. Same thing with the eggplant
as you can see here, it’s not growing that well
due to the cold weather. And finally, we have the
cabbages which is growing well. And that’s because it’s
a cold season crop. We also have our potato plants growing in containers
that have come up now and they will grow well through
the early spring season. In our other containers we
have our ivy gold plants that are pretty much dormant now, our mulberry tree which is growing well. And the pineapple tree
seems to have survived the winters very well as you can see here growing well along with the citrus trees. And now let’s look at the harvest we made this month beginning with bananas. We harvested our Rajapuri bananas and the first thing we are doing is cutting off the dried flowers. And then we are harvesting the bananas. And as you can see here,
beautiful looking bananas. They can be used either raw or they will ripen up
very quickly on the shelf. We also harvested a lot of broccoli, this is the Green Magic broccoli. And what you’re seeing here is the main head of the broccoli being harvested. And the main head of the broccoli is the largest head in the plant. And as you can see here, this is the main head and this is gonna be the
bulk of your harvest. Once again, here’s one more plant. We planted about five or six plants in this raised bed and
all of them produced pretty decently sized broccoli heads. Now once the broccoli has
layered the main head, you will also see a lot of
these small broccoli florets growing along the sides of the plant. And you can just harvest them
by just chopping them off. Throughout the lifecycle of this plant as the plant grows larger, you will see a lot of
these broccoli florets growing along the sides of the plant and you can harvest them
for quite some time. And this is the best part
about growing broccoli is that even after you harvest
the main head of the plant, you can still keep harvesting
the florets from the sides and you can extend your harvest season for quite a long time. Moving on to cabbage. We harvested cabbages from our containers. As you can see here,
beautiful looking cabbage. And the weather has been really cold, it’s been cold and rainy. And due to that I did not see any insects or any kind of holes in this cabbage. As you can see here, this is a beautiful looking cabbage head and very easy to grow in this container. Moving on to cauliflower, we harvested a lot of
cauliflowers from our raised beds. And I think cauliflowers were one of our biggest harvest for the season. As you can see here, beautiful
looking cauliflower head. And here’s one more. And this raised bed has a lot of compost and I made sure that I added more and more compost in this raised bed. And the results are pretty telling. You can see that the cauliflower heads are pretty well-sized,
they look beautiful, and I love growing
cauliflowers in the garden just because they are so crunchy and so delicious when they’re eaten fresh. And the cauliflower
leaves are edible as well. You can bake them, you can
make them just like kale chips, can add some spices and bake them. They taste pretty amazing. And here is one more cauliflower head. And as you can see, for
the cauliflowers as well because of all the rains
that we are getting, the cauliflowers hardly have
any insects or diseases. And this is actually the first season that I’ve seen that most of my vegetables did not have any insects on them, no diseases on them. Meyer lemons. Now these lemons are specially
grown for making lemonades. And this is not a true lemon, this is actually a cross between a lemon and some other citrus
variety like an orange. And what you get is a
lemon that’s not so tart, so it’s actually a lemon, it’s not sweet, but it’s not tart as well. So some people really like
the flavor of Meyer lemons and Meyer lemons make excellent lemonade. If you use Meyer lemons to make lemonade, put a comment in the comments box below. Mint, mint is a herb that you can easily grow in your home garden and containers. And as you can see here, we are growing this in a
whiskey barrel container. We are harvesting the mint leaves. As you can see here, very
fresh and very delicious. Mint is pretty much a
maintenance-free plant. You can just grow them
in containers like these and then harvest them as you need it. Now what do we do with mint? We actually make mint rice where you can add mint and spices to rice and it makes a great dish. And as you can see here, once
again, beautiful looking mint, and probably one of the
herbs you can easily grow to get fresh mint from your garden. Now there’s another way to
harvest your mint plants, which is to cut them to the base. As you can see here, we are pretty much cutting it down to the base of the plant. And this will still be okay because the mint plant is
quite an aggressive plant. And although you are chopping
them down to the base, as you can see here, they will grow back very quickly. If you haven’t seen our
episode on growing mint, I highly recommend that you check it out. Mulberries, we were growing
mulberries in this container. This mulberry plant actually started producing berries very early
in the season this year. And as you can see here, we are harvesting these mulberries which go from a red color to black. As you can see here, they are quite small and we are harvesting them
from this mulberry plant which can be very easily grown in this whiskey barrel container. Now the mulberries
usually ripen in spring, however, this time they
ripened in the winter season. So that was pretty interesting. Oranges, these are the
Washington navel oranges and we harvested our final set
of Washington navel oranges from our Washington navel orange plant. And these Alaskan shelling type peas were growing well on our trellis and we were able to harvest quite a lot more pods this month. And moving on to radishes. Now we were growing these white
radishes in our raised beds and as you can see here,
beautiful looking radish. And January and February
were the two months where we harvested most of our radish. And this is a winter radish, it takes quite a long time to grow. But as you can see here, beautiful looking radish, quite big. Along with the other radish variety, the red French breakfast radish variety, this was the other radish
variety that we were growing. Now this radish can be
grown in raised beds as well as in containers, and most of our radish
was grown in raised beds. Mandarins, these are the Kishu mandarins that we’re growing in a container. And we harvested quite a lot
of Kishu mandarins this month. As you can see here, just
beautiful looking mandarins. And this is now becoming
one of my favorite mandarin plants to grow, extremely juicy and delicious fruits. Moving on to wheatgrass. Now we had a detail episode
on growing wheatgrass. And as you can see here, we did harvest some wheatgrass this month. Wheatgrass is extremely nutrition dense, it has as lot of vitamins and minerals. And something that I highly recommend that you grow in your
garden and you consume. And wheatgrass is just
extremely easy to grow. If you follow our growing guide, you will see that it’s so easy to grow and it is something that you should be growing in your home garden. Now let’s look at the things
for you to do this month. The first thing we are
doing is we are continuing to grow our winter vegetables, like radish as you can see here. And we are also preparing
some seed-starting mix using compost, vermiculite,
and some coco coir. And what you just do is mix it up totally and this will form a very
good seed-starting mix. And this is a good time to start your summer vegetables
if you haven’t already. If you’ve been following my videos, you would’ve started your
summer vegetables in January, that’s the optimal time to
start your summer vegetables. But if you haven’t, it doesn’t hurt to start it in February as well. You still have about
four to six weeks to go. So all the seeds that we sowed germinated very well in the
greenhouse pretty quickly. In fact, this is the progress
within about a week or so. We have some gourds, we
have some tomato plants, we have eggplants, some peppers. So a lot of summer vegetables
that are now germinating and available for transplanting within about four to six weeks. And now let’s look at
some gardening products. You can see a lot of winter vegetables for sale at your local Home Depot and you can also see some
summer vegetables for sale. However, you need to make sure that you only buy the cool season crops like cabbage, cauliflower, now because it’s still very cold outside and you do not want to start
your summer vegetables yet. If you have volunteer plants growing like our tomato plant,
that’s a different story. But if you’re buying plants, you should wait for some
time before you set them out. Now Home Depot also has
a lot of fruit trees, you can see some guava trees, you can see some mango trees, they also have a lot
of passion fruit trees. Now the passion fruit trees
are extremely beautiful, they are vines that grow
in a constrained space in your garden and produce
these beautiful fruits. And they also have a lot
of bare-rooted plants like strawberries,
raspberries, blackberries, and some others. So there
are a lot of plants that you can buy from your local Home Depot and start planting them
in your home garden. So there we have it folks, that was our episode on the California garden for the month of February. If you like this video,
do give us a thumbs up. Make sure you subscribe and click on the bell button
to get all future updates. We’ll see you again soon, happy gardening. (gentle music)


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