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California Garden – Aug 2018 – Gardening Tips, Harvests & Much More!

November 5, 2019

welcome to the California Garden in the month of August it’s hot it’s humid and there’s a little jungle out there in today’s episode we will take a garden tour we’ll look at the harvest we made this month we’ll have an update on the EZ trellis system that we built we will look at the California fires and finally we’ll take a look at some cool gardening products so let’s begin with a tour of the garden in the raised beds we have the black Cobra pepper that have turned red now followed by the tomato jungle which produced a lot of tomatoes this month in August right next to the tomatoes we have the okra plants the okra plants have grown very tall as you can see and they have been thriving in this heat they love this heat and hot and humid conditions and right next to the okras we have the pole beans growing on our newly built trellis and I’ll have an update on what we did for the easy trellis in the next section of the video and we have the taro root plants that are growing very well now they also love the heat and humidity and they should be ready for harvest sometime in September and you can see the cucumber plants that are growing right next to the taro root they have been growing on this trellis it’s a pretty big cucumber plant there are two varieties of cucumbers that are growing and they’re doing really well we’ve been harvesting a lot of cucumbers from this plant and next to the cucumber plants we have the cluster beans now this is the third time I’m trying growing this cluster beans variety and we’ll see how it goes they usually do very well in hot conditions so we’re waiting to see how this grows right next to the cluster beans we have the lista de gandia eggplants that have become really tall now as you can see they’re almost six to seven feet tall and they’ve been growing very well and producing a lot of eggplants next to that rest other the listada de gandia eggplants we have our amaranth plants and the amaranth plants have been heavily harvested this month we were able to harvest a lot of these amaranth leaves and they’ve now started forming these amaranth seeds as well and that completes the tour of the raised beds let’s now move on to the harvest we harvested a lot of amaranth and the amaranth greens were growing very well as you can see here very fresh very nice leaves and the amaranth has also started producing seeds now so I think this will be the last month of harvest we’re going to be removing all the amaranth plants after this harvest amaranth is a very nutritious green it is packed with vitamins and minerals and it is so easy to grow in your garden and these were volunteer plants that grew from the compost and even otherwise it’s very easy to start amaranth from seeds and grow them in your garden we were growing the raja puri banana tree and it yielded very large flowers and you can see the bud here the banana bud has a lot of flowers and these are very delicious the banana flower is one that i would highly recommend that you try cooking it’s amazing it’s very delicious and very unique in flavor the Anaheim chili peppers also grew very well and we harvested a lot of Anaheim Chili Peppers I will try to have a growing guide on this pepper variety very soon all in all a very vigorous growing plant the Thai chili peppers have the least maintenance as far as peppers go they were growing very nicely in this container in the corner of the garden this is the patio area where we were growing the Thai chilies in this container and as you can see here a mix of green as well as red chilies these Thai chilies are very hot and extremely delicious cucumbers we harvested a lot of cucumbers and this cucumber is the green cucumber which is very nice extremely delicious great for eating raw and we also harvested the puneri cucumber the yellow cucumbers that are very crispy and very delicious to eat raw now our cucumbers were growing in this trellis it was a huge trellis and it yielded a lot of cucumbers as you can see here the plant is quite big and it had grown over this trellis it’s a seven foot trellis and it has yielded a lot of cucumbers now cucumbers prefer warm to hot weather so we had very good weather for growing cucumbers this month and as you can see here the cucumbers are amazing they are pretty well sized and as you can see here absolutely beautiful looking cucumbers and also very delicious now cucumbers are very prolific producers as you can see here we were able to grow a lot of cucumbers and we harvested a lot of cucumbers from just the small area by growing vertically and now moving on to curry leaves we harvested a lot of curry leaves this is the right way to harvest curry leaves don’t worry about your plant not growing back it will grow back very quickly so this is how you should harvest your curry leaves and use them we had several varieties of eggplants growing this is the listada de Gandia eggplant which is still growing very strong and producing a lot of eggplants as you can see here these eggplants are quite big in size and these plants are now about six foot tall and are still producing a lot of eggplants as you can see here these eggplants are extremely delicious they are easy to cook and this is the other eggplant variety this is the container variety of eggplant and these are smaller eggplants but are extremely delicious as well and I will soon have a growing guide on this eggplant variety it produces a lot of eggplants in bunches and it’s an extremely prolific eggplant variety as far as ivy gourds go this was a good season to harvest a lot of ivy gourds from our Ivy gourd plant and okra we harvested the nombo giant okra from the containers we had a lot of okra growing in this container about five plants of this number giant okra variety now this okra variety produces okra that’s like extremely large in size so make sure that you’re harvesting early the okra that’s left unharvested will not be very good to eat so make sure you’re harvesting your giant varieties soon this is the emerald okra variety very delicious okra variety as well produces nice plump okras and this was growing in a raised bed and it was growing very well you can see here beautiful looking okra we also had this other okra variety growing this is the spineless okra variety and you can see that it produces long pods and an extremely delicious okra variety to grow in your garden so in growing okra in raised beds you just need to make sure that the plants are well hydrated and you have warm to hot weather to grow your okra plants and they will grow very well all our okra varieties this season grew extremely well and we harvested a lot of okras from our okra plant and we were harvesting our okras almost everyday peppers we were growing several pepper varieties in our containers and this is the California wonder green bell pepper which produced a lot of peppers for one plant I wasn’t too happy with the health of my pepper plants but overall I would say that I got a decent harvest from just one plant as you can see here these peppers are extremely nice well sized and great tasting peppers we also harvested the poblano pepper one of my favorite pepper varieties and the black Cobra pepper as well the hot peppers these are extremely hot chili peppers I had posted a growing guide on this pepper variety in my last video so make sure you check out growing the black Cobra pepper variety one of my favorite vegetables to grow and harvest from my garden are shallots now shallots are extremely easy to grow you can see that they’ve grown pretty quickly and this is how they look like they are bunching kind of onions so you plant one shallot bulb and it bunches into several other bulbs as you can see here so if you’re getting about four to five bulbs per plant this is a decent harvest you can see that the bulbs are smaller in size and they have a very unique flavor and this is what I like about shallots is that the bulbs are not very big and the flavor is also very unique so you can see here this is our bunch of shallots that we harvested from just a whiskey barrel container now we do have to dry these shallots and cure them and to do that we tie them up and leave them in an area which is well exposed to air and this will dry the shallots the bulbs and within about a week you can start using these shallots strawberries are also
very less maintenance plants that you can easily grow in small containers we harvested some really nice and juicy delicious strawberries from our strawberry plant growing in this container Swiss chard pretty much grows year round here in Southern California and it’s a great supply of greens from your garden almost throughout the year and Swiss chard is extremely delicious you can substitute Swiss chard for spinach now well spinach is a cool season crop Swiss chard pretty much grows year round here in Southern California and we are harvesting this ruby-red Swiss chard variety as well again extremely delicious leaves Tomatoes the best summer crop you can grow in your home garden and we were growing several varieties of tomatoes this season here you can see the big boy tomato variety which is very prolific produces really large Tomatoes and you can see that from just a single plant we were able to harvest a lot of these big boy Tomatoes now if you’re looking at these Tomatoes and wondering if you will be able to grow these kind of Tomatoes do not worry we have a lot of tips on growing tomatoes so do check out our other videos on growing tomatoes and you will see a lot of tips and techniques to grow the best tomatoes now I usually leave the tomatoes on the vine till they become ripe like you see here it’s better to eat vine ripened Tomatoes compared to the tomatoes that ripen on the shelf now these are the cherry tomato variety and it’s an extremely prolific variety as well as you can see here it has produced a lot of tomatoes in fact we harvested so many tomatoes that although I usually do not preserve them I did preserve my Tomatoes from this season you can see here the juliet tomato variety which is a grape tomato variety as well very prolific grower and extremely fresh and delicious and you can see here the harvest we were able to harvest a lot of tomatoes almost every day from our home garden and these Tomatoes are extremely fresh and to preserve them you take out the top part of the tomato the green part and then put them in Ziploc bags and just freeze them it’s extremely easy to freeze them and preserve them for the months to come I usually also wipe the tomatoes just to make sure there’s no dirt or debris on the tomato and then put it in Ziploc bags and freeze them and here you can see some more Tomatoes being harvested our tomato plants were very prolific growers and I was very happy with the way the tomatoes grew this season tomatoes usually grow very well here in Southern California so make sure that you’re growing good tomato varieties big boy early girl better boy san marzano all great tomato varieties to grow in your garden and here are some more tomatoes that are growing the early good tomato variety is also of a very prolific grower and it produces a lot of tomatoes and as you can see here between the big boy the early girl and the cherry and Juliet tomatoes we had a lot of tomatoes that we harvested from our garden now we were also growing the Juliet tomato variety in a container and the Juliet tomato variety is a very resilient tomato variety it can grow in extreme heat as well as an extreme cold and you can see that we harvested a lot of tomatoes from this tomato plant now for the first time home gardener or for those of you who are not able to grow tomatoes very well I highly recommend that you start growing the juliet tomato variety it’s an extremely easy to grow tomato variety and it’s also very prolific it produces a lot of tomatoes zucchini we were growing the ball’s zucchini variety and it’s a very prolific variety as well I just posted a growing guide on growing this zucchini variety and we were able to harvest a lot of zucchini these are lighter colored zucchinis and they are extremely delicious and from just two plants we were able to harvest a lot of zucchinis from this plant so all in all a great zucchini variety to grow and you won’t be disappointed growing the zucchini variety I wanted to provide an update on the easy trellis that we had built now if you remember the easy trellis it was a very cheap and easy to build trellis and a lot of you liked it and one of our viewers commented that preventing rust is important and there is a spray called the cooled galvanizing compound which is available at Home Depot which I did purchase and also purchase a seal which could close the end of the pipe the conduit and after purchasing the galvanizing spray from Home Depot I sprayed the trellis with the galvanizing compound and what it does it coats the iron with zinc and it makes it resistant to all the elements so all in all the trellis will look extremely nice after I sprayed it with the galvanizing compound now alternatively you can also spray it with paint but this time I went for the galvanizing compound and it did a great job let’s now talk about the California fires we could see the California holy fire from our backyard and on a few days as you can see here the light outside was extremely yellow and it was almost like being on a different planet I would say and if you see here the garden looks very weird the light was almost yellow in color yellowish orange and I’m glad that the fire is now contained so this was a very big incident here in Southern California so I thought that I’d shared this on my monthly video at your local Lowes you will find a lot of tropical plants you can even find the pineapple plant an indoor pineapple plant that you can grow very easily a lot of indoor plants like these flowers that you see here the Sundance Crossandra plant is also available at Lowe’s now and it’s very easy to grow in your home garden so there we have it folks that was our episode on the California Garden for the month of August if you have any comments to drop them in the comments box below if you like this video don’t forget to give us a thumbs up we’ll see you again soon happy gardening


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