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Cafe Cultivate

November 4, 2019

– [Gregory] The sound of beans grinding and smelling the coffee, that
first shot every morning, that’s probably one of my
favorite times of the day. – I’m Gregory.
– I’m Juli. – [Both] And this is Cafe Cultivate. – I like to serve food and make food that’s clean, fresh,
locally sourced, healthy. We do grow our own produce, we have three Tower Gardens in our courtyard that we use for a lot of the things on our menu. Everything we grow, we actually eat. – This was never started with
a financial goal in mind. The desire behind it was always to serve the community,
serve the local body, and to continue to grow
ourselves and others. – We love Cafe Cultivate
here at Ability360 because of the diversity of
all the different disabilities. Everyone here brings something, offers something, and
it’s just a community. – Well, front of the house
right now is just Sophie and I, so we’re still trying to
get some individuals hired. And then back of the house, Juli has Alberto, Daniel and Mark. – Two of them do have brain
injuries, and it’s not a kitchen that I’m screaming
like a Gordon Ramsay. It’s everybody does everything, we’re all cross-trained, I do dishes, I prep, I serve, as does all of our employees, do exactly that same thing. Daniel is an amazing employee because he’s super fun, he shows up
20 minutes early every day and hangs out 20 minutes
after his shift is over. – The thing that amazes me is he takes the bus, he takes the light rail. He comes a pretty good
distance to get here. – Mark just came to us
just a few weeks ago and we immediately found out
that he loves the garden, so he is my caretaker of my Tower Gardens, and he balances the pH
and wipes down the towers and adds the water and harvests for me. We also found out that
he’s a good people person, so we have him deliver the food, but he loves working here,
he loves working with us because it’s just a fun place. We love that relationship
that we have with them, and we want to continue to grow it and have as many individuals come here and learn skills as we can.

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