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Brought to You by Water: Go Green Agriculture

September 22, 2019

Water is truly the lifeline for everything
that we do. I’m Pierre Sleiman the CEO of Go Green Agriculture.
We are in Encinitas, where we started our company. We grow leafy greens – from butter
lettuce to romaine lettuce to watercress. So basically, we grow organic produce 365
days a year in pure water. Thanks to the preparation and forethought
of the San Diego County Water Authority, we have a safe reliable water supply.
We are also able to effectively grow a tremendous amount of produce using this water.
Because of the safe supply, we’re also able to have a non-seasonal production of produce,
which allows us to have non-seasonal jobs – full-time jobs year-round.
Businesses, restaurants and the community in general expect a consistent and reliable
supply of food. That’s only possible with safe, reliable
water, which makes it possible for us to be able to supply everybody year-round.
Water is literally the blood that sustains our production here.
And sometimes we take it for granted that we have these reliable, safe sources of both
food and water, because it’s something that we’ve come to rely on day-in and day-out.
San Diego’s agriculture industry is Brought to You by Water.

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