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Bringing the Kids to Cheekwood Gardens for the Storybook Houses Exhibit

December 26, 2019

– Today I am bring Addy,
Maya and their buddies Keira and Ethan to Cheekwood Garden which is a garden and Estate and national beautiful
area because they have a really cool exhibit
called Storybook Houses, where they’ve taken five of
your favorite childhood classic stories and built these
beautiful playhouses for kids to play in. It’s only here for a couple
more days so we went to come one more time and check them
out before they disappear. Okay guys so the first
house we’re visiting, this one is inspired by Dr. Seuss and it’s called Oh the Places You’ll Play, which is after the “Oh,
the Places You’ll Go” book. Have you guys read this before. – Yeah, I love it. – You guys read it too? – Yeah, I have. – I love it. – I love it too, it’s a good
book; now we’re gonna go play on the play structure that
was inspired by Dr. Seuss. Let’s go. – [Kids] Yay. (upbeat music) – When I Think of Dr. Seuss,
I think whimsical, I think colorful, wild, playful and
just full of fun and I think this storybook house does a
great job of captivating all the elements that make
Dr. Seuss, Dr Seuss. Should I come up too? – [Kids] Yeah. – I’ve never been up there. – Go up, go up!
– I’m gonna do it too. (upbeat music) Okay I got up but now I have this net that I have to get over. Can this hold me you think Maya? – No cause it’s only one layer
of the net, so you have to jump over or walk across. – Wait, cross it. If you fall you could
probably stick the landing. ‘Cause you’re a grownup. – Well I think I’m gonna try
walking over it because I don’t know if I wanna put my
body weight on the net. Here I go. Whoa I made it. – [Together] Yay – I made it over. What else is over here Maya? – A bell.
– A bell? – A rock climbing wall. If you actually push off then
it’ll go super duper fast. – [Lucy] All right. – I always like Oh The Places
You’ll go because look at all the rainbow colors on it. – It is, there’s all sorts
of bright colors on it. (upbeat music) Whoa. That was fast. (chimes jingling) That’s neat, little chimes. I hadn’t read “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” in years and I busted it
out again this morning before we came here just to remind myself of what the book was
about and pretty crazy because as a child it has completely
different meanings than reading it as an adult. We can see so much deeper into
what I think Dr. Seuss was trying to get across to what life is like. – We’re going to the next one. – [Lucy] You want to go to the next house? – Yes!
– Yeah. – So there are five
houses, we’re gonna head to the second one now. And I think we’re gonna go to the house that was inspired by “Charlotte’s Web.” – [Maya] Yay, let’s go! (mellow music) – Hi. – This house was inspired
by Garth Williams, who is the illustrator
for “Charlotte’s Web.” I know we’ve all seen the
movie “Charlotte’s Web” right? – [Kids] Yeah. – Addy you’re currently reading
the book, what do you think of it so far?
– Good. – You like it? What do you like best about it? – That Charlotte tries to save Wilbur. – It’s one of my favorite
books from my childhood. Have you read it Keira?
– Yes. – So what did you think of it? – It was good but it was sad in the end. – It is sad in the end. It’s very true but still
a really good story. All right should we go
check out the playhouse now? – Yeah.
– Read it guys. I suggest you read it. – It’s a good good book,
one of my favorites. (upbeat music) Do you remember Keira any
of the words that Charlotte spelled in the web? – Terrific. – [Lucy] Terrific was one of them. – Fantastic!
– Fantastic. – Something like best pig or something. – [Maya] Outstanding I think. – I think it was something
like you’re some pig. – You’re some pig! Yes some pig. The one I think of was radiant. Was that one of the word they spelled? Radiant. And Maya do you remember
who found a lot of the words that Charlotte spelled? – Wilbur? – [Lucy] Not the pig. – [Keira] The rat. – [Lucy] The rat. Remember Timbleton? – Yeah.
– He was a funny character. – He also took the geese
egg that didn’t hatch. – Keira just quizzed me and
asked what was the first word Charlotte the spider ever said to Wilbur. I couldn’t remember but what is it Keira? – Salutations. – [Lucy] And what does salutations mean? – Hello. – [Lucy] It’s a hello greeting. – ‘Sup peeps. – Charlotte had very good
vocabulary for a spider and for a human probably. Show me around Zuckerman’s barn kiddos. What do we have here
at the storybook house? – [Together] Wilbur. – [Lucy] Wilbur a little piglet. – Chubby pig.
– Yeah. – [Lucy] And then we come in here. – Here’s Charlotte!
– Charlotte’s in here? In the barn? Charlotte is up there. There’s Timbleton the rat
with all his stash of stuff that he finds, this is
where he gets the words off of random things. – The barn.
– Go to the top of the barn. – There’s a slide. – [Lucy] There’s the slide Maya. – Come on in.
– All right girl, whoa. – Oh, I love it. – [Lucy] I don’t know if you
can see but it says radiant on the web here. (baaing) Maya we got as a horse,
Keira you’re the girl that takes care of Wilbur, Ethan’s
farmer Zuckerman and Addy you’re a cow. – [Both] Moo! (mellow music) – Oh Ethan, here’s where it says some pig in the web just like you said. – You’re just a pig. (upbeat music) – We’re at house number three and this one is inspired by Maurice Sendak’s “Where
the Wild Things Are.” Who’s read this story? – [Kids] Me. – Not me.
– You haven’t read it Addy? We’re gonna have to read it tonight then ’cause it’s a really fun book. – Yeah, funny.
– Definitely a classic. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Are you guys on
top of the wild thing? – [Kids] Yes. – I don’t know if we’re
supposed to be on top of the wild thing, I think
we’re supposed to be inside the wild thing. – Hello, anyone home? – [Lucy] You guys be careful up there. – We are the wild thing. – I think I would agree with that. They said they are the wild things. I think you guys are 100%
wild things right now. (upbeat music) “Where the Wild Things Are” is a story about a little boy named
Max who before bedtime his mom said “You’re being too wild, “you are a wild thing” so she sent him to his room without supper
and then in his room, it turned into a forest and he went on this big
adventure where he met all these real life wild things
but luckily he made it back in time safe to his bedroom
before his supper was cold. This is Max’s boat kiddos. This is what he sailed in. – I came here from Narnia. – Max sailed in this boat in
the story to get to that land or the island where all
the wild things live. He went through rough seas for
months and a year, I think. – Cool, I think I’d rather have a Narnia. – So Keira you’d like to
see a Narnia storybook land? That’s a good idea, what other stories would you like to see here?
– Harry Potter! – Harry Potter?
– Harry Potter. – The Hobbit.
– The Hobbit? – Lord of the Rings. – I think a Winnie the
Pooh one would be cute or Frog and Toad. I loved Frog and Toad when I was little. While you guys are on top, I’m gonna check out what’s inside. I don’t think there’s
much inside but I feel like I gotta check it out.
– There’s nothing inside. – [Lucy] Well look at all
this hair here though, that’s a lot of hair. – [Addy] Grip on the hair to get up. – [Lucy] You grip onto
the hair to get up there? – Yeah. – [Lucy] Ah, it’s like
a little hut down here. There’s its eyes and its teeth. Pretty cool. You know what else kiddos be
another good storybook land that’s a classic?
– What? – Do you remember “Goodnight Moon?” – Oh yeah.
– Remember that? That’d be a good one. Don’t you think Maya,
you love Goodnight Moon. – And I had another good story. – What?
– Goodnight Goon. – [Lucy] Goodnight Goon? That’s a good one too. – The one with the G. – We’re at our 4th storybook
house and this one is called Hilltop Garden, and it’s
inspired by Beatrix Potter. So you may know Petter Rabbit. – Uh huh. – And there’s also, Beatrix
Potter has so many cute stories with all sorts of little animals
and they’re all illustrated by her and I think it’s all adorable. I love the books, I love the
stories and the storybook house is just as cute. You guys wanna go play? – [Kids] Yeah. – All right let’s check it out. (upbeat music) Does the teeter toter actually work guys? What if I push down on it? Let’s see. Woo, we’re good. You just needed more weight Keira. – Yeah.
(laughing) (upbeat music) – This Looks like the place
where Peter Rabbit would run to hide when he got caught in, I think it was Mr. McGregor’s garden. I remember the name. Is that right, Mr. McGregor’s garden? So he had to run away
before he got in trouble. (upbeat music) – Let’s go in the house guys!
– Go, go, go. – Woo!
– That is so slippery. – It is actually a little house over here that we will check inside. Hey Keira and Maya, wanna
show me around inside? – [Both] Yeah. – [Lucy] Rocking chairs over here. It’s a teeny-tiny house. – [Addy] Say hello to
the house, Peter Rabbit. – [Lucy] Oh, how cool. They have the books over here. So this must be the stove. A sink.
– An old book. – [Lucy] What’s over here? Oh there’s vegetables
that you can harvest. – And there’s a little area. – [Lucy] Here’s Peter Rabbit
right here, see he’s sneaking into the garden where he shouldn’t be. The place for letters. Oh there’s actual letters
in there it looks like. – I wonder how you get them out. – You don’t.
– If you haven’t read any of the Beatrix Potter
books I encourage you to. They’re really cute and darling and just simple and beautiful stories. (upbeat music) – Whoa! – We are at our fifth storybook
house, so the last one and this one is inspired by Loren Long, who actually was the least familiar with out of all of these stories. And he was the illustrator,
I think maybe it’s a she. – Oh my gosh!
– I used to read that book. – “The Little Engine That Could.” And Loren Long also has other
stories about trains so this is a train themed storybook house. You read this story, remember this one? – [Keira] Yes I do. – You read it too Keira?
– I love this one! You remember it? – [Keira] I remember him reading it. (upbeat music) ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ – [Lucy] So here is the
train and then way down here is where the slide lets out. – Come you guys and see the train! Our train is boarding! – Addy, hurry up, we have to get! Come on!
– The train is boarding. Hurry.
– Three, two, one! Go again. – Oh there’s Maya, and
Ethan, and Addy, and Keira. And on the other side
of our storybook house over here there’s a whole
train permanent feature that’s always here. So we’re gonna take a quick look at this. Pretty cool. Where’s the trains, where are they? – Right here. – [Lucy] Where are the trains? – Over there.
– Look. (upbeat music) ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ – [Lucy] Hello Maya. – Hi. – [Lucy] Addy, who’s here I see hands. Oh, there’s Keira. – There’s me.
– There’s Maya. Choo choo.
– Choo, choo. – Choo, choo!
– Choo, choo! – We’ve seen all five
storybook houses now, which one was everybody’s favorite? – The train one, train one. – You like the train the best. – Yes.
– Keira? Let’s see what Keira says. – The train one. – The train one too, Addy? – I like the little monster one. – Yeah the monster one. – “Where the Wild Things Are.” and Maya what about you? – “Where the Wild Things Are.” – Mine was “Charlotte’s Web.” That was my favorite, I
would say “Charlotte’s Web.” Your interest surprised me. What’s your favorite book out
of all the books you read. – [Both] “Charlotte’s Web.” – The train one. The monster one. – “Where the Wild Things Are?” That’s a good book. (upbeat music) We were getting ready to leave
and have dinner somewhere, then we realized that they’re
bringing a whole bunch of food trucks out, so
we’re gonna stay here and have dinner. They have Nashville hot chicken. Hattie B’s a really famous
place out here which I’m excited for and the kids are gonna
scarf down some pizza. (upbeat music) Yum. Well this afternoon has been
fun, we had a great time seeing the storybook house’s one more time before they disappear forever. You guy’s have fun? – Yeah. – [Lucy] What do we tell
everybody, what do we say? – [Together] XOXO! – Thanks for watching. Make sure to subscribe. Make it gray. – [Ethan] Tic Tac Toy and let’s get a thousand, billion,
trillion, billion views. – [Lucy] What else Keira? – Read all the books. – [Lucy] Read some books tonight, exactly. (upbeat music)

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