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Bravo™ New apple name announced | Department of Agriculture and Food WA

August 22, 2019

This is an apple that has been in
development for twenty years. It comes from the same breeding program as the
Pink Lady™ and having now tried one. I would say it is the best apple I’ve ever
had and it is a true blue Western Australian product. We’re very excited about it and we’re very proud from the Department of Agriculture and Food and the work that’s being undertaken the coordination and involvement of the industry. This is an exciting time for Western
Australia because we sit at the forefront of an opportunity to open up
export markets all around the world and particularly up into Asia where
we’re seeing a mass migration from rural communities to urban
communities and the need for quality safe food from Western Australia has never been stronger. We are very very happy with this apple it’s probably the best opportunity that I’ve ever seen I would say bigger than Pink Lady™, ticks all the boxes for the growers, the sellers and also the consumer. Sweet crunchy Apple, it stores extremely well. Beautiful crunchy and firm. Its got a magnificent colour. This apple as I said ticks every box, for everything. Its perfect it’s amazing
and the boys of the Ag department, need a very good pat on the back near big
pat on the back because you can’t just developing new apple varieties over night, to develop a new Apple takes years and years of work. BRAVO™. {Laughter} {Clicking of cameras}


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    The best ,plz make it more available in Sydney thanks

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