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Bobcat Soil Conditioner Attachment: Overview

January 3, 2020

Tthere are many pieces of equipment that can get the land prepared for seeding, plantings, and other landscaping, and one of the best is a Bobcat loader equipped with a Bobcat soil conditioner. The Bobcat carrier can be a skid-steer loader, compact track loader, all-wheel steer loader, mini loader, utility work machine, compact utility tractor, or versahandler. When the area starts out covered with debris, clumps, hard-packed ground, rocks, and needs leveling and contouring, the Bobcat soil conditioner is a great tool to get the job done. At the end of the job, it should be ready for seeding, sodding, and other plantings. A healthy neighborhood lawn or office yard needs to have a good foundation, and the Bobcat soil conditioner performs the functions to get that done. How do you get to a solid landscape base using this powerful tool? You can begin by driving over the ground and break up the clumps. The carbide tip teeth on the drum ripped through the hard pan and pulverized the clumps. A rubber flap on the top of the drum keeps larger materials from passing over and allows finer material through and lets them fall to the surface behind the drum. The finer material is spread smoothly, making a superb surface for seeding or sodding. The soil conditioner drum should run in the opposite direction as the carrier drive wheels. This maintains the action of moving larger materials along, and depositing finer material on the surface. The Bobcat soil conditioner is like having a box blade and tiller in one attachment. It pulverizes the soil while leveling and filling in one pass. The action of the drum either pulverizes the clumps or pushes them ahead of the soil conditioner along with rocks and other debris. This material can be wind-rowed for easy pickup with a bucket, or the unit can be equipped with end plates that make it act like a box blade and deposit heavier soil in low spots while laying fine material on the surface. 60-inch and larger models come standard with the ability to lock the drum or allow it to float. In the locked position, the soil conditioner acts much like a box blade and will level a surface. In the float position, the drum is able to float over the surface, and it will prep the soil while following the terrain, allowing it to work on already sculpted areas without disturbing the contour. The 60 inch and larger models come standard with an oscillating bolster. Oscillation keeps the drum parallel to the ground, and helps to minimize the effect of bumps and potholes, resulting in a smoother finish and fewer passes. The oscillating bolster, combined with hydraulic depth and angle controls, also make it very easy to cut swells for drainage and sculpt the land. The bolster on the soil conditioner can be raised and move out of the way so the drum can get right up to the edge of the area to be landscaped. The raised bolster allows the operator to drive up to the edge of the area to be landscaped, then drive backwards while conditioning the soil. The reversible drum pulls material forward and leaves a fine seed bed behind. Combined with the maneuverability of the Bobcat loader, the combination can get into areas other landscape equipment can’t reach. This ability to raise the bolster also makes it easier to fit the soil conditioner on a trailer. The drum angle and bolster raise and lower are either manual or the optional hydraulic control, depending on model size, and high flow models of the 72-inch and 84-inch are offered. On the hydraulic versions, the electronic controls are located conveniently on the control handles of the Bobcat loader making control of the soil conditioner smooth and comfortable. Once the foundation is laid on the ground, other jobs can be performed using the Bobcat loader and attachments. Seeding, sodding, tree-planting, setting decorative rocks, or a number of other landscape opportunities can be accomplished with the myriad of other Bobcat attachments available. Check with your Bobcat dealer to find the right model of Bobcat soil conditioner for your loader and application, then look at other Bobcat attachments that will make your jobs more efficient and profitable.

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