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BIG GAINS IN AGRICULTURE: Putin meets with Dmitry Patrushev, Minister of Agriculture

October 2, 2019

Mr. Patrushev, how did the industry perform over the past year? I am well aware that there were some adjustments in the growth rate. How can you explain this and what do you think about these trends? What are the prospects and plans for the industry? There has been an upward trend between January and August, followed by a slight decline in August and September. But for the whole year, as I have pointed out, we will grow by 1 percent. We managed to collect good crop yields – 110 million tons in net weight, which is 11 percent more than the average annual values ​​for the last five years. [Putin]: Very good. Separately, I wanted to report that we are paying quite serious attention to important, essential staple food products and we regularly monitor the prices of these products. Accordingly, we track the weekly prices of producers for bread and bakery products. Wholesale prices for bread made from rye flour and a mixture of rye and wheat flour are at the 2017 level. Wholesale milk prices can also be compared with the prices of last year.

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