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Automated by B&R – AgroIntelli [audio: DA | sub: EN, PL, PT-BR]

November 18, 2019

Developing the Robotti agricultural robot has been a long journey for all of us at AgroIntelli, and now we’re here in Lem, where Vestas started out as a small metalworking shop decades ago. We’d like to see AgroIntelli, Robotti and the solution we come up with revolutionize agriculture just as wind turbines have revolutionized energy. Lots of changes are taking place in this industry, and there will be new technologies to implement. We’re going to be part of it all the way. We chose B&R for this project partly because their products are so rugged. But also because we’ve been able to work very closely with them during the development process. To succeed, we have to work with a partner who understands the potential that lies in our products – and who knows what it takes to realize that potential. Through the engagement they’ve shown in our product, we could see that B&R would be a partner that would work closely with us with us from the early concept stage to series production. Right down to our core at B&R, we want to be true technology partners. We want to deliver genuine innovation and to work with great agility. We like working with customers who want the same thing, who have the courage it takes to push the boundaries, and who dare to develop first-movers technologies – that’s certainly been the case here. The most important thing for us in terms of working with B&R is that our robot is not just mechanics. There’s a lot of automation and there is really a lot of software. When we approach a farmer with this, we sell the farmer a complete solution. So having partner who understand the whole development process – – hardware, software, embedded design, plus informed feedback and assistance – has been extremely beneficial for us in order to make an automation solution. This journey is quite a long process, where we’ll follow AgroIntelli and continue to meet their needs by further developing our technology along the way. Openness and ongoing dialog have enabled us to build this long-term partnership together. When we start rolling this out, our success will depend heavily on our suppliers, so we have to be sure our entire supply chain setup can ensure the scalability we’re aiming for. In choosing partners, we wanted someone who could help us scale up worldwide, and that is what we’ve found with B&R. It’s part of our DNA to be a true partner for our customers and help them develop the technology they need. This also means, of course, that we keep developing the technologies and solutions that we bring to the table. It’s a great feeling to know you’re able to provide the right products and be the one who enables your customer’s technology.

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