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Animal husbandry – Intro to Psychology

March 7, 2020

What excites me the most about my career is that I think that, that training animals in captivity is the absolutely best thing you could do for any animal, because it teaches them to cooperate with their own care. It gives them freedom from stress because they learn to understand more about their environment. And it develops a very positive feeling about their caregivers and their entire experience. So we can train animals to do amazing things. Including eye drops and stomach tubes, inoculations. We have injected the animals with anesthesia and removed teeth voluntarily. Instead of having to do something of use of like hold them down and force them through a procedure. We can release our animals into the open ocean and train them to perform behaviors working with us to work as watchdogs. Which is what the military does or as researchers which is what I have done working with them in their natural environment and they choose to come back. On the strength of the basis of the relationship that we have with them. So we can take better care of them, as well as, learn from them, as well as, enrich them through this method.>>So say I or, you know, one of our students wants do do what you do, how can we do that?>>So, we actually offer internships for people. People come all over the world, and come and work with our sea lions. They can learn how to train the sea lions up close and personal. And learn all of these basic psychology techniques. So even if you’re not a psychologist, you can learn how to apply psychology and practice it right here in the facility with really amazing animals.

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