American Heart Association Teaching Gardens-Steps for planting seeds & seedlings

September 5, 2019

(light playful electronic music) – In this segment, we’ll be showing you how to plant your summer vegetable garden. The two most important
things to keep in mind when planning your vegetable garden are plant spacing and full sun exposure. Today we will be planting some of our favorite summer vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuces. Let’s get going! – Right now we’re gonna plant lettuce. Step one: dig a hole. Step two: water the hole. Step three: take the
lettuce out of the pot. Step four: tickle the root ball. Step five: put the plant in the hole. Step six: put the soil around the plant. Step seven: water the plant. – Planting tomatoes is the
same as planting lettuce, but one big difference. Step one: dig a hole. Step two: water the hole. Step three: pinch those
bottom branches off and put them in the ground
and it will make roots. – Cucumbers are very delicate plants. When planting them, you wanna make sure not to touch the roots at all. – When planting a cucumber,
the first thing you wanna do is make a mound. You wanna make sure the
mound is evenly mixed between soil and alfalfa. – After you make the
mound, you wanna dig a hole in the middle of the mound
to place the cucumber. – After making the mound and
the hole, you wanna make sure you evenly water it. – Take the cucumber plant
out of any containers and make sure you do not touch the roots. Place it into the mound and cover the base with the soil surrounding it. – After you’ve covered the
base of the cucumber plant, make sure you water it evenly. – Alright everybody, are you
guys ready to plant some seeds? – Yeah! – Alright, so first we’re
gonna plant some bean seeds. So everyone hold out your hand. Now make a pointer finger. You wanna make a hole
as deep as that knuckle. Everyone take a bean seed, put it in, cover it up and let’s give it some water. When you plant big seeds like beans, it’s important to have at least
six inches in between them. Next, we’re going to do carrot seeds, so you see these little tiny seeds? Those are carrot seeds. They’re so little that the
way we’re gonna plant these is you make a line in the soil
where you want your carrot, and then everyone take
a pinch of carrot seeds, and sprinkle them down the line. Then you really carefully
put the soil over the seeds and we water again. (light playful electronic music)

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