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Aims Ag Program Receives National Award

August 13, 2019

The Aims Ag program just won the Outstanding Post-Secondary Agriculture Award which is awarded by the National Association of Agriculture Educators. It’s nominated through our local institutions, so a local high school nominated us and then we went on to the national level and we were judged against other two-year and four-year programs as well as adult education programs like Young Farmers, in our region. It’s really exciting for us here at Aims, both me and the rest of our faculty because it just reassures us that we’re providing what we need to to students and to be recognized among schools like, Idaho, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State these big hitting Ag schools, to see that we can compete, and our students can compete very well with those programs. The future of Agriculture is bright and the innovation that’s taking place is outstanding. So that’s exciting to me as an agriculturalist and as an educator. We know our students are great. We know our faculty is great but it’s nice to see it recognized from others as well. Especially nationally.

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