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Agriculture Technology in China | DuPont Pioneer — “Planting Prosperity”

August 8, 2019

>>Wang Delin: I grew up on the farm. I have been living here for 61 years. It was hard
labor to be in farming in the past. The harvest was not good, either. There was no harvest,
there was no food. 0:00:26:000,0:0:35:000
>>Wang Hui: I have a lot of fond memories from my childhood. The strongest memory was
during planting season. I saw my parents toil so much as farmers. 0:00:35:500,0:00:38:000
>>Wang Delin: It would take 10 to 20 days to do the work. 0:00:38:500,0:00:41:000
>>Wang Hui: It’s much better now. Everything is mechanized. 0:00:45:500,0:01:02:500
>>Wang Wei: DuPont™ Xianyu 335® has a very high germination rate in Heilongjiang.
It’s crucial to combine good seeds with proper planting methods. Through phone and hands-on
support, we help farmers understand the technology. 0:01:02:500,0:01:08:000
>>Wang Delin: The managers of the company and our village leaders train us on how to
plant the corn and use the machines. 0:01:10:500,0:01:12:500
>>Xiao Min: DuPont provides Xianyu 335® corn seeds, which need only single-row seeding. 0:01:17:500,0:01:20:000
>>Wang Wei: This is very evenly sowed, very good. 0:01:22:000,0:01:43:000
>>Wang Delin: The germination rate of 335® is very pure, about 95%. In the old days the
germination rate was about 80%. 0:01:33:500,0:01:40:000
>>Wang Hui: The quality of life in the countryside has improved dramatically in the past few
years. From the mechanization process speeding up, to the promotion of agricultural technology,
to replacement of better seeds. 0:01:41:500,0:01:49:000
>>Wang Delin: We use machinery. We don’t really use our hands to sow the seeds anymore.
The change is significant. Now farmers’ quality of life is much better than before.

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