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Agriculture meets ICT: Sejong Innovation Center for creative economy ′스마트팜′ 메카

November 6, 2019

Farming may be an unlikely industry to partner
up with high-tech firms… but it′s exactly what the Korean government is eyeing… to
revamp the sector. Korea′s 14th innovation center… aimed
at making local farms go ″smart″… opens in Sejong City on this Tuesday.
Here′s our Song Ji-sun with the details. Farming through your smartphone.
That′s the idea at the center of Korea′s 14th creative economy innovation center…
aimed at converging farming with information and communications technologies.
Located in Sejong, the center will turn conventional farms into so-called ″smart
farms″ acting as a testing ground for the integration of the Internet of Things out
in the field. Through monitoring systems embedded in greenhouses,
farmers will be able to remotely control conditions like temperature, humidity, and water
supply through their smartphones. SK Telecom is supporting operations for the
center… providing mobile network systems required for the project.
Strategically located in the country′s administrative capital… the Sejong center is also looking
to create synergy with other regions. ″The Sejong center will work in tandem with
biotech research centers in Daejeon, and with innovation centers in Jeollanam-do
and Gangwon-do provinces… to boost startups in the agricultural sector.
We aim to foster Sejong city as the mecca of smart farming, sharing its innovations
across the country and overseas.″ ″Collaboration between the 14 innovation
centers is revving up… with joint projects between these centers and the public and private
sectors well underway now. These projects will be exhibited at a creative
economy fair in Seoul at the end of year. Song Ji-sun, Arirang News.″

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