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Agriculture at Hadlow College

August 25, 2019

So this course fitted in well to what I wanted
to do as a career choice as an Agricultural Engineer. We get a good idea of what it would
be like in the workplace, it covers all aspects of what you might face in a job. You have
fun at the same time as learning, which I think is why you learn so much, because you
are enjoying yourself. I enjoy everything. I just love working hard
and doing a mixture of things from welding, all the way up to going out and plowing a
field, because we do something different every day. We have quite a wide-range of
facilities that can be used here. We have the lambing facility,
so students can come here and actually get practical hands-on lambing experience – which
is good for them when they go into the industry. We have the dairy unit here, so they have
good practical experience doing duties for milking. If you have a problem, then people, lecturers, they’ll always understand.
You can always go and talk to them. Tutors are nice and friendly. And they’re
passionate about what you’re doing as well. My passion is to pass on the industrial experience
I’ve got, and pass it on to students and young people. Well, students who come to Hadlow
can leave the college with their qualification and there’s many industries that they
can go in to, such as dairy production, beef production, sheep production, pigs and poultry;
so there’s quite a broad spectrum. If you’re hands-on, or even classroom based, it would be a good course for you,
if you’re interested in agriculture.

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