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Agricultural Operations at MSU IAT/Glen Oaks Community College

September 12, 2019

(inspirational piano music) – I really didn’t know,
when I first got in to the MSU Glen Oaks Program, exactly what I wanted to do, and now that I’ve had a little bit of experience and exposure, I now realize that I want to go into the Ag-Tech side, as
far as the technology. – The Agricultural Operations Program at the local community college brings this local
education and agriculture to the community that so
desperately needed it. This program allows us to have students stay at home, work on their family farm, and still get the education
from Michigan State. – The credits transfer incredibly well. So, in this two-year
program, I will be able to transfer up to
Michigan State University on campus and have, essentially, my first two years of a
Bachelor’s degree done. – The value of taking
Michigan State classes at Glen Oaks is it’s a smaller class size, and so, I get more one-on-one time. – ‘Cause instead of being,
you know, in a class of 400 students, we have
classes of a dozen here. So, you really get that one-on-one with your professor,
and you can really see your personal growth
through that connection. – Having Glen Oaks and Michigan State working together, that joint venture, is going to bring some specialized talent to this local area that, hopefully, can work out into longterm employees. – The classes that I’ve taken have helped and influenced me on my family farm ’cause I can communicate
better with my dad on what we need to do in our fields, and when we need to do it, and if he has a type of bug or a pathogen that he has in his field, I can point it out to him if he doesn’t notice it. – With her being in the classes, we do talk back and forth. I ask her questions,
she asks me questions. We’ve kind of enlightened each other. So, it’s been a neat experience to have her come home with questions from class and to be able to give her something to go back to class to offer. – This summer, I’m interning at North Central Co-op in Coldwater, and I am a field scout,
walking through fields and checking to make
sure everything’s okay, and I also pull nitrogen samples. – It’s huge to have students that have experience in the Ag industry. So, she’s learned all this
stuff in the classroom, and now, she’s able to apply it. And so, it just makes so
much more sense to her, and so, that experience
is invaluable to us. Getting a job in the Ag industry, experience is key. Like, you’ve been out in the field, you know this is corn, or
you know what’s going on, as opposed to somebody that’s never had an internship and has
no idea what’s going on. So, an internship is huge. – Internships is the best way to get boots-on-the-ground experience to find out what employers want, what
the Ag industry wants, what a day-to-day working life is. That’s the best way, in my opinion, how to open doors and
further your career path. – I’m taking this program because, one day, I hope to own
and operate my own farm, and learning all these
skills in this program will be invaluable to my future. – If you’re sitting on the fence, it’s because you don’t
love what you’re doing. So, you obviously need a change. So, if you’re already considering this, then, you’re already
ready to step into it. (inspirational orchestral music)

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