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Agricultural Experiment Station Research Impact Website

November 4, 2019

Visit the Agricultural Experiment Station
Research Impact website to see how our research and outreach are addressing challenges in
food, agriculture, natural resources, community development and more. In the research projects section, you can
explore the projects that we’re working on in the agricultural, environmental and human
science areas of our college. You can explore which department is working
on each project, how many projects we have and the total amount of funding. In the geographical impact section, you can
hover over any icon to see how our research is impacting California. Explore the funding sources that provide us
with the tools to continue researching topics of importance for California and beyond. And at the bottom of our website, we spotlight
how our research had made impacts for California including everything from our strawberry breeding
program to wetlands conservation and animal genetics. Explore the website and learn more at

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