Ag in the Classroom is More Important Than Ever

October 11, 2019

[Milton, GA / Damon Jones – Reporting]
When thinking about agricultural communities around the state, the Metro Atlanta area isn’t
the first place that comes to mind. And that’s exactly why it’s so vital to educate
students like these in Milton about agriculture and its importance to their daily lives. [Chy Kellogg ‚Äì Women’s Committee Chair,
District 3] I think that it’s a wonderful program to incorporate
in classrooms everyday whether it’s a math lesson or social studies, we have an Ag in
the Classroom program and it’s necessary in the classrooms. [Damon]
And the kids, they didn’t seem to mind, as they were treated to plenty of food and fun,
snacking on gummy worms, pretzels, and dried fruits while listening to entertaining books
like Compost Stew. It’s an atmosphere that really reflects the
message trying to be sent. [Chy]
That Ag is fun and that it’s approachable and it’s something we all have a hand in no
matter young, old, tall, or small, we’re all here pushing the same message and that agriculture
is something that’s needed and it’s still alive and thriving. [Damon]
The EPA was also a partner for this event as they looked to spread some awareness on
an often-overlooked aspects of the agricultural industry. [Susan Park – EPA Agriculture Advisor,
Region 4] Most everyone correlates the importance of
agriculture to food and fiber production, but what may not come to mind immediately
is how important agriculture is to protecting our environment. National Ag Day is an opportunity where we
can draw attention to the role of agriculture and protecting human health and the environment. [Damon]
Every day, the farmer and the EPA are working together to preserve the environment for future
generations, a partnership that is always good to highlight. [Susan]
We know that farmers and the agricultural community care deeply about the environment. And this event is one way we can teach the
children the relationship between agricultural production and environmental protection. It’s our hope that the children gain an appreciation
for agriculture and also walk away with a better understanding that agriculture is a
key partner in protecting and preserving our environment. [Damon]
It’s just another aspect of the Ag industry that has many more career opportunities than
students might realize. [Chy]
Agriculture isn’t just growing. Agriculture is so much more. My career is in Ag and I’m an advocate. And I want to teach the other kids that careers
in agriculture can go from media to marketing to accounting to being an advocate and always
important, being a grower. [Damon]
And it’s not just a treat for the kids, as these volunteers take great pride in educating
the future of America about Ag and its many benefits. [Susan]
Speaking to the children is my favorite part. The students are a huge part of our program. We thrive off of them. So, just teaching them how to grow a seed
and how important that is to see their eyes light up every time the see that they are
empowered to grow their own food or that they are empowered to walk up to a farmer and get
to know him or her, that’s very important to us and it’s just very heart warming. [Damon]
Reporting from Milton, I’m Damon Jones for the Farm Monitor.

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