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8 gardening tips

November 16, 2019

Hi, myself Astra Avani Punam , your gardener friend is taking you to her garden area today and from here only I am going to talk to you about some gardening tips Hello everyone! Namaste and welcome to my channel! In this video, I am going to give some gardening tips today My friends! gardening has its rules And if you follow my given tips on a regular basis Then your garden will also look very pretty and will produce more blooms whenever you water the plants , the best water is rainwater if its a rainy season , please collect the rainwater and use them on your plants this will help your plants to grow healthy and produce more flowers supposing you have a flower planter placed outside you will need to keep rotating the plants towards the source of light then you will notice that the plant will turn towards Sun so it is recommended that you keep rotating the planter so that your plant will grow in a balanced manner and grow equally look I will show you now see this planter , you can see that it leans towards where the light is coming from so keep rotating the plants like this the plants will always lean towards the light if you feel that the plant is leaning towards only one side then you have to rotate it so that the plant will look balanced see what I want to explain is the plant is always attracted to the source of light so you have to make sure all of them grow equally I am not suggesting you do the rotating everyday All you need to do is do this once a week or after three /four days if it leans more to one side , just rotate and let the other side face the light so like this way the plant will have an equal growth and will be more attractive to look at. the most important thing for a plant is water you need to water the plants in the morning watering in the morning will provide protection for the plant to face the heat of the plant the whole day and also it will help retain the moisture so that the plants wont be dehydrated . please remember whenever you water the plants with a hose pipe u need to hold the pipe like this see your fingers should regulate the flow of the water dont ever water the plant harshly with a full force flow make sure u water gently using your fingers so that the flow will be distributed evenly. water them gently like this remember never to water the plants during the heat of the full sun. either water in the morning or in the evening watering during the day when the soil is very warm will damage the plants the best time is always the morning and see my friends, i had planted some cuttings of succulents here in fact some fallen leaves which is showing new shoots here and also I have some Dragon fruits seeds germinated here so whenever you need to water such tiny seedlings or plants remember to spray water only , if u use a pipe or bigger source then the plants wont be able to withstand the force and will die. be gentle with the babies by spraying only otherwise they wont survive dont overwater them see I had planted some petunia seeds here they are being sprayed with water now and here i have given a stick with a sack wrapped around for the pothos plant (money plant) which also needs some moisture so spraying water on it helps retain moisture and look here comes my Portulacas as the winter season is drawing near it needs to be transplanted and make cuttings to be planted very beautifully bloomed i have only a few variety But I am going to order more varieties in future So whenever a flower wilts after blooming, then you need to remove the wilted flowers now see here some have wilted and I am removing them this is called “Deadheading deadheading is necessary to let the other flowers bloom it is very benefecial for the plants because it keeps giving full blooms see the spent flowers dont look good on the plants so u need to remove them now see here a spent flower you need to remove it just like this then your flowers will get more chance to bloom and give more blooms One of the most important things in a flower garden is to deadhead the flowers See I have planted some cuttings of Portulaca only yesterday… lets hope it will give more blooms next year coz ths year only a few were there in my garden hence the portulaca cuttings here and Friends see I have many flowering trees in my garden and flowers keep blooming and wilting everyday , I come here and do the headheading I keep on cleaning the trees by removing the spent flowers everyday and also removing the dried out leaves this way you can also keep your garden area clean and look this is my pruning scissor I cut all the unwanted branches using this this Pruner is very important in a garden I use this to cut the dried leaves, yellow leaves, dried out branches etc and remember always that Pruning is very important in gardening to make your plants anew with lots of new shoots and flowers and yes my friends I forgot to say one thing to u. I am really sorry for this late upload As all of you know that recently it was a Diwali festival in India and Nepal and this is a grand celebration here making us very busy which made me unable to shoot a video and upload sooner So from next time I shall try to upload at least once a week .. and if you like my videos then subscribe and like .. and also share it if you can now I am ending my video. see you soon in my next video BYE!!


  • Reply Hardcore Gamer November 8, 2019 at 4:50 pm

    Keep making such helpful videos ♥️

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    How beautifully you explain everything 👏👏👏 lovely video

  • Reply Siddharth Shrestha November 8, 2019 at 9:57 pm

    very informative maam. keep posting

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    Nice video

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