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6 Rare Dragonfruit Varieties Taste Test!

November 5, 2019

You guys are not going to
believe what came in the mail. Dragon fruit baby! My friend Richard over at Grafting Dragon
Fruit sent me two packages. In them, American Beauty dragonfruit stem
cuttings, which are amazing. I’ll be potting those up,
but that’s not today’s video. Today’s video is these six different
dragon fruit varieties that he sent me. We have some red varieties and different
sizes including this Red LaVerne that’s massive, and then this
yellow variety back here. So in today’s video we’re going to be
doing is taste testing and slicing into these six varieties to see which tastes
the best and what they taste like in general. So come along. Let’s get
to it. The first dragon fruit, I figured we’d start out with the
smallest. This is Sugar Dragon. As you can see, it is quite a small
dragon fruit, little baby boy, and it’s supposed to taste like berries. This next one is probably the coolest
named one called Physical Graffiti and it is a little bit bigger, a
little bit more dense, I think, and it is supposed to taste like
kiwi or grapes. Our next one, still an oblong shape but with more
little wings coming off is called delight and it is supposed to taste like melon.
Our next one is called Vietnam white. It’s about the size and
weight of a baseball. I think it’s the one that’s growing in
my front yard and this one is supposed to taste like a kiwi. The most unique one as far as the color
and the texture is Ecuador Palora it’s this bright yellow and the texture
is a bit more rough and scaly. It is said to be the sweetest of these
six supposed to taste like sugar cubes or honey. Our final one is the
biggest one. This is Red Laverne. It’s almost as big as my
hand. It’s quite heavy. Another red skinned dragon fruit. This one’s supposed to taste
like a grape flavored watermelon, so I hear so I don’t know how refined
my palate is, but let’s go ahead. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s slice these open and
figure out what is inside. Now we are going to
slice into sugar dragon, a nice sort of neon translucent
type of pink color. On this one. Now we’re slicing into
physical graffiti. Okay. Oh my God. Look at the dark flesh on that. Wow. That’s insane. Next,
we’re doing delight, which is another white flesh
dragon fruit, and you can see, although the knife colored it a little
bit, it’s a classic white color. We’re now slicing into Vietnam white assuming. Oh yeah, it’s
definitely white in there. I may have colored it with my knife
a little bit, but rest assured, if we wipe that away, it’s
full white on the inside. Next, one of my favorites and the one I’m
most excited to taste Ecuador Palora. This is the yellow dragon fruit.
A little bit harder to cut into. The seeds look very, very large. It
has a bright, bright white interior. Super excited to try this one. Finally,
we have our big kahuna Red Laverne, and as expected, a very, very stark sort of blood
ish purple red on this one, beautiful color. So the delight kind of looks like a
standard dragon fruit with the white interior and the beautiful sort
of neon pinkish, reddish exterior. The Ecuador Palora of course,
is the most unique one by far. It’s got that larger seed you can see
and also a white flash and then that beautiful yellow skin, Red Laverne,
the largest one that you guys saw, definitely has the most striking interior
with this hot pink neon and tons and tons of seeds and just a lot
of flesh relative to the skin. Then we get over to physical graffiti, which is drastically the
darkest and most blood red. It’s almost hard to even see the seeds
in here because it’s so stark and so vibrantly red, so excited about that one. Sugar dragon has the large seeds
of the Ecuador Palora over here, but of course it’s much smaller and it
has closer to this red Laverne neon and then Vietnam white. It’s hard
to tell because I think I, my knife did color some of the exterior
here, but it is a white flushed variety. That’s more of a classic
dragon fruit look. here we are folks, the moment
of truth. Ecuador Palora, delight, red Laverne, physical graffiti, Vietnam white and sugar dragon. Let’s go ahead and get to
tasting. Alright, here we are. I’m super excited. The first one I think I’m going to start
with is Vietnam white because that’s the most common. This is probably the one you see at the
grocery store if you’re lucky enough to have one at your grocery store. Now, Richard at grafting dragon fruit texted
me what all these are supposed to taste like. So I’m gonna see if
they match his description. And then of course we’re gonna
vote at the end on my favorite, which one is my actual favorite?
So starting with Vietnam white. And remember before you eat, dragon prints are really good idea to
put them in the fridge and chill them because if you don’t, the flavor
just isn’t quite there. Okay. Vietnam white is supposed to
taste like a straight up Kiwi. So let’s go ahead and take a
chunk out of it. [inaudible] yup, I get that kiwi vibe. I definitely
get the kiwi vibe. It is very mild. It is that classic dragon fruit where
it’s not necessarily watered down, but it is a light sort of
tropical, refreshing flavor. So that was Vietnam white. The
next one, we’re going to go to a, I think delight. And the reason why I’m going to delight
is because this is the whitest flesh. This is the second whitest
flesh besides the yellow, but the yellow is kind of a special ones. We’re saving that one for last delight.
It’s supposed to taste like a melon. So kind of similar to that
Kiwi. Let’s see if it matches. That is actually way more like a melon. It has more of that rindy type of flavor
to it and it’s a little bit less sweet, but almost more like refreshing
and crisp I would say. And I’m definitely not
a taste test expert, so please take it for
what it’s worth. Okay. The next one I think we’re
going to do is sugar dragon. That’s the smallest one right here. And that’s the one that Richard
says tastes like berries. So kind of a mixing up from
the melon and the kiwi. So let’s see if this tastes
like berries. [inaudible] Dude, it totally does.
Wow. It tastes like, um Oh. What is that candy? There’s
those candies with the uh, black balls and the red balls around them, like the raspberry blackberry candies
that you buy in those bags and it has that type of vibe to it, but it’s
like a lighter flavor. Again, it’s a little bit more mild, but
that’s actually, we’ll go for it. It totally tastes like that candy, if anyone remembers that candy commented
down below, cause I totally forgot, but I used to eat those all the time. Now we’re moving into the darker fleshed
varieties I think we’re going to do is I’m going to go with red Laverne first. The red Laverne is supposed to taste
like a grape flavored watermelon. Let’s go ahead and check it
out. Look at the color on that. It’s crazy looking at it. Ooh, you’re kind of like pops forward.
Let me go. Let me go in with another. That kind of pops forward in your mouth
and it does have that grape vibe to it. It does taste like if you took grape
juice and put it into the watermelon rind, like people will put like vodka or
whatever into watermelon tastes like. If you put some extra grape juice and
watermelon and then took a melon baller and like took scoops of it is kind of
what that tastes like. Okay. Finally, before we get to the final,
final is physical graffiti, the coolest name and also the darkest
fleshed variety. It’s extremely dark, kind of like a beet with seeds in it. This one is supposed to
taste like kiwi and grapes [inaudible] there’s more hardy flesh. It’s more like really like you’re
biting into something substantial. Yeah, that’s a very mild flavor. It is less
sweet, I would say, than the sugar dragon, the red Laverne and the delight and might
kind of match the Vietnam white as far as its level of sweetness straight outta
the gate. Now we’re onto the final one, which is actually the one I’m most excited
about Ecuador Palora. As you can see, I’ve kept all the skin in each of
these and so this, as you know, is the yellow one. This is the one with
the largest seeds and it also has very, very white flesh, so large seeds,
white flesh, certainly a unique one. Richard says Ecuador Palora tastes like
sugar cubes or honey so far different from all the other ones. And I’ve heard from my reports as well
that this is the sweetest dragon fruit varieties of yellow variety.
So let’s go ahead and find out [inaudible] Oh my God. I would say that’s at least five times
sweeter than anything else that’s on this entire table right here. And the seeds
aren’t as crunchy. They’re sort of, they, they have this, they’re crunchy, but they’re like kind of like they
have a a chewiness to them as well. That totally does taste
like it’s very rich honey, like a thick natural honey type
of flavor. It’s not very fruity. It’s way more like straight sugar. So the Brix content of
this must be pretty high. It must be pretty high in sugar. But guys, what an amazing opportunity to try
all these different dragon fruit. And if you’re one of those who watches
to the end of some of my videos, then you’re going to be very lucky because
what I’m doing is I have half of each of these fruits left. Of course
I’m going to be eating them. But I’m going to be saving seeds and
I will probably end up listing some of these seeds on my website. So if you want, what you’ll have to do is you will have
to of course subscribe and make sure you have notifications cause
I’ll put updates out. But you may also want to
hop on the email list. And the way to do that is
to go to
and wait for the pop up to show up and then actually
get on the email list. So while I go ahead and snack on some
of this [inaudible], Ecuador Palora, I have to say thank you to Richard
over at grafting dragon fruit, a wealth of knowledge, a
good guy, a good friend. I’m going to go visit him pretty soon
and hang out with the dragon fruit God himself. And actually he’s going to
be getting some cuttings of this one, which is very hard to find. So highly recommend you subscribe to his
channel as well. And until next time, good luck in the garden
and keep on growing. [inaudible] so dang good. Wow.


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