10 ways you can contribute to the Green Revolution

September 30, 2019

Hi YouTube. This is my first non-musical video, these
are words from a graduate student in political science of the cesare alfieri university:
this is my first non-musical contribution and tribute to the protest of 27 #fridayforfuture
#27September. This video is dedicated and originated from
the symbolic actions of Greta, who for the first time brought media attention to the
climate changing. it’s too easy to criticize or exploit what
Greta says without considering the ideals she supports. The climate change due to human action is
a fact. His speech at the UN is like a knock-on effect. Greta speaks to teenagers, to the so-called
digital natives. The planet is in fact changing and a change
of perspective must be implemented, otherwise the new generations will suffer the short-term
choices of the past. The United Nations Charter itself establishes
the purpose of saving future generations not only from war but also guaranteeing fundamental
human rights. Isn’t it the most precious human right to
guarantee that the place where we live (our habitat) is not polluted? The question is: what can we do in everyday
life to help the earth? Ready? Stop! 1. Buy a canteen. You will always have a supply of water stored
without plastic, you will remain hydrated all day and you’ll save money on packaging. There are a thousand types of colors and sizes:
once with it ,never again without it . (dolphins say thanks). 2. As a consumer, limit unnecessary consumption
as much as possible. When choosing a product prefer repairability
and reuse. Limit air conditioning during summer, it’s
energy consumption. Remember that the most effective operating
system remains pen and paper. If you don’t want to waste paper you can use
magnetic boards for. Sit down at your computer with an exact idea
of what you want to do, as much as possible. In this way you will not only maximize your
productivity, but by giving yourself a maximum time per day with digital devices (ex 1h)
you will consume less electric current. A good saving of mental energies as well. Invest in a bike. For small urban distances it can be a fundamental
resource. Great way to keep fit and ecological. Consider recycling as the only way to dispose
of waste and the last of resources: before throwing away think ->how can I reuse it? What materials is it made with? 3. As a company if you sell food products you
should think about a counter with big discounts on products that are due. As a supermarket, distribute the excess that
should be thrown away to those who need it. 4. Turn off the red light on the devices in stand-by. It is wasted energy, it should be abolished
as far as I’m concerned. Of course, it helps to know if the TV is on,
but since you don’t watch it when it’s on standby, you can switch off the power. 5. When you shower, use water for rinsing and
turn it off when you soap. Do the same when you brush your teeth and
flush the toilet (as the Obama government taught). Remember that the water we use in the bathroom
is drinkable and represents something precious that belongs to future generations as well
and represents a drop in the sea of salt water. 6. Recycle at home as much as possible. Good practices are: making the separation
between glass, plastic, organic, corks (=/=different kind of plastic recycled in a different way
) and undifferentiated; crush the plastic bottles so they take up less space and can
be recycled better. Learn about the management of special waste
in the area (medicines, exhausted batteries etc.). warning! What you don’t need is not necessarily refusal. If something you don’t need, it could be useful
to someone else, for example you can make a musical instrument from an old broken toy. A garment not in a condition to be sold can
always be given as a gift: a fur coat can save a life if you live on the street. Anything can be useful and what is useless
for someone, can be indispensable for someone else (principle of the welfare of redistribution). 7. If you are a smoker you can still limit the
damage by preferring refillable lighters and always carry two behind. If at least one has the flint, even if exhausted
it can consume all the gasoline in the other. Moreover thanks to this method you will be
sure to be able to turn on. A nice comfort, isn’t it? 8. Instead of disposable plastic straws prefer
long pasta with a hole, or reusable and washable straws. 9. Prefer public transport to the car whenever
possible. Especially in cities it eases traffic, reduces
accidents and no parking issues. Institutions should encourage this system
in multilevel governance. 10. Prefer healthy foods and easy recipes to junk
food. A slice of bread with oil is much healthier
and more nutritious. We have reached the end of the video! Do you know any other way to start the green
revolution? Let me know in the comments and share the
video on social media to give voice to the biggest revolution: that of the consciences. I leave you with food for thought
“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi Thank you Greta for not giving up, and for
letting the world find the strength to be indignant and take action.

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