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🐿 Hanging with My Squirrel Friends, Corinne VS Gardening

November 4, 2019

Well hello again Internet. Corinne here, and you’re watching my new show, CORINNIE VS GARDENING *poping sounds* Yes, that’s right, this is thing now! Everyone seemed to like the last video I did on the subject,so I’ve decided to make it a regular thing! And, I want to give you a little update First of all, I’ve got all the plants planted that I had bought which is a pretty large feat in itself! That is not an easy job, but it is a rewarding job! I’ve also discovered that that planter is so big and has such good drainage, that I have to water that sh*t every single day! I’m on top of it. Yeah, I saw in the comments… People like “Oh, I give it one week and all those plants are gonna be dead.” Well guess what? (Creepy whisper) they’re all still alive. I’m surprised, too. I did, however, find this thing, eating the sh*t out of one of my rose bushes! Now I understand everyone’s gotta eat, but does it have to eat my rosebush?! I found another plant, on the other side of the yard, that was getting absolutely demolished by… caterpillars??? I think they’re caterpillars. Does anyone know what these will turn into?? cuz there is a crap ton of them. , is this gonna be a butterfly? Or is it going to be a hornet? Is that even how hornets are born? I don’t think so. What if they move on to other plants!? It’s a little scary! (Singing) The cirrcleee of liiifee! Today, though, we are tackling a very important issue,… and that is yard waste. And how do you deal with that? People like to bag it up in plastic bags and just send it to the landfill! And guess what? We’re running out of space for landfills. Very sad… So instead of doing that, you can make a compost pile in your backyard. It’s a pretty awesome process! I’ve actually tried different iterations of compost piles over the years, with varying degrees of success. But this time, I’m ready! I’ve done a lot more reading, a lot more research,and I think I’ve found the best solution for us in this moment. And that is ‘The Barrel Method of Composting’. At first, I thought I was going to be able to build the ‘Three Compartment Compost Situation’, that you see in this diagram, but I think that’s just a little bit too much work for me right now. I also don’t really like the idea of having to get in there with a shovel, and till it by hand. cuz that is very difficult work, And my forearms are really sore already. So yeah, ‘The Barrel Method of Composting’. I like this method because you basically just get a metal barrel, and you drill some holes in it and you put your compost in there. Preferably 55-gallon barrels, but I don’t really know where to get those, so I’m checking Lowe’s first. And I’m thinking even some galvanized steel trashcans. “Yeeeah!” “31 gallons. That’s not bad. I think I’m gonna start with two of these. Perfecto.” “This will help keep the lid on. Not sure it would keep a bear out, but it’s good to start with.” I also need some more birdseed, because all the squirrels are eating all the d*mn birdseed! I just filled this thing up like three days ago! They’re gonna eat us out of house and home! (noise of struggle)” Big bag now! maybe a squirrel thing…?” A squirrel baffle! We’ll see about that! Now I just need some bricks, some fertilizer, and some pest control. Does that stuff work on Rob? Yeah, here we are. Got our birdseed, empty bird feeder, squirrel cake, squirrel feeder. We’re gonna get it all set up and together. We’re gonna get it all set up and together. Alright guys, so this squirrel baffle came with no instructions! It also came with all these other things… So I guess, technically, it’s also a Corinne baffle, cuz im baffled Who would make something and not out instructions in it? How rude! Ohhhh… Squirrels are stupid (corinnie laughing) Oh! he did it! Whaaaat… ninja squirrel! Well that was enlightening… Oh, see there’s one right there right NOW, eating the seed off the ground! There’s a bird there too… look at this nature, co-existing in harmony obviously I’m gonna have to become friends with the squirrels …and all the birds. the squirrels name is Herman Hello Herman, thats your new name. because it could be a her, or a man, alright. oh god thats heavy. I think I need a ladder dadadadaaa. I’ll definitely be interested to see how affective this is but if anything it helps protect it from rain. you know, I’m gonna take that as a win well, here we are on another glorious beautiful day. I kinda dicked around yesterday and didn’t really get a lot done I got the bird feeder and the squirrel feeder hung, watered the grass and the planter and then I got really tired but today we have to make the compost happen because it’s supposed to start raining again for another week and a half straight and I don’t want my compost to get all wet and gross. first thing I gotta do is move all this to aaaalll the way back there my beautiful trails that I made yeah, I spent like 4 hours the other day carving these trails out with the weedwhacker and then making this whole area less jungle-ee it was way overgrown I did wanna keep a lot of the growth because these are all wild strawberries and the rabbits and birds eat those so I didn’t want to take away their dinner. this is where our compost system is gonna live. I made a path to the greenhouse because some day I am going to have to deal with whats going on in there but that is not today. lets start bringing all that stuff back here yeah this wheelbarrow is super janky. and I feel like a good wheelbarrow is essential to having a gardening show. gonna need to get my friend Seth over here. he built this mega wheelbarrow over on his channel and I need that. Seth, come help me yeah, hopefully this makes it down to the third tear. or i might just shed a tear. this is really heavy. I don’t think this is gonna make it okay, this is where things get treacherous I did it, got all the stuff down here no thanks to you, wheelbarrow now I just gotta move all this stuff over here I only have a half hour left because we are leaving at noon to go to Miami hey, we got it all moved into the wheelbarrow, this wheelbarrow is good for something after all as I got to the bottom of the pile here things had obviously already begun decomposing so I got nice green slime happening here we have a lot of bugs and what looks like umm some sort of larva . maybe its mosquito larva? I don’t know farva but uuuggghh its gonna be okay, its gonna be okay im sweating my ass off, I’m completely covered in dirt, I still haven’t packed yet but I’m gonna give this 15 more minutes and I think I can do it its a race against the clock got as many holes drilled as I possibly could yeah! alright, now I just have to put this in there in layers with some fertilizer and then we are good to go. I did it. and I officially have one hour to pack, shower, get dressed and get out the door. *whispers* so, lets go well, here we are…again, on another day. we made it back from our trip safe and sound and I cannot wait to see how the compost is doing. woah its like cirque de squirrleil over here and shit(like cirque de Soleil but for squirrels) they really ate a lot of that, its only been like 5 days its an investment to have a squirrel feeder shit well it definitely seems like it shrunk down a little bit. I’m gonna give it a little spin around the yard yes, I think we have some decomposition happening. it makes me very excited. I think I’m going to add some more fertilizer to the top of this and the uhh come back and check on it in a few days. this is so cool actually its warm which is what you want your compost to be. just call me captain science. *whispers* kitty why is there a ding dang squirrel on the bird feeder the squirrel baffles not working. well apparently they figured it out squirrel on squirrel feeder and the bird feeder no shame *whistles* decomposition is happening. well, we did it the compost seems to be composting and I have little helpers with me. so, who are you guys? why are there children in my yard? I’m Lola and this is Dez and we’re her niece and nephew. WHAT? I have a niece and nephew? oh yeah there they are hahaha. you wanna do this because the stuff in the middle gets really hot and that starts decomposing and then you want to keep changing up what goes in the middle so it all can get really hot and start decomposing in there that went down to get them out smell, huh? Lola: its not to bad. Corinne: not too bad? well thanks for helping me. you got some good shots? kids:yeah Corinne: we’re gonna edit this later it better be good or you’re fired. *in slow-motion* haha well, rob and I are getting ready to head to the airport to head to VidCon for about 2 weeks and I’ve put my most prized possessions in the hands of these guys im not nervous, she’s doing a good job yeah, watering the rocks alright, here we go, on a jetplane *montage music* WHOO! well that was a crazy trip it was great to meet all of you and do the whole VidCon experience but I am super happy to be home. I can’t wait to check on my compost and my garden isn’t this just so exciting! talking about compost and gardening and squirrels! just living our best life here on youtube we have a Cardinal on the bird feeder I repeat, there is a cardinal on the bird feeder okay, the garden is officially a jungle. it has grown so much in the past 10 days. look how big this thing got! thats crazy! there are still no peppers on it as of yet but still have high hopes. I’d say the kids did a good job. something I’ve learned recently about gardening that when you start pulling one weed you can’t stop until all of them have been pulled. I just spent the last hour and a half weeding this part of the garden. oh thats the money shot right there time to check on the compost! well this has definitely grown in. it’s a never ending job just never ending. dadadadaaa! oh wow yeah, look at that decomposition good stuff right there right, now roll it around again then I’m gonna put this stuff in this barrel oooooh cool! looks like it needs a good spinnin though compost happens people. pfft mosquitos mosquitos already bit me AAAAAHHH for real, theres like a million mosquitoes buzzing by my legs. not sure if the compost really helps with the mosquito situation. know how I feel about that they were all over me no bueno its definitely way less moist than it was yesterday and I feel like there’s less mosquitos too so the key is: don’t let it be a nesting place for mosquitos this is the first one that I started and it definitely was not as moist as this one, this is the one that I actually thought had the mosquito larva living at the bottom of the pile but I’ve kept a good balance on the moisture and mosquitos don’t seem to be breeding in it as much as they are in this one I’ve also started incorporating food scraps into the mix what I like to do is save a bowl of them in the fridge, that way you don’t get fruit flies usually takes a few days to fill up this bowl and by that time the compost needs to be spun again I do recommend keeping your compost somewhat drier than what i got going on here but there are ways to remedy this, usually by adding some dry leaves or saw dust im gonna add some of the dried up dead-ass plants that are in the greenhouse and I think it’ll help it out a lot. Compost is good for lots of things. not only are we saving on plastic bags, room in the land fill saving on greenhouse gas emissions because there is no big truck coming around to haul this stuff off for you, and it gives you a work out! and a sense of accomplishment plus, once it’s ready it can go back in the garden and help our new garden grow. I think its a win-win situation let me know in the comments down below what project do you wanna see me do next and i will see you later mosquitoes are eating me AAAAHHH

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