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🍅LIVE: 4 Indoor Gardening Challenges and How to Solve Them

November 7, 2019

everyone welcome to the Monday live
stream it is a very windy Monday today in Southern California and I am so glad
you guys joined us I know a lot of you are in snow a lot of you are in wind
some of you are in fires if you live here in Southern California or in
Northern California so please please please stay safe if you’re dealing with
any wind or fires I’m let us know in the chat here we would love to be able to
encourage you and support you today I’m live-streaming inside because
it is so so windy outside in fact I am gonna be walking around a little bit in
the house today showing you a couple of things we’re talking about indoor
gardening a lot of you are in for the winter and so I thought I would do a
livestream on indoor gardening some of the challenges that you might be facing
with indoor gardening because it is kind of a different animal than gardening
outside but with a couple of tips that we’re gonna share today on how to solve
those challenges you should be be able to grow some beautiful indoor really
simple crops during the winter to kind of get your gardening fix so I know if
it’s cold where you live you might be dying to have some green around you or
even to have something fresh from the garden and it is very very doable with a
couple little easy crops and a couple little easy tips so first of all I’m
gonna take you over to my window here and show you the wind hopefully we can
get a good little guess to win here two to show you actually it’s looking a
little bit calm right now we have had gusts up to now look when I show you
guys the winds aren’t even blowing but we’ve been having gusts up to about 50
miles an hour it’s been absolutely crazy supposed to be windy for I think
tomorrow’s calm and then Wednesday and Thursday and even larger wind event but
well it’s it’s calm now but I promise you guys it has been blowing all morning
long absolutely crazy and so there’s no way I could live stream outside so
anyway welcome I am so glad you’re here there’s a ton of people in the chat
before the livestream just talking about about all things gardening so let’s say
hello see who’s here if I haven’t said hi to you in the chat previously hello
welcome hello Rebecca so glad you’re here let us know where you’re watching
from if you have a ready royal healthy living so glad
you’re here a lot of people returning week after week Jack piano master
Christine hi in from Vegas Angela’s gardens cents in high in the 60s here in
Maryland zone seven that’s a pretty nice day for Maryland lots of wind from
Christina stay safe Christina hi Katerina a piano master I know is here
Maria from Miami and I’m sure it’s plenty of sunshine in Miami there Joshua
is watching from Ohio Lisa J rain bees plan and germinating
all kinds of people here Rebecca the wind has tore up your beans I totally
feel your pain my garden is absolutely getting battered and beat up by the
winds I haven’t even bothered trying to plant anything new since the last
windstorm because it’s just getting completely beat up but we will be
replanting soon hello – Andy so glad you’re back we missed you and let’s just
jump right in here guys I do want to make another little announcement I
talked about this last weekend Kristy already pops something in the chat but I
know we’re not too far away from Thanksgiving looking a couple of weeks
ahead I want to let you guys know that camera guy and I will be at the mountain
Mandarin festival in Auburn California which is about 30 minutes outside of
Sacramento California in Northern California November 22nd through 24 24th
smart pastas hosting us up there and the mandarin festival is such a blast it’s
all about mandarin oranges they have some amazing mandarin oranges up in
northern california all kinds of mandrian types of food drinks pies jams
jellies body care products it’s just gonna be so much fun there’s also quite
a bit of live entertainment and I’m also going to be giving a couple of garden
talks on the main stage each day Friday Saturday and Sunday so make sure you
check the website at mandrian festival com for all the details it’s going to be
a ton of fun and we would love to have you come out and join the fun with us
and bring the whole entire family I’ll be doing some little planting demos at
our booth and along with smart pots it’s just gonna be so much fun a camera guy
and I are super excited and we would love to meet you so let us know in the
chat if you’re gonna be joining us I really hope you will we are just really
really looking forward to it’s gonna be a ton of fun
okay so let’s jump into some indoor gardening tips now as I mentioned indoor
gardening is a whole different animal one of the challenges first of all let
me talk about some really easy things to grow indoors if you’re intimidated about
growing indoors let me tell you guys don’t be as long as you keep it really
really easy and you know one of my my mottos is start simple don’t try and
grow tomatoes or cucumbers inside if it’s your very first time start very
simple you guys can see right behind me here um one of my favorite things to
grow indoors is lettuce so you can see I’ve got some lettuce growing here under
some grow lights let me just grab one and the ec you guys can get a close-up
view and it is possible to have a nice little crop of salad growing indoors
during the winter time it may not get quite as large as it does outside but
I’ve got these under a really simple grill light setup and this will make a
couple of really nice salads so if you succession plant and plant some lettuce
every couple of weeks you’re gonna have some really nice fresh tasty salads
during the winter time so you might not be able to have a whole garden bed full
of salads but at least you can still get some nice fresh greens so it’s so so
easy and just so much fun the other thing that I love to grow inside and you
guys hopefully if you watch the weekend video on microgreens is microgreens
these are so easy you don’t even need grow lights for these I’m actually
growing a bunch of microgreens in my kitchen windowsill and also cuz I’m
running out of space in my kitchen in my windowsill right here
so the cool thing about microgreens is you don’t necessarily have to have
drainage mugs make really great a micro green
containers or you can plant some and this one does have a drainage hole in
the bottom or you can use simple little like to go kicked containers recycled
plastic containers and get yourself some microgreens growing it’s just so much
fun the other thing that I love to grow inside is herbs one of my favorite herbs
to grow indoors is basil now this one has not been under a grow light super
super easy look how beautiful this looks I just started this from a little
cutting that I pulled off a plant outside and it is growing beautifully so
if you have a determination to grow inside you can definitely do it
sorryi if the humidity here is down to I think 5% it is so so dry here and
hopefully the internet connection holds with all the wind we’re having so anyway
we’ve got we’re gonna have a lot of videos on growing indoors and make sure
you check those out and grow us did your join me I want to challenge you
guys to the indoor growing challenge grow one of these fun things either
lettuce micro greens or herbs and grow along with me so let me know in the chat
if you’re gonna be joining me on the indoor growing challenge okay now let’s
talk about those some challenges that you can face when you’re growing indoors
now the first challenge and probably the question I get asked the most is about
light do you have to have grow lights obviously you don’t have a sunshine
inside so you are gonna need some really simple grow light setups if you’re gonna
grow indoors now if you’re with the exception of microgreens if you’re
growing microgreens inside you can easily grow them on a windowsill you
don’t even have to have a real sunny windowsill all the windows or the window
so I just showed you does not get any direct light just has indirect light
during the day and they grow absolutely beautifully these ones were planted on
the 16th so it’s what a week or ten days ago they grow super fast and they’re
probably one of the easiest crops that you can start with but if you’re gonna
grow lettuce or well herbs you can do without girl lights as well but if
you’re gonna grow I would definitely recommend to set up
some grow lights now that might be a big challenge for you you might be very
intimidated by it but I want to tell you guys don’t let it stop you there’s some
very easy grow light setups that you can get going and I’m going to quickly
actually give you a little bit a little tour here of my little indoor grow light
area and then you can check out my video on three easy grow light setups for for
more information but these some of them are just super
easy and quick to get set up this is a very simple clamp light and I just set
it in a milk jug with a PVC pipe and that way I can move the little grow
light up and down as the plants grow I want to make sure it’s just a couple
inches away from my plants and this probably cost about $10 to get set up
now you are gonna need special special grow light bulbs and you can check out
that video on three easy setups it’ll be a blink will be in the video description
it’ll have all the information that you need in it now I don’t know about you
guys but I think Jerry might agree that our house is kind of being overtaken by
plants so let me know if your spouse or your partner ever complains about all
the plants around the house Jerry is a very good sport he doesn’t complain but
sometimes you know I agree sometimes it kind of gets taken over another really
easy grow light setup is the shop light it has a bulb in it that has the correct
lumens and Kelvin for a growing indoor plants and again don’t let that scare
you I give you all the information and links
in the video description now this is actually my fog Arden that I had to
restart so you can see I’ve got some nice little seedlings here some kohlrabi
and broccoli I think some kale in here and here’s some little lettuce seedlings
that I started I think on the video just a couple weeks ago and there I have my
cool weather flowers and there’s Mac he’s not too interested in my grow
lights so those are some super super easy grow light setups that you can get
going for your indoor vegetables and I am gonna be trying out a brand new
grow light setup in the next few weeks which I’ll be giving you a little video
on gardeners supply company sent me a really beautiful ornamental kind of
little bamboo type grow light garden that you can actually attach to a wall
or put right on a cabinet or underneath a cabinet in your kitchen or on I might
just put on this little table back here and I’m really excited about it it’s
really really pretty it’s a beautiful little girl light setup so I will put a
link in the video description for that in case you want to check it out and
have something a little bit more ornamental in your house so these are
you know these are really quick and simple and fairly inexpensive but
they’re not very pretty so if you want something very decorative you might want
to check out the one that I’m gonna link up to so anyway growing cantore grow
lighting can be a challenge indoors but again don’t let it stop you
there’s definitely ways that you can solve that problem with some of these
really easy setups right behind me here so let me pop into the chat now and see
what questions we have I do see a lot of things flying by there so hopefully I
can answer some as many of your questions as you can okay great question
here from cherie nations do you have the grow lights on 24/7 okay when I first no
I don’t I have him on about 18 hours a day on and I guess that would be six
hours a day off so um they do need a period of darkness seedlings do need a
period of darkness too just like we need some sleep they need a little period of
darkness to help them grow effectively so one thing I do highly recommend is
grabbing yourself a little timer or a power strip with a timer built into it
and that way you’re not you know forgetting to turn your lights on or off
and you know as much as you can automate things and take the guesswork out of it
your plants are gonna be that much healthier and for me I forget stuff
because I get so busy so a timer really helps save my plans okay Shirley Kay I
just harvested my first microgreens they grew on coco coir on a corner of my
dining room table without grow lights when they were 2 inches tall
put them under a grow lights to turn green surely that is so exciting
I love microgreens and it’s always so exciting to harvest something that you
grew yourself and these are just so tasty and it’s such a nice little zip to
your salad so congratulations I am so happy for you now if you are looking for
some micro green seeds I’ve got this micro green seed collection because
sometimes when you’re starting out you really don’t know what seeds to buy
these are just easy to germinate seeds there’s nothing really special about
them except that they grow fast and germinate quickly and turn into this in
about a week so you can grab one of these at Cali Kim garden and home calm
and I do have a 30% off still going today on all my seed collections if you
use the code indoor garden so grab those the sale does in today and then you can
grow yourself some fun little microgreens ok question here from piano
master hi Kim I’m wanting to start saving seeds and possibly sell them as
well at some point like a farmers market can you do video on how to sell your
seeds and tip for people that would like to try ok I’ll put that on the list and
see if we can fit that in piano master or maybe we can also have a conversation
about that if that’s what you’re interested in – ok
Nicole once you cut them do you have to replant more seeds or do they come back
and regrow ok good question here on microgreens what I found with
microgreens is that I can usually I get this one really good crop and then I’ll
cut them back at the base of the plant and if you watch the video that we
posted on Saturday you can see exactly how I do that and typically I might get
a little second harvest maybe a few little seedlings that come up but if you
want a nice thick carpet of microgreens again you will need to reseed so what
you want to do is after you harvest it you can pull out the little roots here
and you can use the same potting soil now I do use a really high quality
potting soil and you guys know I love the good dirt potting soil it’s very
high in nutrients it’s it’s very well aerated to help that the plants not dry
out quite as much or the soil not to drought quite as much
so I can usually get three or four plantings out of it before I might
sprinkle in a little bit more potting mix on the top and just kind of mix it
in to give it some extra nutrients so give that a try and you’re gonna get
lots of microgreens so anyway let’s maybe one more question here and then
we’ll go into our second challenge okay can you grow tomatoes from Mike can you
grow tomatoes indoors flowering and fruiting with the type of lights you are
using Kim okay Mike I have tried growing some small dwarf type Tomatoes indoors
you are yes you can grow them with the lights I’m using you are not gonna get
as many tomatoes as you would if you’re growing them outdoors because the light
is just not as bright and the flavor won’t be as as intense because it just
doesn’t have the sunlight and everything else that really makes those Tomatoes
outside an amazing flavor a great one to grow indoors is the Tiny Tim tomato it’s
about a foot or two tall you can grow it in a five-gallon container like Mike a
leek in five gallon containers and it’s a really a nice dwarf plant and I do
have those on my website as well with the small space card in the series I
believe okay uh let’s see Oh someone ordered jo-ann Sherwood great
idea Joanne pre-ordered my book I have a new book coming out in a day before
Christmas actually to get to my husband taking me for a Christmas gift Joanne
that is so funny cuz camera guy and I actually do that to you but it but my
book does make a great Christmas gift probably you gardeners out there send
the link to your husband it’s on Amazon it’s on my website it’s called organic
gardening for everyone homegrown vegetables made easy or you can just
look up Kelly Kim on Amazon on Barnes and Noble or head to my website to pick
one up as well so pre-order it now I believe on Amazon if you pre-order it
now it does arrive the day it’s released on December 24th so make sure you check
that out it’s all about making growing your own
organic vegetables easy and quick and ex offensive okay let’s head into our
second challenge here of growing indoors and I would love to also hear your
challenges as well the next one that is a challenge for a lot of people is
watering so watering is a challenge outdoors for
a lot of gardeners especially if you’re new to it watering can also be a
challenge indoors as well and it again it’s a whole different animal if you
over water your plants then you can get diseases you can attract pests to your
indoor garden and pests indoors are definitely hard to get rid of and we’re
going to talk about that in just a second but you don’t want to over love
your plants by watering them too much especially inside now I want to show you
a couple of clues to look for it’s actually not too difficult once you get
a few little tips down and I do have a whole chapter or a section anyway in my
book though I think it’s a whole chapter actually about watering and most of it
applies to outdoor plants but you can’t apply it to indoor plants as well so
little clue here to look for when the top of your soil there’s a little
lettuce container when the top of your soil turns this light brown color that’s
a clue that you need to water your plants so that’s the first thing to look
for let me show you in contrast actually this little container of microgreens
if you guys can see this can you see how the soil is kind of a darker brown color
I actually just watered this one this morning this one I haven’t watered for a
couple of days and you can see how the soil is dried out and really needs to
water so that’s one thing you can look for the second thing you can look for is
the weight of the container this one actually feels much much lighter than a
container that I just watered because of the water content in the soil so if you
pick up your container and it’s light that’s a good clue that you might need
to water your plants and it might take a little trial and error but don’t be
afraid to experiment after you’ve done this for you know a week or so or a
couple of days you’re going to really get to know the feel of your plants and
when you pick it up and it feels like you’re going to know that it needs water
so one way that I real do like to water my indoor plants and
again I’m gonna come over here to my little watering pan and show you guys a
little tip here is I do like to place my plants my inter plants in a little pan
of water so I don’t have drainage now I have drainage and in all my indoor plans
except for my microgreens and that’s really important too but I don’t have
little pans that fit underneath every single plant so what I’ll do is every
couple of days or my plants need water I’ll fill up a big pan full of water and
I usually have this over by the kitchen sink and then I will just set my plants
in the pan of water for I don’t know 30 minutes or so and once you sin it will
soak the water up from the bottom so once you see this soil turn a darker
brown color that means the water is all you know soaked up into the plants see
how this one’s darker Brown and put that one into the tray about 20 minutes ago
and then I’ll go ahead and take this out and usually I’ll set it on a dish towel
like on the counter to kind of dry it off and then I’ll put it back under the
grow lights so it does take a little bit more effort you know you don’t lease I
don’t in any way have drip irrigation in my house that would be kind of difficult
but with a with a little bit of effort and a little bit of time you can really
have some really tasty veggies inside so hopefully I’ll help you guys overcome
the watering challenges let me see if there was anything else on watering I
wanted to cover oh yes if you do over water your plants you can really attract
or you can really attract fungus gnats a lot of times that damping off disease is
when your plants kind of keel over suddenly that can also happen from over
watering so it is really good to try just do that trial and error method and
really get those watering tips down until your plants have just the right
amount of water inside and you’ll find out that you really are a much more
successful if you water your plants from the bottom tammy-yes that is a gentle
way to water those tender greens absolutely you’re not knocking over the
plants as you are watering them maybe from the top
oh the other thing you can do is a little spray bottle you can spray your
microgreens like this but I found that really watering in that tray really
soaks the water into all of the soil all of the roots and that way you don’t have
to water it near as often because the the soil is really saturated just make
sure that you take off take them out and don’t let them sit in water too long
okay so humidity domes I don’t prefer to use humidity domes on my plans I’ve just
found that kind of tends to grow more mold in the soil that way so again
trial and error see what works for you that just hasn’t worked well real well
for me but try it out and and see if you like it okay let’s see here any other
questions about watering hopefully if the volume went down refresh your feed I
don’t know the wind might be doing some funny things to the to good connection
here okay the leaves on my basal has some white patches this is from Lydia do
you have any ideas on what I can do with it please okay that could be powdery
mildew perhaps although I have not gotten powdery mildew in the house
before I’m not saying it can’t happen but it could be some type of mildew or
mold issue so what I would do is just pinch the leaves off that are having
that are having the issue basal you can actually the more you trim it the more
it grows so you can always just kind of prune a couple of these leaves off the
top and then your basal is gonna kind of branch off and be a nice sturdy plant
rather than a tall leggy plant okay so let’s talk about the third challenge of
indoor gardening and that would be fertilizing again a lot of people over
love their plants by over fertilizing their plants and especially indoors when
we’re you know in for the winter time we’re not able to get outside and we
really want to get our gardening fix we might be over loving our plans just a
little bit and giving them way too much fertilizer
now the thing about fertilizing your indoor plants they’re not as large as
your outdoor plants and they don’t need near as much fertilizer especially when
they are at this smaller size like some of these are back here you really want
to first of all give them a good liquid fertilizer because that allows them to
take up the nutrients immediately and yes cliff I am – I really tend to over
love my plants and you want to give them your organic liquid fertilizer at
half-strength and I feel like that’s really important if you give them too
much you’re gonna see your plants yellowing you might just see them kind
of Keeling over and that could be a sign of over fertilizing so I what I’d like
to do because all of my indoor plants are in containers is just give them a
nice little dose of the water-soluble fertilizer about once a week at the same
time I’m watering them so my favorite fertilizers I actually forgot to bring
these over today but are the vermis Terra warm tea which is a really nice
gentle fertilizer and also the good dirt plant food the good dirt plant food is
really higher in nitrogen so especially for the greens it really helps with the
leafy growth no I don’t really fertilize my microgreens too much because I
harvest them with that within about a week and they don’t really need
fertilizing but you could those little seedlings over there I want to grow them
for about probably the next month or so and then I’ll get them outside but I’d
like to start fertilizing my seedlings when they have a set of true leaves see
how these actually look like when are these kohlrabi they look like a kohlrabi
leaf you have the little baby leaves that are right here that come out when
the seed first germinate then you have the true leaves that develop so at this
point in time you would start watering fertilizing your indoor seedlings and
what I do with this particular one is I put water in the bottom of the tray and
then I put half-strength worm tea in with the water or
half-strength good dirt plant food in with the water and it really gives them
the nutrients they need to grow and be healthy and strong and grow into some
nice plants and the same thing with the lettuce back here
because I definitely am growing the lettuce for the greens because I want
some salad so those will definitely get for lized about once a week so remember
guys on the fertilizing don’t overdo it have strength with a gentle organic
fertilizer put it in the tray when you water the plants will soak it up and
it’ll give them the nutrients they need to grow some indoor crops for you cuz
that’s what we want right we want a house and my salads and nice herbs to
eat during the winter time so let me see in the chat here what
questions are flying by and about watering particularly if you have any
information or anything that’s worked for you as far as watering your indoor
plants okay let’s scroll back through here and yes Christy our moderator
everything sunflowers just posted a link for the good dirt plant food I think she
brought you two myeeeeh posted one for the vermis Terrier worm tea you can get
it at a discount with the links that she’s posting in the chat so thank you
Christy for very much for posting that okay um Nisha hi Nisha how are you doing
how are you doing up there in Northern California with the winds and the fires
I hope everything is going well for you up there it’s pretty crazy and you’re
asking about how to deal with fungus now so I’m actually gonna cover that in my
next point so stay tuned for that we’re gonna talk exactly what to do with a
pest control okay Andrea Turner hi does anyone have any experience growing in an
unheated greenhouse during the winter in a cold climate I’m in Denmark Wow Andrea
thanks for watching from Denmark and so I have both cold temperatures combined
with about six to seven hours of sunlight Wow um I obviously I don’t live
in a cold climate so I can’t answer that question but hopefully there’s someone
out there that can answer her question and give her some advice maybe send her
a link or something like that and that’s what I love about this community is
everyone is so willing and help and helpful and willing to share the
information Andros I see your question there about
white flies on basil and we’re gonna cover that again in just a moment piano
master hi how are you I dropped some broccoli seeds in my rocks outside and
they sprouted and I have broccoli all over my chard and I love that they’re
doing better than the ones if I raised beds okay
isn’t that funny sometimes um we again over love our plants and the plants that
we spend no time on or the volunteer plants seem to be the strongest one so
maybe we need to learn a lesson from that and mimic nature a little bit more
so that’s always a good goal okay what soil and what process to repot to bring
plants inside for the winter okay to bring plants inside for the winter the
biggest thing that you need to be concerned about is not bringing in any
pests so you’re definitely if you want to bring like a pepper plant in for the
winter or maybe a small tomato plant what you really need to do is spray them
off really well with some water from your hose just inspect them spray them
off really well to make sure that there’s no bugs in them and then what I
would do is really give them a good spray with some neem oil or something
like that can that can really help with pest control and then you may want to
you can either repot them in a fresh pot or you could just add so I love good
dirt potting mix I think it’s the best potting mix out on the market or a good
dirt indoor potting soil and you can put a little new layer of that around your
plants and you you also want to inspect the soil to make sure there’s no bugs in
the soil you could even take your pot out and replant it with some fresh brand
new potting mix before you bring it inside and that’ll help prevent some of
the bugs from coming in with your plants okay let me talk about the very last
challenge of indoor gardening and then hopefully we have some time to go back
and answer some of your questions I really do appreciate you guys being
patient I get to the questions I can and also give you some of the tips that I
can – okay I did forget to mention in the last two tips about watering and
fertilizing that I do have videos on each one of those challenges so all the
links for the videos that go more in detail about light about watering and
about fertilizing are gonna be in the video description when this livestream
uploads to YouTube after the live video is over
so I’m if you missed in those points I’ll put a timestamp in there so you can
go right to the challenge that you’re dealing with and then you can check out
the video that goes more in depth that’ll be in the video description okay
fourth point a lot of you already asking about it and this is probably one of the
biggest concerns that people have about growing indoors is pests that can be one
of the biggest challenges of growing your veggies inside and we’re talking
about things like fungus gnats you can even have a fits inside you can possibly
have white flies inside and the last thing we want is those crazies little
bugs flying around indoors once you get an infestation inside it is super super
hard to get rid of however we’re gonna solve that problem by taking care of it
before it even comes up so a couple of things you can do to really help prevent
indoor pests first of all what I like to do when I am growing indoors is put
little bottle caps of apple cider vinegar next to the plants I’m growing
so here’s just your regular old apple cider vinegar and you could put a drop
of natural dish soap in it to help attract any bugs that might come up so
here I just have a little bottle cap a couple of the bottle caps set on my
windowsill with some dish soap in it the fungus gnats and the white flies like
the that are attracted to the smell of it and then they they go they’re
attracted to it and then with a dish soap they can’t get out so it really
does help cut down on the pests in your house you can also use white wine or red
wine with the same type of thing and Johnny yes great tip there to let your
soil dry out before watering and never had any net so yeah over watering can be
a huge problem and really attract the Flies so definitely this one just
watered this morning so it’s super super wet so definitely don’t again don’t over
love your plants by over watering them and that’ll really help
down on the disease and the pests so apple cider vinegar wine also works the
other thing is you can spray your plants with neem oil and I don’t have any neem
oil right here with me today but that is an organic method of pest control and
you can again proactively spray when you can proactively spray your containers
before you even plant anything and the neem oil is great because it disrupts
the life cycle of the pests and this is something that you can do right on a
regular basis maybe once a week or so just keep a little spray bottle of neem
oil and spray the undersides and the top of the leaves and that will really help
cut down on the pest issues but before you spray anything on your plants always
always always do a test spray so you might want to spray a couple little
leaves if you’re having issues with white flies on your base all spray a
couple leaves wait 24 to 48 hours to make sure that there’s no damage and
then if there is damaged you will need to adjust the ratio of the neem oil
you’re gonna be adding soap to your neem oil as well and again I have a video
that goes in-depth about that so you want to go and watch the video so that
you get the measurements just right and are able to really help control the
problem before it breaks out now before you spray anything on your plants though
what you can do if you do notice a problem is just rinse your plants off in
the sink with water to just flush out the bugs and get rid of all the bugs and
you can even try a little soapy water spray you know to help get rid of the
bugs first if you don’t have neem oil that is lost it can also be very
effective and the ratio for that I believe is one teaspoon of some type of
natural soap like a dr. Bronner’s or I think Target has a really nice brand of
natural soap now but again test spray your leaves or your plants first okay
the other thing that I like to do too is before you write after you plant your
seeds just put a little bit of cinnamon on the soil it has a lot of antifungal
properties and it really does help Andreea you read my mind right
it really does help cut down on some of those fungus now issues as well so
hopefully with an arsenal of solutions you can really cut down on some of your
pest issues in the house and what I have found though is also keeping the air
circulating you might want to put a little fan up or something next to your
plants to kind of help keep the air circulating that helps with the disease
issues and just any of those little things you can do to help prevent the
pests and diseases are really going to help you get some nice at all tasty I’m
salads or microgreens are some delicious herbs that you can just snip and throw
into your scrambled eggs or into your salads Dyanne great suggestion the
little yellow sticky tape sticky traps and sterilizing the soil work really
well too so that’s a great tip thank you so much for for sharing that and bugs
hate fans Catherine little bear so you’ve had some success with that that’s
great to know yeah I mean what bug is gonna come and land on your plants when
there’s a little you know soft breeze of air I’m blowing at them they’re not
gonna like that so keep a little fan next to your plants and I think you will
find that you’ll have a lot of success with it and don’t let that challenge a
bug stop you please grow something indoors again let me know if you’re
going to join the indoor growing challenge and we’re gonna have a couple
more videos on indoor growing including lettuce we’re going to talk a little bit
about herbs too so let me know if you’re gonna be growing anything indoors we
have got plenty of sunshine here in Southern California I know a lot of you
kind of get that gardening itch in the wintertime when you can’t get outside
and we’re gonna be gardening outside we’re also gonna be doing gardening
inside and if you’re getting that gardening itch and you need your dose of
sunshine stick with our channel you want to subscribe and share it with your
friends too and we’re gonna be bringing you lots of California sunshine all
winter long and hopefully the winds are gonna die down so we can get back
outside I’m sure they will okay and we do live stream here every Monday with
different topics and it’s a great community to be a part of okay let’s see
here what questions do we have we’ve got a few more minutes
left here in the livestream and don’t forget guys to check out the Mandarin
festival that camera guy and I will be at November 22nd through 24th mandrian
festival calm you guys do not want to miss it if you’re anywhere in Northern
California or even on the west coast I know some people are driving from like
the San Diego area and are gonna drive up and see us there Johnny are you
filming the festival we’re not going to be filming like the whole entire
festival but Jerry will be we will be doing some behind the scenes videos we
want to introduce you to some of the smart pot steam team they’re a really
fun group of people we’re gonna be hanging out with them during throughout
the festival we’re also gonna be visiting one of the most popular or one
of the largest mandrian orchards up there and kind of getting a little
behind-the-scenes tour of that so we’ll be filming some of that as well and I’ll
have a booth there with my seed collections Mike Alec Kim smart pots
there’s gonna be all the mandrian growers there you can buy bags of
mandarine oranges this is gonna be fun one thing I’m really looking forward to
is there’s gonna be a recipe contest people are cooking up all kinds of
things mandarin and entering it in the recipe contest and I’m gonna be one of
the judges and I believe that’s on I think Saturday night that’s gonna be a
lot of fun but please check the festival website Mandarin festival calm for all
the the scheduled events I’ll be speaking Friday Saturday and Sunday so
you don’t want to miss that and definitely camera guy and I would
absolutely love to meet you I know there’s gonna be a photo booth at the
smart pots booth so we can get pictures together you know all kinds of things
and it’s just gonna be a ton of fun so we really can’t wait to meet some of you
guys the Mandarin festival is in Auburn California Northern California so check
out all the links will be in the video description
neasha I hope you can make it I know you’re up there so hopefully you can
make it I would love to meet you it’s gonna be so much fun to meet some of you
in person okay so Angela thank you so much I recently purchased some of Cali
Kim’s microgreen seed collections and we’ll be
starting them this week so excited I can’t wait to hear all about it Angela
I can’t wait for you to harvest some of these lovely microgreens and pop them in
a salad or on top of a bowl of soup for lunch or whatever you are gonna love it
these are so tasty I think these are kale and it’s so pretty look at these
beautiful kind of pinkish Pinker stems so it’s really a lot of fun okay let’s
see here what other questions do we have yeah photo booth will be really fun um
Oh Catherine packing for a move to North Carolina Wow
that’s quite the move here okay Lydia can you please talk about how to grow
celery after cutting the bottom thank you yeah that is super easy to do I have
a video on that so you can check that out but all you have to do is just cut
the top like if you get one of those little celery packages from the store
you cut the top stalks off and I like to kind of open up the winter or open up
the bottom of it to kind of cut a little slice off the bottom all you have to do
is just stick it in a little jar of water and you’re gonna see some little
new leaves coming out the top you’re gonna see some roots coming out the
bottom and then within a couple of weeks you could plan it out in the garden so
I’ve done this several times it works great in fact I didn’t want I think
maybe five years ago and I am still getting celery that pops up all over the
place it goes to seed it falls or the birds you know harvest the seed for us
spread the seed around one for me and every single year I get celery that pops
up just from that one time I plant it so it’s super easy that’s a great thing to
grow on your windowsill as well you can plant it you can then plant it in a
little container of soil leave it on your windowsill or you can plant it
outdoors if you want to it’s really fun okay Diane I just clipped my coleus so
that I can make a large Christmas coleus arrangement instead of a poinsettia
that’s going to be absolutely beautiful that’s a great idea
Diane that I would love to see a picture of that okay question here from Teresa
learned to grow hi microgreens a sweet that’s great
question here from Teresa can you repeat winter veggies in zone 7a remind me
where zone 7a is the great thing about winter veggies is like are the cool
other veggies is that a lot of times they’re frost tolerant so if you already
have them going before it frost you could either cover them with a simple
little plastic cover to help extend the growing season on those really cold
nights or if their root vegetables a lot of times they’re gonna do fine in the
soil like your carrots your radishes your beets things like that are gonna do
great in this soil even when it gets really cold outside so go for what I
like to do is just get some started inside so that they get off to a really
fast start like I showed you earlier in the video my fall cool weather
vegetables I’m going to be planting outside soon get him off to a fast start
and then get them planted outdoors so especially if you’re in a more mild
climate like I am here a lot of times you can grow those all winter long okay
Andrea how do you sterilize soil to prep for next year that was affected by
tomato and potato blight this year okay I have never actually sterilized soil
but what I know that Gary over the rest of garden does have a video on that and
what he does is he puts it on a like a big pan and pops it in the oven but go
over and check out his video on his channel the Rusted garden once he puts
it in the oven it kills the whatever you know it’s in it that might be bugs or
diseases or things like that and then you can go ahead and plant in it learn
to grow thank you so much mussalam learn to grow super chatted $20 thank you so
much I really appreciate it it’s so great to see you on here today we’ve
missed you here on the livestream so I’m really appreciative of your $20 super
tot it’s great to see you here and I know she’s also growing with her
adorable little daughter and I believe it’s the purple Callie Kim smart pots
and she’s got a great youtube channel too so make sure you go over and
show her some love over on YouTube and also on Instagram she posts a lot of
daily updates on what she’s doing over on Instagram on learn to grow thank you
okay let’s see maybe we’ll grab one more question before we sign off for the day
and here is from Kirk B I recently purchased the Callie Cam purple planter
for my wife and planted bright yellow marigolds and she loves it
wow what a great husband Kirk that is so sweet what a great color combination too
with that bright purple I’m Callie Kim smart pots and then yellow miracles Wow
what a guy so that’s great I’m glad to hear that feedback wonderful okay have
you ever over wintered strawberries from Remington yes strawberries are actually
perennials and they do take very cold temperatures I believe down into the
teens and 20s now they will die back in the winter time there they go dormant in
the winter they’re not going to look like much
the strawberries here may die back some in the winter they definitely do slow
down production in the winter but as soon as it gets warm you’re gonna see
some beautiful new growth you can if you live in a really cold winter climate and
Moltres strawberries with some hay or some shredded leaves and that really
helps protect the roots during the cold temperatures and milder climates you
don’t necessarily need to do that but do just make sure you prune them back once
the you know the leaves get brown and that kind of thing and that’ll just help
keep them healthy throughout the winter time okay guys this is such a blast it’s
been such a great time today talking about indoor gardening the challenges
that we face with inner gardening can definitely be solved with the tips we
share today so if you missed any part of the livestream it will upload to YouTube
very shortly and you can go back and watch the replay all the links to the
videos I mentioned the mandarin festival the sale i’m having today and of course
to my new book are all in the video description so thank you guys so much
for hanging out we look forward to next Monday live streaming and I hope you
guys have a great week stay safe you’re here in California from
the fires and the all right guys goodbye we’ll see you
next week


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    I have a 4×4 raised bed. I put in three bags of potting mix. Two bags of steer manure from Lowe’s. One bag of peat moss. And a large bag of vermiculite.

    That’s it. I got some bone meal, blood meal, and plant food as well and mixed it in a little.

    And now anything in transplant into this bed refuses to grow. The plants don’t die. They simply just don’t grow. I’m trying to grow lettuce and kale and spinach. Plants growing in regular potting soil in starter mini pots grow fine. But when I transplant into this raised bed, everything stops. As I’ve said, they don’t die, they simply seem to stop progressing.

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