유기 노지 고추재배 다수확을 초저비용으로. No-Till makes a lot of red peppers.

September 24, 2019

This field is Organic certified. Never used any conventional chemical fertilizer. Also it has been about 5 years without tilling soil. As time passes it is growing bigger and higher than the previous period. that being said, also harvesting lot more. As you can see we do farming without tilling soil. Also planting chilly on same ridge every year. Also the steel pipes right here. Then just spreading compost on the surface by uncovering landscape fabric. Detail information about these are uploaded in our website. Most important thing is Irrigating JMS before transplanting. Then irrigate diluted JMS with 1-2 weeks term. When growth is not good enough then i add food waste liquid fertilizer which is rich in nitrogen. These chilies will grow higher than human height at the end of season. And the yield is about 3 times more than conventional method. I harvest around 120 chilies per one plant. This is the system which allows farmers to have about 500 grams of chili powder per tree. There is lot of skeptics that prejudice the yield and taste of Organic agriculture products. However, It is not true. The yield will increase rapidly when organic method is applied correctly. And there is no problems on pest and disease control. All problems can be solved by using JWA, JS and ginko extracted water (JHS) There is almost no worries on virus, diseases and anthrax what so ever. Some time i see some guenee but that is not really problematic until now. But It is very easy to control aphids and powdery mildew. This concept of JADAM system with no tillage and high yield method- is very new compare to conventional method and way better. and it is an Organic farming method. Another thing is- Since I am not tilling the soil meaning less work and no heavy use of machinery which leads costing lesser. It is not so difficult to learn this methods and Technics so please try this method for your own good. Thank you for watching. Translated by Sungwoo Cho.

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