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雨の休日の過ごし方 …ハットグ/ガーデニング/創作ごはん[vlog]Eng

November 30, 2019

Wait a little while until the butter melts But I couldn’t wait when I was hungry Grandma’s homemade peach jam I like the combination of butter and fruit jam I made a fresh spring roll after a long time The ingredients can be just vegetables Although it is only wrapped with ingredients, it feels more special than salad I wanted to eat a Korean hot dog Make with flour, baking powder and eggs It’s a small kitchen, but cooking with two people is fun This is the third time we make this together, so it’s much better now Was it good? The bread dough can only be soaked up to the waist This is the last feijoa harvested in the garden this year I can’t wait for Christmas After watching Rachel Khoo’s TV show, I’m fine for another week. I got flowers from my grandma Since the rain has stopped, I will gardening Very cute hydrangea seems to bloom in the rainy season Another flower name is … It seems to have forgotten. Turnip is a favorite of autumn I finally met a good skillet I used an iron frying pan when I was a student, but this is my first time buying “Anbai” and “vitacraft” frying pans Oil the iron before use I’m looking forward to the future cooking I’m happy with the rice delivered from Grandpa You are a superhero Pesticide-free vegetables are nice The paprika seeds are also nutritious, so I ’ll cook the whole thing. Put vinegar and cook easily The edible chrysanthemum is the queen who colors the dishes neatly Soup, salad, tempura It can be used for a variety of dishes, and the colors are beautiful Wash the radish and turnip leaves and use them for cooking. If I can’t use all the vegetables, save them as dried vegetables I’m glad that there are plenty of autumn vegetables Mix radish leaves, edible chrysanthemums, and chirimenjako. Add sesame oil and a little soy sauce. Put the yuzu sauce on the boiled turnip leaves A gift from a chicken kept at Grandpa’s house Broken eggs and glossy round eggs I put various things on the rice Good chirimenja and sesame oil flavor I love Kimchi It is delicious. Thank you for today too Thank you always so much


  • Reply s yuu November 30, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    楽しみにしてました(*´ ∨`)
    今日は気持ちよく眠れそう( ु⁎ᴗ_ᴗ⁎)ु.。oO

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    Everything looks delicious 😋

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