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夫婦のシンプルライフ – ドライブ/植物/心地よい朝/ガーデニング/購入品/リース作り[vlog]Eng

December 14, 2019

Fun drive on a rainy day Water bottle with paint removed Eating meat buns and getting warm Eat lunch at the cafeteria I found in the city Each is as cheap as 500 yen The paprika tempura is beautiful I bought fresh vegetables grown by a farmer Happy color We went shopping in the afternoon and ate omelet rice for dinner It was a fun trip that felt nature Mother harvested vines for leasing Put a vine in a bag with lots of holes and moisten it I’m sure it will work well It is healed by birds that are constantly talking Dog walking in the garden wearing room wear Gifts for birds Wow, birds seem to eat mandarin oranges Dog wearing room wear, patroling for bugs The mother of trendy state-of-the-art room wear Morning when I went to sleep until the morning sun came Cold morning necessities It is a measure to avoid cooling the neck Laundry, please dry smoothly today Take in the morning light and reset my mood My living room is also reset with my favorite scent Enjoy gardening from the morning Glitter morning dew heals Pruning the growing olive branch a little Apply cream on the cuts Cute sprout gives me power A plant I got from my grandmother What is the name … A broken watering can be fun every time you use it Hydrangea dried flowers purchased at a general store Basket and dried flowers are best friends Open the purchased item An anti-earthquake mat purchased from Daiso to keep furniture stationary Recently, there are earthquakes all over Japan, so I will take measures against the earthquake. Curtain clip to be attached to the shoe rack I also bought a brass spoon of my favorite shape A spoon that can be used as a bowl 2 glasses Stacking is also possible, so it seems easy to use. It can be used to make soups, salads and sweets. Susuki who grew up near her husband’s home I was so fluffy and cute that I decided to make a Christmas wreath. I don’t feel wonder and cold when I’m making things. Apply glue in only a few places. A cute Christmas wreath that is fluffy like winter. When you enter the room, you will feel cold. I wanted to eat warm foods and made simple udon noodles with dried mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms. It is a warm and happy time. Even in the afternoon, we will do gardening leisurely. Next, make a Christmas wreath with the cut olive leaves. Struggling to make wreath after a long time. Use the vines of the plants from the husband’s parents’ home. Enthusiastic to make wreath, the time of silence of two people continues. The evening when I realized again that the outside world was cold. I was very hungry because I was concentrated. So … It’s time before dinner, but let’s reward our stomachs. I am happy to have a rest after work. Sleeping, waking up, morning comes again. The rest of the evening meal is the lunch box for the next day. The hot soup lunch that I brought to work the last time was very happy. . . I want to get warm and relieved, so this week is a week of soup. It ’s very cold every day, Find what you can enjoy because it ’s this season, I hope you can spend the days that make this moment a little fun.

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