ஆட்டுப்பண்ணை ஆரம்பிக்கும் முன் | Profitable Goat farm Part 1

October 3, 2019

For people only required for multiple flooring whereas for goats doesnt require multiple flooring house and goats need a simple house. Give importance to Insurance and its only 4-6% of your animal cost Any farming we need a integrated farm so there are more and more benefits. we need minimum land to start farming Good morning Mr. Athher Ahmed sir Before starting goat farming what all are the things to considered and how to start with profitable goat farm? Personally I feel it should be a integrated goat farming so we can reduce our expenses but some cases it wont work In many peoples thinking to start as minimum amount of goats and grow further. Its good but its not advisable, even peoples are thinking to start as 20 number of goats In business there is an fixed cost and variable cost.Example for a goat farming we need a dedicated person to manage, needed a house Again we need to give salary, suppose if you are taking lease land then it wont be any difference if you grow either 50 or 500 goats so monthly expense is same Next is variable cost, we have to produce fodders, concentrate feeds,Insurance and vaccinations expenses depends on number/volume of the goats So what you need to think before starting goat farming, we have to find a break event point.If you think if the break event point require 80 goats then you should have minimum 100 goats So break event point is much more critical. And write in note what are the expenses(Salary, EB, Medical expense, rent/lease). So for a year what will be fixed and variable cost and how many kids I can sell from 100 parant stocks

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